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How to change the Kingdom in King of Avalon?

Changing kingdoms in King of Avalon

Don't feel good in your current kingdom? Why not change? In this short guide, we explain why and how to change your kingdom in King of Avalon! In order to answer all your questions, we'll also tell you about the types of teleportation in King of Avalon, which is a perfect substitute for changing your kingdom in KoA! Let's go ahead and see what it's all about! 🏰

Steps and conditions for changing kingdoms in King of Avalon

Why change kingdoms? Changing kingdoms in King of Avalon can allow you to join a specific alliance, to join your buddies or to evolve in a kingdom that is more like you 😉

Overview of the kingdoms in King of Avalon
Overview of kingdoms in KoA

In order to change your kingdom, you must meet several conditions. First of all, all players who have been registered for less than 5 days and whose stronghold is below level 6 can change their kingdom! This is true for all players, no exceptions. To change your kingdom below level 6 and before 5 days of connection, you must :

  1. Click on the "Kingdom" tab.
  2. Go to the "Maps" button.
  3. Click on the button with the globe image.
  4. Finally, you will have to click on the kingdom where you want to teleport. You won't have any problems if you meet the conditions.

See, that was easy, wasn't it? Just a quick note, if you decide to change realm below day 5 and below level 6 of your fortress, you will land at random coordinates in the chosen realm. If you decide to change realm when you don't meet these conditions, we're sorry, but you won't be able to perform this action! If this condition is not met, no kingdom change is possible (unless... you pay)!

Changing kingdoms in King of Avalon
Changing kingdoms in King of Avalon

Note that there is another way to change realms later in the game. This method is available to all players without any level or day limit. However, for this, it is necessary to pay... Indeed, you can opt for a Migration Spell. This spell allows the lord to establish his city in another kingdom. This spell can be found in some paying packs. On average, you will spend ten euros in the shop to buy a pack.

To change your kingdom, leave your alliance!

To hope to change your kingdom, you must leave your current alliance! If you don't have an alliance yet, that's fine! If you have entered an alliance, you will have to resign!
Why? You may ask. Simply because your alliance is in the kingdom you are going to leave. You have no more interest in interacting with this alliance since you will never be able to ally with it again when you leave the kingdom. In your new kingdom, you will have the opportunity to apply for a new alliance, which will help you find your way! Here are the steps to follow to leave an alliance:

  1. Click on the icon of your alliance.
  2. Select "Manage".
  3. Then select "Quit"!
  4. And... that's it! Of course you cannot dissolve the alliance yourself, as only the leader can do this! You can, of course, leave your current alliance at any time! Even without changing your kingdom! 😃
Leaving your alliance in King of Avalon
Leaving your alliance in King of Avalon

Teleporting into King of Avalon instead of changing realms?

In the game King of Avalon, changing your kingdom means teleportation! Whether you want to change your kingdom, or simply teleport your city, you need to know the principles of teleporters! As we've already explained in our selection ofKing of Avalon fast-track tips, teleporters will come in handy when changing realms, but also later on in the game.

If you don't change realms, you can still move your city wherever you want by getting teleporters. Here are their specificities:

Solo teleports

  • Recruit teleportation: This is the only way to change realms with teleportation. Recruit teleportation is the same as the realm change described above! You must be level 6 or below and have less than 5 days in the game. You cannot use it if you are part of an alliance.
  • Advanced teleportation: Quite simply, this teleporter will allow you to move your city to the exact coordinates you want! This item can be found in your inventory.
  • Random teleportation: This simply means that your city will be moved to a randomly chosen coordinate. You cannot choose.
Example of teleportation in King of Avalon
Example of teleportation in King of Avalon

Teleportation according to allies

Fortress teleportation and alliance teleportation:
Fortress teleportation is used to bring your own city closer to the alliance fortress. If your alliance does not yet have a fortress, you can use alliance teleportation to bring your city closer to the city of the alliance leader! The alliance teleporter can be found in your items if you have them! It is the same manipulation as the fortress teleportation. Click on "move" to move your city on the map! Note that the leader of the alliance can send you an invitation to move closer to his city, it's up to you to accept or not.

Now you know how and why you should change kingdoms in the mobile game King of Avalon! This is a very good strategy at the beginning of the game, if for example you want to explore the maps further! If you have any comments or problems with the game, please let us know in the comments. We'll be happy to help you succeed in this fantasy management game! We invite you to read our (great) King of Avalon beginner's guideIf you are not yet familiar with KoA, please read our (great) review! 😅 Our tips might just come in handy! See you soon on JeuMobi and be well!

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    I think it's not very easy to change the kingdom

  2. Carine

    I installed the game yesterday. I am in Solar Kingdom 10110 and I would like to join my son in Solar Kingdom 10108.
    My fortress is level 4. According to the game, we can do it within 5 days and if my fortress is not level 5 (which is the case).
    The game says that you can do it in 5 days and if my stronghold is not level 5 (which is the case), but the novice teleporters are not accessible (no USE tab) and if I try to do it, the game tells me that my kingdom is in a greyed out state.
    Can you explain to me what I have to do ???

    • Hakio

      Hello, have you left your wedding ring?


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