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Optimise your King of Avalon experience with the Combo Key

Optimize your King of Avalon game experience with the BlueStacks combo key

The mobile game King of Avalon is well known for being powered by the PC emulator BlueStacks! This iOS and Android management game has actually shown its potential on computers, with keyboard controls that are a bit more intuitive than touch controls! In addition, we decided to look at some tips to optimize your gaming experience on King of Avalon ! We're going to start with one of the most useful tips for playing a management game on the PC: The Combo Key! So here's how to use the Combo Key on King of Avalon! Are you ready? Here we go! 🚀

What exactly is the BlueStacks Combo Key?

What is the Combo Key for? This gameplay technique is only available on the BlueStacks mobile game emulator! For all those who don't play King of Avalon on PC, with the emulator, I'm afraid this little guide won't be of much use to you! Unless, of course, we manage to convince you to play KoA on PC 😉

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In a management game, you need to have your eyes everywhere! The Combo Key is a game optimisation method that allows you to perform several actions at the same time without worrying too much. In other words, this gameplay technique, available on BlueStacks, allows you tomove faster and more efficiently in King of Avalon. With the Combo Key, you create an algorithm that will manage your resources and your building pace for you.

The Combo Key is a feature that has existed since version 4.2 of BlueStacks. This feature allows you to create macros. Macros are features that allowprogrammed actions to be repeated over and over again. Overall, no more series of clicks and a faster game by doing the action only once. In fact, you only need to record it as a macro to repeat the action. This is particularly useful when upgrading a building. The number of clicks is divided by 10. Let's see how to do it!

Sample Key King of Avalon Combo: Monster Hunt
Sample Key King of Avalon Combo: Monster Hunt!

How to use the King of Avalon Key Combo, step by step?

To help you progress faster in King of Avalon, we suggest you discover the Combo Key tool! Follow the steps to use this BlueStacks feature. Here are the steps to follow to use the Combo Key on KoA, in only four steps:

1️⃣ Play King of Avalon with BlueStacks!

The first thing to know is that this method is only possible with BlueStacks! Indeed, playing King of Avalon on PC offers you many advantages! Firstly, playing on a PC, with a mobile game emulator, is particularly useful for management games. Playing on a PC allows you to have an overview of your city and the kingdom! This way, you can manage your upgrades, troops and alliances more easily.

To download BlueStacks and apply the Combo Key technique, we invite you to read our guide to playing King of Avalon correctly on PC!

2️⃣ Launch the macro recorder

Macros are used to record and repeat your actions in the game. To use these macros, you must first open the macro recorder on BlueStacks! First, open BlueStacks. Then open the game King of Avalon on your emulator.

Once you are correctly connected to your KoA account, you can launch the recorder. To do this, press the Ctrl+Shift+H keys simultaneously. If you wish, you can also open the recorder from the menu:

  • Click on thekeyboard icon at the bottom rightof the interface. This will open the game controls screen.
  • Then click on "edit" and then on "advanced settings". This will open the macro recorder.
  • Simply press "+"to add a macro!

On BlueStacks version 5, you just have to click on "Macro Manager" in the right menu!

Open Combo Key macros in King of Avalon
Open Combo Key macros in King of Avalon!

Once you choose to add a macro (an action to be repeated), you can enter the action. Always keep in mind that one macro = one specific action.

3️⃣ Create your own algorithm on BlueStacks

Now you are ready to create your macros! Start by thinking about what important actions and series of actions could be used as a macro. For this phase of thinking, you will be able to look at your own gameplay for a few minutes to break down your secondary actions and your main actions. For example, my main action might be "Improve the fortress", but this action can only be executed if the secondary actions are done. For example, "Raise the embassy to level 7" and "Train 10 horsemen" can be secondary actions that will allow the main action to be executed!

To help you, the macros take into account your movements. You can therefore start by grouping your buildings to be improved. For example, group your farms under the same macro, your barracks under another macro, etc. This way, in one action, all the buildings in your macro will be improved if they can!

Example of a macro saved on BlueStacks
Example of a macro saved on BlueStacks.

4️⃣ Save optimization data!

Last step to understand the interest of the King of Avalon Key Combo. Now save your macros by giving them names that are relevant to you. For example, for the macro used to improve farms, name it "Farms". For the macro that is used to go on the map and look for a monster to attack, name the macro "Kill Monsters", and so on!

If you don't save, you won't be able to keep your macros and therefore this data won't be remembered. You can assign any key on the keyboard to each macro to speed up your shortcuts in King of Avalon in Combo Key!

Some examples of Combo Key on King of Avalon

We are aware thatusing the Combo Key on KoA may not be easy! So here are some tips and tricks for using this method of game optimization! Here are a few examples of macros, so that you can understand how to use this technique:

  • For an action like switching between the city and the kingdom easily and improving all possible buildings in the city. You can start by recording the macro with this sequence: Map of the kingdom / Click on the city button / City / Click on all the buildings in turn and on "improve".
  • To go on the map of the kingdom and ask automatically to look for a monster, to attack it and to win the rewards, here is a type of chaining: City / Click on the map of the kingdom / Click on hunt / Click on the level of the monster and Click on walk.
  • To train all your troops, you can record this sequence: City/ Click on each troop and on "train". Then record the macro!
  • To assign a skill to your dragon, use the following sequence: City / Click on dragon's lair / Click on dragon comp / Click on the skill tree you want to improve / Click on assign skill / Click on a given skill / Click on assign. Name this macro "Dragon Skills"!
Dragon in King of Avalon
Dragon in King of Avalon

Now you know how to optimize your King of Avalon gaming experience with the BlueStacks Combo Key system! Don't hesitate to leave us a comment to tell us what you think about this method of play! If you want to know more about the game King of Avalon, we invite you to read our advanced tips on the game to progress quickly! Be well and enjoy the game! 🤩

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