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King of Avalon: 7 Tips for fast progress

Tips King of Avalon

In the game King of Avalon, you play as the unifier of the kingdoms following the death of the famous King Arthur. With your armed troops and dragons, you fight against evil forces and a whole host of monsters, in order to regain control of your city! King of Avalon is a strategic management and construction game. In this mobile game you will have to manage your resources, build your buildings and lead your horsemen, soldiers and dragons in epic battles! To become strong in King of Avalon, we suggest you discover 7 tips and tricks, useful in your progress! Let's go for our KoA guide to level up quickly 😉

Tip 1: Link your account and create a second KoA account!

This tip may seem trivial, but it is one of the first things to do on KoA: Manage your account! The biggest fear of players in a management game is losing their account! Start by linking your social accounts to your King of Avalon account. You can link your Facebook account, but also your Google email address. It is also possible to link your King of Avalon account to a Kings Group account.

Linking your accounts allows you to earn rewards. But on top of that, you can always find your progress on King of Avalon, if, of course, you don't lose your Facebook or Google account! We therefore recommend that you link your KoA account with Google AND with Facebook in order to always have access to the game!

Link your King of Avalon accounts to save your progress
Link your King of Avalon accounts to save your progress !

To progress on King of Avalon, we strongly advise you to create a second account when you reach levels 5 to 10. Why should you do this? Well, simply because this second account can make your first one evolve if you place it within the same kingdom! This trick is known as the "farm account" trick. Overall, placing a second account on your land allows you to improve your buildings and crops faster. In particular, this technique is used to produce more resources, and faster! All you have to do is play the second account to level 2 and add it to your city. Yes, yes, it's self-improvement!

But how do you create a second King of Avalon account? Simply unlink either your Google account or your Facebook account to your basic account. Then start a new game. Play the tutorial and link your social account that is not associated with your account number 1 to the KoA account number 2! That's it!

Tip 2: Join a player alliance

From the beginning of the game you have the possibility to join an alliance of players. As in most management games, you have allies and enemies. Joining an alliance has many advantages, especially if you are still a beginner in King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare! Here are the advantages of joining an alliance and getting involved:

  • More experienced players can support you. The main advantage of joining an alliance in King of Avalon is that players can help each other. Other players can help you and you can help members of your alliance! You can only join one alliance at a time, so choose carefully! On KoA, you will have the possibility to ask for help to the members of the alliance, so don't hesitate to use it! But don't forget to help others to invest in your allies. Each time you receive help, the time needed to complete the action is reduced by one minute and the number of helpers you can receive is determined by your embassy level.
  • You can lead attacks with others! Attacking with your alliance members means you are almost certain to win. But also, it makes you win even more rewards ! So you can attack enemies and other clans together, monsters or even barbarians! Barbarians are more difficult to defeat than monsters. The rewards are therefore more important! At the beginning of the game, it will be difficult for you to go and fight them, unless you are accompanied! So use the "hunt" tab to find barbarian camps. The only way to attack them is to be part of an alliance. It's a good reason to join an alliance with other players, especially as you'll be able to gain lots of resources and level up quickly !
  • Attacking other players! Don't attack other players until you are part of an alliance! You will be crushed! Remember that the other players also have allies behind them. You must level up and attack other players in order to collect their resources and win rewards !
  • Send resources to each other! Yes, yes, in King of Avalon, members of the same alliance can send resources to each other! This allows, for example, to help some players to catch up and unlock their progress. You can receive many other gifts if you help your allies!
King of Avalon tips: Examples of gifts for allies
Examples of gifts for allies

Tip #3: Play King of Avalon on PC to level up

Playing a management game on the PC promises a better view of your entire kingdom. This is the main advantage. The second advantage of playing on a PC is that you will have access to the comfort of a larger screen, keyboard controls and mouse responsiveness!

To play a mobile game such as King of Avalon on PC, you must first download an emulator such as BlueStacks and download the game applications directly to the emulator. The purpose behind this trick is to allow you to go faster. This way, you can see more instantly what improvements need to be made, as well as possible attacks!

We have provided you with a detailed guide to playing King of Avalon on PC, so don't hesitate to take a look!

king of avalon pc download page

Tip 4: Get the rewards... by accessing the game's emails!

So, we've already told you about this in our previous articles, but in KoA, you regularly win rewards ! And when I say "regularly", I mean EVERY DAY! In this game, you have access to rewards after completing quests or defeating enemies, but also, you can receive rewards daily! You should know that a large part of your rewards, including the rewards earned at the beginning of the game, can be found in your in-game emails!

Too many of you forget to check your in-game email! However, this is where you'll find your rewards and lots of KoA-related news and updates. You can go and check your in-game emails right now and look for messages marked with a little gift symbol. This symbol means that there are rewards to be picked up.

We strongly advise you to check your mailbox at the beginning of the day and at the end of the game to collect all your bonuses and resources offered!

King of Avalon tip: check your emails to get rewards !
King of Avalon Tip: Check your emails to get rewards !

Tip 5: Understand your troops in King of Avalon - Battle Guide

Here's our little guide to fighting in King of Avalon! In order to manage your forces well, we will give you some tips for your battles. First of all, you must train your troops regularly (as soon as possible) in suitable buildings. You must therefore build and improve the stable, the barracks, the training range/range and the siege (in order of priority) from the start of the game .

Each time you walk to attack monsters, you spend stamina. Stamina can be regulated by learning the stamina talent of the monsters with your talent points. For the other steps, no stamina, but just the time to get there and back. You can, above all, define which hero leads which troop, and especially choose which troops will be in defence and which will be in attack. Choose the troops according to the advice given in the troop composition!

To protect your troops from enemies, in order to train them for the long term, we recommend drawing up a peace treaty to prevent your enemies from attacking you or spying on you! If you don't have a peace treaty in your items, use the recruit, alliance or fortress teleportation , which I explain below. Getting closer to your allies will allow you to have a secure city. After the construction of your embassy, you will be able to receive reinforcements sent by the members of your alliance following the sending of a request for help on the page of the alliance!

Buildings to train your troops in King of Avalon
Train your troops in King of Avalon!

Keep in mind how the troops work: The horsemen are the strongest in terms of attack. They are very effective and fast against archers. Send the light horsemen ahead and keep your heavy horsemen for defensive tactics! Archers are good at defence. Not to be confused with crossbowmen, who are good at sneak attacks. The artillery is there to protect all the other troops. It is composed of soldiers with swords, strong against archers, and lancers, strong against cavalry. Finally, the siege troops will be useful against enemy traps and for laying traps!

Tip #6: How do I get gold in King of Avalon?

As you know, gold allows you to make instant constructions and improvements in the game King of Avalon. Gold is offered to you at the beginning of the game, as a bonus. It is available in the inventory and can be used whenever you want. But... You will inevitably run out of gold! Coins are available for purchase, so you either have to pay to advance, or you'll have to wait! So how do you get free gold on KoA ?

  • Joining an alliance for the first time gives you a certain amount of gold.
  • Play the crystal ball to try to win free gold.
  • Complete the main and sidequests as well as the daily and heroic quests.
  • Deposit gold in your city bank to earn more!
  • Buy gold coins on the black market.
  • Participate in community and seasonal events.
  • Checking the alliance's vaults.
  • Open Merlin's gifts that are right next to the airship in your town!
King of Avalon Tip: No need to buy gold in KoA
No need to buy gold in KoA!

Tip 7: Use teleportation in KoA

The game has several teleporters. Teleports are made to take your city to another place. Here is how to use each type of teleportation:

Random teleportation moves your city to random coordinates in the realm. This teleportation is in the items and doesn't do much. It's a good move if you're the type of player who likes to go for it!

For recruit teleportation, you must go to the realm where you want to teleport your city. You can only use this teleportation if you belong to an alliance. Please note that this is only available from 5 days of connection to the game and from fortress level 5.

Alliance teleportation is used to bring your city closer to the city of the alliance leader. If the alliance has its own fortress, your city will be transported there. This is useful if you are just starting out, in order to be close to your allies.

Advanced teleportation simply teleports your city to the desired realm. You can use it by selecting the desired location on the map. In short, nothing to say, too good!

And finally, fortress teleportation. This is the same process as alliance teleportation, except that the game will automatically select a new location to place your city next to the alliance fortress.

Example of teleportation in King of Avalon
Example of teleportation in King of Avalon

If you haven't read it yet, we'll give you more tips and tricks in our King of Avalon beginner's guide! If you have any difficulties with the game, feel free to leave us a comment, so we can help you further! We hope you found our King of Avalon tips useful. Happy farming to you, and above all, good games! 😎

Eleysiss Survival, craft, BR, FPS, MMORPG... In short, discovery and fighting! What more could you ask for?

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