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King of Avalon Troop Formation Calculator | How it works

Troop formation calculator King of Avalon

To progress properly in the mobile game King of Avalon, you need to manage your troops, their marches and their formations! Fortunately, to help you, there are automatic calculation systems to give you the right troop formation according to your marching capacity! Discover with us how the Troop Formation Calculator works on King of Avalon !

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Why use a Troop Formation Calculator?

The reason to use the Troop Formation Calculator in King of Avalon is simple. When you play this game, you have to compose your own troops to march to attack! For example, you have to choose the number of horsemen, the percentage of archers, etc. With the KoA troop calculator tool, this is done automatically. No need to worry about it! So, to sum up, the Troop Formation Calculator is a time saver and an assurance to win your battles. ⚔️

The troop calculator allows you to launch your attacks at the right time and to easily find out about the real time attack possibilities for your troops in particular. You can use the calculation to configure your PvP and PvE troop formations (Golem, Portal).

How to use the King of Avalon troop calculator?

You can find several Troop Calculators for KoA on the Internet! However, we strongly advise to use the mobile version of this system! The mobile version of the Troop Formation Calculator King of Avalon allows you to switch easily between the game and the calculator!

In order to use this system correctly, you just need to download the application for free. Then select "King of Avalon", as the calculator is also made for Guns of Glory. The procedure is very simple: indicate your marching capacity (number of fighters per troop). Then indicate the percentage of troop type you want. And there you go, the magic happens and the KoA Troop Formation Calculator shows you a good basic troop mix!

Be aware that the numbers for the mix of troops may differ depending on your own statistics. For example, for about 200,000 capacity, you could ask for 10% infantry, 30% cavalry, 50% archers and 10% siege. At that point, all you have to do is ask the calculator to do the calculation for you! Of course, you can also do this on your own calculator. Here you would do the following calculation 10% of 200,000, etc.

Tip: Set the percentages to 10 - 40 - 40 - 10.

Troop Formation Calculator King of Avalon @angelofdev
Troop Formation Calculator King of Avalon @angelofdev

More calculators for King of Avalon?

Developers and users want to simplify our lives! This is why the Troop Formation is not the only calculator! Indeed, there is also a resource calculator in King of Avalon, but also a troop simulator, a little more advanced. Both simulators are available in King of Avalon APK. For resources, we also recommend the KoAbots calculator, which is quite powerful and can be downloaded directly to the PC for King of Avalon players.

A resource production estimate calculator is also available via the Discord. Many fans of the game have also developed calculators that are a bit more alternative! This is the case of the King of Avalon troop training calculator, developed on Google Sheets!

In any case, each one has its own calculator! Choose the method that suits you best! The King of Avalon calculators are made to help you progress faster in the game, so you might as well take advantage of them! We also share with you the Troop Training Calculator King of Avalon from our friends at Gamesguideinfo. Their calculator is very well done and allows you to plan in advance the training of your troops in order to know the total resources needed for these actions.

We like to give you the best tips on mobile games! If you want to learn more about the game King of Avalon, we invite you to read our article about the Combo Key on King of Avalon! For more tips, we've also put together a selection of the best tips and tricks for fast progress in KoA! Don't hesitate to leave us a comment to give us strength. Share your experiences and difficulties with the game, we will gladly help you!

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