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Kingdom Guard Beginner's Guide | Tips and Tricks

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide

In this Kingdom Guard beginner's guide, we'll explain all the basics you need to know to get off to a good start, give you lots of tips and tricks on how to become an effective warrior in just a few days, and even reveal the secrets you need to know to outwit even the most seasoned players!

Kingdom Guard Beginner's Guide: the basics you need to know

In this Kingdom Guard beginner's guide, you'll learn all the tips and tricks you need to get started and climb to the top of the leaderboard. But before we reveal all the secrets, let's start by talking about the basics.

How a game of Kingdom Guard works

It's easy to get started with this tower defence game thanks to the Kingdom Guard beginner's guide. First things first: the gameplay can be divided into two parts:

  • Defending the castle
  • And expeditions

For the first part, the gameplay is that of a basic tower defence: enemies attack and try to penetrate the fortress, while you have to position units of different types to neutralise the monsters before they reach the castle. The waves of enemies are non-stop, and you have to position and upgrade your soldiers as the enemies advance. Each enemy you neutralise earns you coins, which you then need for all the actions and upgrades in this Kingdom Guard beginner's guide!

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: defence

As far as expeditions are concerned, the gameplay here is similar to that of an expansion strategy game: It's all about sending our heroes out of the castle to fight enemies, loot supplies, attack or strengthen other players' castles, and other actions to gain items, wealth and power.

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: expeditions

Getting to know and choosing your characters in Kingdom Guard

This Kingdom Guard beginner's guide teaches you how to select your ideal troop to start out as a leader. There are two types of characters in Kingdom Guard :

  • Units
  • And heroes

They are themselves divided into elementary types:

  • Archers (arrows) inflict damage on a target
  • Flame mages (fire) deal heavy area damage
  • Cryomages (ice wizards ) wound and slow down enemies
  • Goblins (poison) inflict long-term damage

Units are the basic soldiers, obtained gradually over the first few levels of the game. They are placed on the towers when defending the castle, and merged with soldiers of the same level and type to increase their level.

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: units

Heroes are obtained by spending recruitment cards in the tavern (found on the buildings page). You can have two of them active, and unlock other slots when the castle reaches level 159. They are also present when the castle is being defended, and have the advantage of being more powerful than the basic units and having a greater range of firepower.They also have the advantage of being more powerful than the basic units, and of having an ultimate ability that can be triggered to get rid of the fiercest enemies. They're also essential for expeditions, as they're the ones you send outside the castle. And because they're so important, to help you choose your favourites, we've ranked them all in the ultimate Kingdom Guard heroes tier list

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: the tavern Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: heroes 

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: improving all your stats

Even if you're just starting out, you can increase your power and efficiency right from the start. To do this, you need to improve the stats of your castle, your units, your heroes and even your dragon. This Kingdom Guard beginner's guide explains how!

To upgrade your castle, simply click on the castle on the buildings page and spend your coins and stones.

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: improving your castle

To upgrade your units, wait for the barracks to open. Once it's open, you can spend your EXP books there with a small amount of coins, which will increase the damage, speed and range stats of your soldiers and improve their attacks.

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: improving your units

Heroes can be upgraded by consuming hero cards obtained through recruitment in the tavern. You can also promote a hero, which unlocks special attacks and statistics. To upgrade a specific hero, you can spend cards from other heroes, but to promote it, you need to spend its respective cards.

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: improving your heroes

The Kingdom Guard beginner's guide tip: Want to spend hero cards to upgrade your favourite hero, but feel like there's a shortage? Where have your hard-earned hero cards disappeared to? In fact, they're probably stuck in the 'padlock' tab, so it's up to you to unlock them by clicking on them!

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: blocked heroes

Finally, a dragon protects the castle. Initially in the form of an egg, you'll need to hatch it by completing the chapter quests, which you'll find a little further on in the Kingdom Guard beginner's guide. Once the egg has hatched and the dragon is out, you can improve it by visiting the dragon's lair and spending dragon runes.

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: improving your dragon

Does this Kingdom Guard beginner's guide seem clear to you so far? Let's get on with it!

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: tips for levelling up

Now that you've got the hang of the game thanks to the first part of the Kingdom Guard beginner's guide, let's go into a bit more detail by talking about daily tasks, missions of all kinds, quests to advance, and things to do to become the most powerful player on the server.

Completing daily quests in Kingdom Guard

As you'll soon find out, there's no shortage of quests on Kingdom Guard. Do you think you'll log in every day to take part in the daily quests, only to leave 20 minutes later once they've been completed? Turn around, because you haven't even done a quarter of the quests available. Click on the quest icon at the bottom right of your screen, next to the word "chapter", to discover permanent missions, special chapters and long-term achievements, in addition to the daily quests !

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: quests

Join an alliance

Don't hesitate to join an alliance! There are lots of things you can do in an alliance, and there are plenty of opportunities to earn even more rewards. Our Kingdom Guard beginner's guide explains all the possibilities available to you when joining an alliance. You can :

  • Help your allies, or be helped by your allies
  • Go on expeditions with others to take part in wars, rally titans and build edifices,
  • Collect your gifts through alliance quests
  • Take part in technology upgrades to improve your rewards
  • Take a look at the shop to spend your alliance coins

You'll be able to fill your pockets and improve your stats much more quickly!

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide : lalliance

Kingdom Guard Beginner's Guide: check events regularly

It's simple: in Kingdom Guard, there's always something to do, which means there's always something to win! You thought you'd had enough with daily quests, chapter quests, general quests and alliance quests? But it's far from over: if you check the events calendar, the button in the top right-hand corner, under the diamond houses, you'll discover that there are many more missions to complete in order to reap even more rewards.

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: events

And that's not all, the Kingdom Guard beginner's guide continues.

Don't neglect expeditions

Since Kingdom Guard is a tower defence game, there's a tendency to focus more on defence than on expeditions. This is a mistake, because it's the expeditions that make you rich. Fighting, looting and rallying missions earn you coins, chests, stones, gallery fragments, runes, EXP books and even more incredible and indispensable items.

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: expedition battles

Kingdom Guard Beginner's Guide Tip: You can optimise your expeditions by sending the right heroes into battle! You may have already noticed that your heroes are accompanied by units of the same type as them on the field, and your enemies also have one of these four elemental types.To help you decide which hero to send, remember that archers (arrows) are effective against gremlins (poison), goblins (poison) are effective against trolls (ice), cryomages (ice) are effective against orcs (fire), and flame mages (fire) against orcs (arrows)!

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: the secrets to winning it all

And now that you know (almost) everything, to finish off this Kingdom Guard beginner's guide, here are some of our favourite tips for getting richer, faster and better.

Visit all the buildings

Don't underestimate any building. On the buildings page, visit the chronicle regularly, as well as the bounty hall. If the countless quests aren't enough, you'll find other missions to complete to earn priceless gifts.

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: buildings

Keeping an eye on your inventory in Kingdom Guard

You don't think about it too much, because the button is a bit hidden, but your inventory is a real goldmine. You'll find it at the bottom right of your screen, under the alliance flag. It contains all the chests you've won, which offer wonderful rewards. You'll also find cards to merge, cards to activate and all kinds of bonuses to boost your power.

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: inventory

Taking advantage of free rewards

There often comes a time when you have to spend money to win. But not in Kingdom Guard, quite the opposite in fact, as you can visit the shop... without buying anything! Once you've clicked on the shop, at the top right of your screen, under the events, scroll down the top tabs until you find the'normal rewards' tab, and enjoy totally free rewards.

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: free rewards

Grab the hidden diamonds in Kingdom Guard

Luckily there's this Kingdom Guard beginner's guide to help you find diamonds you might otherwise miss. We'll give you two hidden tips straight away:

First, check your messages. Messages sent by the system often offer you free diamonds, so you can stock up on this rare and valuable currency.

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: messages

Then take a look... at your settings! This hidden trick is one of our favourites: by clicking on your icon in the top left and then on the settings button in the top right, all you have to do is click on"achievements", and fill your pockets with the diamonds you've won.

Kingdom Guard beginner's guide: achievements

Let Kingdom Guard run

In the end, you can launch the game, put your phone down and go about your business - you'll still be a winner. Because the attacks are relentless, so are the winnings!

And that's all from the Kingdom Guard beginner's guide! If you've got this far, tower defence should hold no secrets for you! We hope this Kingdom Guard beginner's guide has been useful, taught you the basics and revealed some hidden actions and strategies. If, like us, you're now hooked, don't hesitate to check out our Kingdom Guard test, and grab the free valid codes.

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