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All Lords Mobile codes from 2024 | Valid and Free

List of Lords Mobile codes

In this tip, we take a look at all the Lords Mobile codes for 2023 that have been shared on the web. First of all, remember that a promotional code has nothing to do with cheating. On the contrary, it's a gift used to celebrate various occasions (number of downloads, time of year, game launch anniversary, etc.). It's also a very practical way for the Lords Mobile team to ensure player loyalty and reward them by giving them a little boost as they progress.

Where can I find Lords Mobile codes?

The best way to make sure you don't miss out on any codes is to keep up to date with all the latest game news on as many platforms as possible. Lords Mobile gift codes can be found on Youtube, Reddit and also on the social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As some promotional codes have a limited duration, it's not always easy to take advantage of them in time. That's why, for your convenience, you'll find all the codes at the end of the page.

Twitter Lords Mobile

How do I activate gift codes?

If you don't know how to take advantage of the codes, don't panic! You simply need to know that there are two solutions available to you:

Method 1: Enter the codes directly into Lords Mobile

  • Launch the game.

  • Click on the cogwheel at the bottom right of the screen (touch the tower several times if you don't see the wheel, this will make it appear) to access the settings. If you've just started Lords Mobile, finish the tutorial so that you're free to move around and access the menus.

  • In the Others menu that has appeared, go to the very bottom to find the "Code to enter" icon with a gift.

  • You're now in the exchange centre. All you have to do now is enter the codes directly from the list.

Method 2: Enter the codes from the game site

  • Go to the trading centre page on the Lords Mobile site. If you haven't already done so, you can change the language to French using the tab at the top right.

  • Enter your IGG ID or your player name to get the code rewards on your account.

  • All you have to do is enter the codes!

enter Lords Mobile codes

List of valid Lords Mobile codes for 2023

To save you a lot of time and trouble, we've put together a list of all the Lords Mobile codes you can use according to the activation method of your choice. For simplicity and speed, feel free to copy and paste the codes! They have all been tested on a freshly created account to check their validity. Please note, however, that each code is for a single use only.

Lords Mobile 2023 codes still valid :

  • PlayLM4PC
  • LM001
  • LM2024

From that point on, the codes are no longer valid. Their ephemeral nature is designed to encourage the community to react quickly and keep up to date with all the latest news about Lords Mobile.

Expired Lords Mobile codes :



  • IGG17TH

  • LM2023HTTYD

  • LMEID2023

  • LM2023EASTER

  • VIETNAM777

  • BARRY777




  • LMINLOVE2023



  • THANKS2022

  • GUILD2022


  • LM2022

  • LM001



  • 2021LORDS


  • LMHalloween

  • LM2021


  • JOAN5

  • SHANE5

  • ALICE5

  • 44JXDDF8




  • IGG15TH


  • 2021CJ



  • 3DMAP

  • Vx888

  • Yfwpqp

  • VCDV33

  • JPF5EJ

  • zdu3g7a6

  • LM648

  • shwpc7wb


  • 3N7YUXV6

  • 6XEK34RJ

  • LM101

  • 2ER92T8Y

  • R9QZSS

  • Z3PQ5Z

  • 2DWECS4D

Don't hesitate to share other codes with us in comments, expired or not. This way, this list will stay up to date and keep all Lords Mobile codes in one place. You can also subscribe to JeuMobi notifications to keep up to date with any changes to this page! And finally, for your convenience, you can also play Lords Mobile on your PC.

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