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Saberfang Lords Mobile Guide

Saberfang Lords Mobile Monster Guide

In this guide to Saberfang Lords Mobile, you'll learn about this monster's weaknesses, the composition ideal way to defeat it, and even the loot you can get by defeating it. Let's start with a presentation of Sabrecroc, this creature that you have surely seen on the map during the daily monster cycle and that you are certainly looking to defeat. This monster will no longer hold any secrets for you thanks to our tips.

Presentation of the Sabrecroc monster

The Saberfang is not a special monster (which would only appear during certain events for example), but a normal monster of the monster cycle. So, you can attack it on the map for 2h55min from its first appearance. It will disappear if the time is up or if it is killed. But if it is defeated before the time runs out, the Lords Mobile Sabrecroc will reappear in the vicinity so that a new group can take on the challenge of its fight. If you miss the opportunity, you will have to wait 2 days before you see one again.

Saberfang Lords Mobile monster

Like other normal monsters, you can get the Saberfang Lords Mobile as a pet. As a pet, it adds boosts to cavalry troops and your monster hunting party. Now let's see how to beat the Saberfang.

Best composition against Saberfang Lords Mobile

As a physical monster, the Sabrecroc will be particularly susceptible to magic attacks from INT-based heroes. On the other hand, your FOR type heroes will not resist it for long. While the Saberfang Lords Mobile can sometimes be difficult to defeat, here is the best composition to beat it.

Despite its unpredictable and devastating attacks, the monster will be weakened by the attacks of Incinerator, Elementalist, Goblin Bomber, Snow Queen and Prima Donna.

Prima Donna as a hero in a composition Sabrecroc

Elementalist, Goblin and Incinerator will inflict powerful damage. Snow Queen will attack with her ice and CC as an ultimate attack. Finally, Prima Donna will increase the life of your composition. Against a level 4 or 5 Saberfang in Lords Mobile, it is better to replace Goblin Incinerator and Snow Queen with Child of Light and Tormented Sage.

For a complete guide to hunting, check out the best compositions Lords Mobile monster against each creature. Plenty to loot!

Loot to obtain and materials from the Saberfang set

Among the rewards that Sabrecroc drops are special materials and chests. In addition, there are end-of-hunt bonuses in gems, gold, accelerator and protective shields. The rewards you get for beating Saberfang from Lords Mobile varies depending on the level of the monster you fight.

Rewards and materials for the Saberfang Lords Mobile monster hunting set
  • Level 1: Chest and Material Rarity - Common, 200 Gems, 15K Gold, Accelerator - 1h, Shield - 8h ;
  • Level 2: Chest and Material Rarity - Uncommon, 400 Gems, 50K Gold, Accelerator - 3h, Shield - 8h ;
  • Level 3: Chest and Material Rarity - Rare, 600 Gems, 100K Gold, Accelerator - 8h, Shield - 24h ;
  • Level 4: Chest and Material Rarity - Epic, 800 Gems, 200K Gold, Accelerator - 15h, Shield - 24h;
  • Level 5: Chest and Material Rarity - Legendary, 1000 Gems, 600K Gold, Accelerator - 24hrs, Shield - 3 days.

In addition, you will get a hero chest and the materials from the Saberfang set: Saber Jewel, Saber Tooth, Savage Claw, Blood Sucker, Prehistoric Hide.

As a reminder, the Saberfang Lords Mobile can also be obtained as a pet. It is a creature of rarity 4 and level 4 pact with a skill focus on cavalry and monster hunting.

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