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Chapter 10 Lost Centuria : What Compo to get the 3 stars?

Chapter 10 Lost Centuria

Stuck on chapter 10 of Lost Centuria? Can't manage to get the 3 stars ⭐️ for each of the 3 difficulty levels? Well, good news, thanks to our special deck, no more failures. We're going to help you get through Chapter 10 which is causing so many problems for players. Some occupation battles are harder than others, we can all agree on that. And to be honest, this chapter was a bit of a struggle for us. So let's find out right now what the best formation is to beat Itanis and his terrible Regeneration of Darkness spell.

Occupation battle map

Understanding Chapter 10 Lost Centuria for success

The special feature of chapter 10 is the spell Regeneration of Darkness. Indeed, this spell gives all enemy monsters a regeneration effect that heals their HP over the course of the fight. And of course, to make things worse, this spell is applied from the start of the fight and cannot be removed. So you have to create a very strategic composition to be able to inflict heavy damage on the opposing team quickly and make the enemy monsters fall one after the other. We will therefore start with a formation with a big burst single-target and anti-heal.

3 stars chapter 10 Lost Centuria
The Darkness Regeneration spell is a real scourge!

The perfect composition to obtain the 9 stars

To get the 9 stars in Chapter 10, here is the composition we recommend you use. You don't have to go and look in the guide to the best compositions that we have prepared for you. Here you really need to establish a very specific strategy. The training we offer has proven itself with us and if you follow our advice, you will have no trouble getting through this chapter 10 Lost Centuria.

The best deck to get through chapter 10 Lost Centuria

  • Position 1: Artamiel
  • Position 2: Poseidon
  • Position 3: Bernard
  • Position 4: Konamiya
  • Position 5: Khmun
  • Position 6: Fynn
  • Position 7: Kahli
  • Position 8: Sophia
Composition chapter 10 Lost Centuria
Our best composition to get the 9 stars in chapter 10

Note that if you do not have Kahli or Khmun, we advise you to wait until you get them. Because we don't have a viable alternative to propose to you to really succeed the 9 stars if you miss one of the two. However, if you don't have Artamiel yet, you can replace him with Kuhn or your highest level tank without any problem. The important thing here is to have a strong frontline.

Then, we chose Poseidon and Bernard which will slow down the opponent and increase our mana regeneration while bringing an efficient frontline. Then, Konamiya allows us to burst a maximum or apply anti-heal by recalling the last used card. For the backline, we place Khmun in position 5 in order to take a maximum of damage once our frontline has fallen. Indeed, his personal heal and the heal he brings to the weakest ally, allows our tanks to survive longer while applying anti-heal on your opponents. Then, you will place your 3 big DPS single-target Fynn, Kahli and Sophia. You must use them almost exclusively to attack a monster of the opposite element in order to optimize your DPS and validate the 3 stars.

💡 Very important game element: if you don't have Sophia in hand at the beginning of the game, restart the game directly. Otherwise, it will be too difficult for you to overcome the other team and implement your strategy.

Spells to choose from to succeed in chapter 10 Lost Centuria

In terms of spells, we have tried to use spells that everyone has at this level:

  • Chain of Despair: to permanently stun the leading enemy by spreading the chains to the next target once the main target is destroyed.
  • Flaming Smash: to reduce the DPS suffered from the backline by stunning enemies.
  • Purification of the soul: to bring some care and remove the harmful effects.

On the subject of skill stones, you should know that we have validated this chapter 10 without any stones on our DPS. So if you have some, it should be even easier for you.
Another tip, if you have difficulties, think of running your monsters. For example, give the +15% set fromATK to your big DPS single-target.

First floor: Exterior of the garrison ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Wave 1 chapter 10 Lost Centuria
No tank, too easy!

This first stage is really the easiest of the three. The opponent's composition doesn't have a tank and the life regeneration is relatively low. You shouldn't have any problem to overcome this fight thanks to this formation.
The 2 Lapis should fall very quickly thanks to your Sophia and your Fynn. Especially if you have them in hand from the start. No particular difficulty should arise if you unroll your deck well as you go along to take down the opposing monsters one by one.

Second Floor: Garrison Gate ⭐️⭐️⭐️

wave 2 chapter 10 Lost Centuria
Beware of the Sieq, they are fierce!

The second stage is really difficult to achieve in 3 stars. The 2 Sieq do a lot of damage and the 2 Hraesvelg, in addition to tanking a lot, apply a Mark which increases the damage received by the frontline.
Otherwise, no big surprise, we will play our game and stall with Poseidon. Remember to take advantage of the Chain of Despair and to boost yourself with Bernard.

Third Floor: Garrison Centre ⭐️⭐️⭐️

floor 3 occupancy combat chapter 10
Hmm, lots of legends in front!

For this last fight, no great difficulty. First, you'll have to focus on the Chain of Despair to launch it at the right time. Then, you will unroll your DPS cycle and use Poseidon and Bernard as soon as possible.
Make sure that your anti-heal is well applied on the target. If not, you will have to adapt your game instantly. As a reminder, if you don't have Sophia in hand, restart the game!

And that's it, this chapter 10 guide Lost Centuriais finished. I hope our deck suggestion helped you get your 9 stars without too much difficulty! Feel free to tell us in the comments if you managed to get through the 3 levels with a different composition, we'd love to see that there are other possibilities 😉

Marjo Former editor-in-chief of JeuMobi and a real sniper of spelling mistakes. Very good audience, laughter is my fuel. Life is a game, isn't it!

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