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Get Free Crystals and Rewards from Lost Centuria

Free crystals and rewards Lost Centuria

Crystals on Lost Centuria are so precious that it is not rare to run out of them! Indispensable to launch our summons, we would like to have more and more. The same goes for Mana Stones, which melt like snow in the sun as soon as our monsters reach levels 8, 9, 10... So, to avoid missing out on any in-game rewards, read our article carefully! We have listed the different sources of free Crystals, Mana Stones and Summonings so that you can know and exploit each possibility. Even in free-to-play, i.e. without spending a cent, there are different ways to get these precious resources. Ready to fill your pockets with rewards on Lost Centuria? 💎

Shop and Events tabs

Even though we have already given you a lot of valuable information in our beginner's guide Summoners War: Lost Centuria, we have really detailed all the possibilities here.
To begin with, every day from 2am onwards you will find a free daily pack in the shop tab. 300 free mana stones and 50 free crystals can be collected. A small but significant boost!

Rewards Lost Centuria  daily

Then go to the Events tab. There are many rewards waiting for you. Tip: make sure you scroll down so you don't miss any of the rewards Lost Centuria, as some events are hidden at the bottom!

Event Lost Centuria

The Com2uS studio offers in-game events very often, so be sure to check them out from time to time to track your progress and collect your winnings. The events are very well detailed in the game, and you can collect rewards by doing a variety of things. For example, logging in every day, casting a certain number of summons, helping your alliance, completing PVE chapters or raising the level of your monsters. But the list is very long, so we encourage you to go and check it all out for yourself. 😜

Daily Quests and Missions: the ideal way to get free Crystals

The sources of rewards Lost Centuria that will follow you throughout your adventure in the game are, of course, the daily quests. You collect Crystals, Mana Stones, a Mystic Book and many other useful rewards . And this every day.
Remember to complete at least 8 daily quests to receive the daily bonus of 100 Crystals.

Rewards Lost Centuria  quotient quests

In the same tab, you will find the "Missions" which reward your achievements with Crystals. Think of this part as achievements that are accomplished over time as you progress through the game. For example, losing a certain number of times in Ranked Combat, or achieving a certain number of victories in Constraint Combat, or possessing a certain number of skill stones, etc.

Collect rewards from monsters

The monsters and their Growth Quest will allow you to earn a multitude of free Crystals. By levelling up your monsters and obtaining skill stones, for each monster you get :

  • Level 5: receive 50 Crystals
  • Level 10: receive 100 Crystals
  • Level 15: receive 150 Crystals
  • Possess 1 skill stone: receive 50 Crystals
  • Possess 2 skill stones: receive 100 Crystals
  • Possess 3 skill stones: receive 150 Crystals
Quest for growth

It is also a very good source of experience points to level up your game account.

Rewards Lost Centuria PVP

The PVP Modes are perhaps the ones that allow you to collect the most rewards Lost Centuria. We'll explain the different ways to earn resources right away.

Victory point achievement: Free crystals at stake!

As the game is truly PVP oriented, climbing the rankings is very rewarding. You get a lot of gifts in the rewards victory point achievements. At each level (every 50 or 100 points on average), you get a prize. These depend on the level, but there are Crystals, Mana Stones, Monster Cards, Summoning Books, Skill Stone Summoning Cards, etc.

Rewards Lost Centuria  victory points

Duel mode: rewards of accumulated stars and Medals of Glory

By fighting regularly in PVP, you can obtain Crystals, Mystic Books, Mana Stones, Mystic Powder, etc., thanks to the rewards of stars accumulated. In fact, in Duel Mode, you can win up to 3 stars per battle. These stars are accumulated and every 10 stars, you get a reward Lost Centuria by passing a new level.
As a bonus, at level 25 and level 50, you win 1,000 Crystals and 1 Ancient Book respectively. For this you need to have earned 250 and 500 stars.

Rewards Lost Centuria  cumulative stars

💡 Quick tip: if you've reached the rank you wanted in Ranked Combat mode and don't want to drop back down below it, know that you can get all those rewards in Normal Combat!

Playing PVP also allows you to earn Medals of Glory. Every 20 Medals you get the chance to cast a Glory Summon. This is quite interesting as you can even summon legendary monsters through this (but with a low drop rate, of course).

Constraint Fighting and Arena Fighting

Constraint battles are also a very good source of rewards Lost Centuria. Be careful tohave a composition that holds up well! You will have to try to achieve as many victories as possible to obtain up to 10 different rewards . Among them, Crystals, Mana Stones, normal, rare, heroic cards, etc.

Finally, the Arena allows you to win rare and heroic cards. The entry ticket is 100 Crystals, so make sure you build a solid formation and monsters with good runes before you start fighting!

Rewards Lost Centuria PVE

The PVE modes of Lost Centuria (Occupation Combat and Wanted) also offer you plenty of rewards to go after!

Occupation battles

Each chapter of Occupy Combat has 3 difficulty levels. Depending on the number of stars you earn in total, you can access some very interesting rewards .

  • Level 1 gives you 500 Mana Stones.
  • Level 2 gives you 100 free crystals.
  • Tier 3 earns you rare, heroic or legendary cards.
Rewards Lost Centuria  Occupation Combat

This means that you should not leave out this single-player mode, as it is a good source of extra earnings, even if some fights are more difficult than others.
However, once the fight is successful and validated, you will not be able to do it again and farm the rewards.

Search Mode

The Wanted mode is directly related to the previously mentioned mode, as here you fight the bosses of each chapter you have validated in the Occupation battles. You earn 1,000 mana stones for each battle you win, as well as 10 Crystals and 5 Medals of Glory.
The big advantage of this mode is that you can repeat the battles after a certain waiting time (different for each boss). As a result, you will regularly collect a large number of Mana Stones.

Rewards Search mode Lost Centuria

This guide to rewards Lost Centuria I hope it's been helpful in getting a lot of crystals! We've chosen to focus on Mana Stones and Free Crystals, so we haven't looked at the Territory or Alliance 😉
Now it's your turn! Let us know in the comments if you know of any other tips for winning rewards, we'd love to add them to this guide! (Hey no, bribing Lilian is not an admissible trick 😜 ).

Marjo Former editor-in-chief of JeuMobi and a real sniper of spelling mistakes. Very good audience, laughter is my fuel. Life is a game, isn't it!

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