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Masteries guide of RAID: Shadow Legends

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The masteries available in RAID: Shadow Legends are specific advantages for certain champions. They are relatively easy to obtain and are available to all players.
In this New guide, we will understand how they work, what are the conditions to obtain them and which are the best masteries to have!

What are masteries used for?

In RAID: Shadow Legends, masteries are used to improve the overall skills of champions, in addition to the glyphs available in the game. This allows you to be stronger to succeed in your missions and smash everything in the arena!

There are three columns, each containing 22 points of masteries :

  • attack : 22 points masteries available ;
  • defence: 22 points masteries available;
  • support: 22 points masteries available.
the different masteries ones available in Raid: Shadow Legends

As mentioned, the masteries dance RAID: Shadow Legendspoints are unique to each champion. In fact, you can only choose two of the three columns for your champion.

This means that you will need to think carefully about the use of your champion before selecting ones masteries that may not be suitable for their role.

A champion can obtain 100 normal scrolls, 600 advanced scrolls and 950 divine scrolls. This may seem like a lot, but it is necessary to have a high number of scrolls in view of the cost of the scrolls to be used:

  • level 1 : 5 scrolls ;
  • level 2 : 30 scrolls ;
  • level 3 : 80 advanced scrolls ;
  • level 4 : 120 advanced scrolls ;
  • level 5 : 200 divine scrolls ;
  • level 6: 350 divine scrolls.

How to get the scrolls of mastery in RAID: Shadow Legends ?

The scrolls needed for the points of masteries in the Minotaur Labyrinth can be obtained through different levels:

  • steps 1 to 5: it is possible to obtain normal scrolls ;
  • step 6 to 10: it is possible to obtain advanced and normal scrolls ;
  • step 11 to 15: it is possible to obtain all the scrolls of the previous levels as well as divine scrolls.
the different levels of the Minotaur Labyrinth in the RAID: Shadow Legends

It is important to note that you do not choose the champion who will receive scrolls. They are given randomly at the end of each fight, which implies a farming intense.

By the way, while playing RAID: Shadow Legends on your PC, you can activate the farm mode and the multi-instance! Very useful here !

Of course, as you advance through the different levels of the labyrinth, the amount of scrolls obtained at the end of the level increases significantly.

Which are the masteries most useful?

The ones masteries that will bring the most results are the latest masteries available. Their beneficial effects are much greater than those of the first four levels. But on the last levels, there are some points that are masteries stronger than others, such as "Giant Killer" and "War Master".

The Giant Killer master's degree

This mastery differs from all the others masteries by the advantage it gives to the champion possessing it:

Giant killer: Has a 30% chance to inflict additional damage during an attack. Damage is equivalent to 7.5% of a targeted champion's max health and 3% of a boss's max health.

This mastery allows you to inflict extra damage on the game's most powerful bosses.

giant killer RAID: Shadow Legends

The "Warlord of War" master's degree

This mastery is useful for PvE or PvP combat:

Warlord Attack Damage: Has a 60% chance to deal additional damage in an attack. The additional damage is 10% of the max VP on a champion and 4% of the max VP on a boss.

A choice will have to be made according to the chosen champion and its use, since this will change all the masteries acquired knowledge by then.

warlord master

Thanks to this guide on masteries de Raid: Shadow Legends, you now understand how they work and how to obtain them.

Not to miss out on RAID: Shadow Legends and become even stronger, don't hesitate to consult all our tips on the game!

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