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Merge Magic Challenge 12 | Rocklands Guide 3

Merge Magic Challenge 12

Even as a kid, you couldn't decide between a cat and a peacock? Good news, the Merge Magic Challenge 12 level allows you to obtain Peacats, magical creatures that are very useful for harvesting and building your Merge Magic Garden. But don't get too excited, as this challenge level is not so easy. Indeed, it requires rigour and speed. Make sure you follow all the steps in this guide so you don't make any mistakes, but don't be too slow. The timer for this challenge is a bit demanding and there is not a second to lose, especially for the level 3 difficulty!

General information about the 12 Merge Magic! challenge

  • Level number: 76.
  • Game cost: 3 compasses.
  • Chest: Bronze.
  • Time limit: 4min22, 2min36, 1min59.
  • Main objective : to create a Mythical idol.
  • Secondary objectives: get a Floating rock, click on an Ancient druid temple to get 3 Druid temples and merge 3 Fallen stars.
Level 12 Merge Magic Challenge card
A long level.

The stages of the 12 Merge Magic!

When you enter the Merge Magic Challenge 12 level, you will notice immediately that there is a lot of Cursed Land. Whether it's the small island on the left or the main island on the right, you'll have to progress methodically to free the different elements in order to merge them together.

The timer for this challenge level does not give you much leeway. We therefore advise you to take the time to read this guide carefully before you start. Some mistakes can be fatal and force you to start all over again, spending new compasses! 😉

Merge Magic Challenge 12: nest of eggs

Step 1: Building your ancient temple

  • Start by clicking on the available pile of bones to scatter them on the ground. With all the bones, perform a massive fusion to heal the earth and obtain new elements.
  • The first healing expander is now available, use it to gain ground.
  • Continue by making a fusion of 5 Skulls.
  • Collect 3 Minor blessings on the left of the level to make a merge of 8 on your right.
  • A new healing expander has been introduced, so remember to activate it.
  • You should be able to merge 3 green orbs into one purple one.
  • Then merge 3 Druid stones and 5 Sprouts. If you are lucky, this fusion will heal the land where the logs are located. If not, activate one or more of the blues orbs available to you. Do not use the purple orb!
  • Then merge the wood logs and the Druid Stones groups until you have an Ancient Druid Temple.
Ancient Druid temple
A temple that will be very useful.

Step 2: Time to work the stone

  • Click on your temple to get Mineral stones.
  • Assemble them to get Mineral Rocks which will allow you to merge with those on the right of the main island.
  • With the mergers, more ground is freed up, especially with the care expander becoming available.
  • Make a fusion of 5 purple orbs to obtain golden orbs.
  • Also take the opportunity to merge the 3 Blessed Flowers.
  • You will now have to be patient and wait for the puddle in the middle of the level to turn into a floating rock.
  • Once the Floating rock appears, drag it onto the small island on the left to make a merge.
  • Multiple care extenders are released, remember to use them all!
Orange Orb Merge Magic Challenge 12
The orange orb will delight you.

Step 3: Stars in your eyes

  • With the two stars obtained on the left, you can make a fusion of 3 and unlock the rest of the level with the star on the super-cursed land on the right.
  • Then merge the golden orbs to get an orange orb. Click on it to heal as much land as possible.
  • If you have time, you can merge the coins and collect them to make the most of the level. If not, just wait for the earth to heal, merge the statues and finish the level quietly.

With this guide to the Merge Magic Challenge 12 level, there's no excuse to screw up. Make the most of rewards by making good use of your new magic creatures. 😎
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  1. Calana01

    Yeah, they must have realized the cheating thanks to this site because the map of the challenge 12 doesn't look like that anymore and nothing of what is indicated at the beginning of the guide is accessible...

    • Hakio

      Thanks for the heads up, indeed the level has been changed so we have updated the article 🙂


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