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Merge Magic Challenge 13 | Dark Swamps Guide 1

Merge Magic Challenge 13

In the fantasy world of Merge Magicmagical creatures are normally there to help you in your progress. Minotaurs, peacocks or fairies, all will be useful in your magic garden to build buildings or collect resources. But in the Merge Magic Challenge 13 level, you will come across some Witches who will make your life very difficult. When you add to their presence the timer to beat, no one will blame you for not passing the three difficulties of this challenge level on the first try. However, if you follow our step-by-step guide carefully, you should have no trouble succeeding. For encouragement, consider the Mysterells to be won in Dark Swamps 1. These trophy-like creatures are hard to come by. It would be silly to miss out on this great reward, even if each attempt will cost you compasses. 😜

General information about the 13 Merge Magic! challenge

Merge Magic Challenge Level 13 Map
A challenge level that fits in a handkerchief.
  • Level number: 80.
  • Game cost: 7 compasses.
  • Chest: Gold.
  • Time limit: 6min52, 4min04, 2min11.
  • Main objective : create a Mythical idol.
  • Secondary objectives: create Growing plants, destroy 3 Witches, hatch 4 Peacats babies.

The stages of the 13 Merge Magic! challenge

The Merge Magic Challenge 13 level presents several difficulties. In addition to dealing with the Witches, you'll also have to deal with some super-cursed earth. This limits your movement at the beginning of the level, but with a little organisation, it's not insurmountable. The first difficulty level should not cause you any problems either with its affordable timer. The other levels will be more complicated, so we advise you to read our guide to preview your mergers.

Witch in Merge Magic!
Witches will try to play tricks on you.

There is only one island and it is kept fairly small. So you shouldn't need to do much navigating or use the tool to zoom in and out.

Step 1: Start slowly with Minotaurs

  • Merge the 3 available Random Portals that are located at the bottom of the island. This fusion will make a first magical creature appear.
  • To get magical creatures ready to work, merge Minotaur Eggs. These creatures are Harvester type, but can still deal with Witches.
  • Then merge the Blessed spouts and continue on the same path with the Blessed flowers obtained.
  • You will then get a Blessed blossom which is just waiting to be harvested by your Minotaurs.
  • The first Witch hut should become accessible, so get your creatures to destroy it.
  • Then make a fusion of 5 with Little shimmering plants (small golden balls).
  • A second Witch hut appears, destroy it too.
  • Merge the 3 available Rocky Underwoods.
Merge Magic: trunk and rewards
The rewards in Merge Magic are generally as good as the difficulties encountered.

Step 2: Putting the Peacocks to work

  • To expand your team, merge the 3 Peacock Eggs to get an additional magical creature. This creature is a Defender type and will be more effective at destruction.
  • Merge 5 Frozen forest witches. This fusion will free them, you will then have to ask your creatures to fight them.
  • Destroy a third Witch hut.
  • Merge the Fruit bush sprouts.
  • 3 new Frozen forst witches appear. Merge them together to make them emerge and fight them in the process.
  • Merge 3 new Little shimmering plants.
  • Follow with a fusion of 3 Twinkling plants.

Step 3: Destroy the last witch

  • Then destroy a fourth Witch Hut with the help of your magical creatures.
  • You can then merge the growing plants.
  • To finish the level, all you have to do is merge the Broken mythical Idols.

With this guide to the Merge Magic Challenge 13 level, it's impossible to fail. Simply repeat the same procedure three times to overcome all three difficulty levels and collect all the rewards. 😉
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