All Mobile Legends Adventure codes from 2024

Mobile Legends Adventure gift code list

We have gathered all the still valid Mobile Legends Adventure codes for the year 2024. Before we let you enjoy them, let's remind you that they are perfectly legal. Indeed, a coupon is usually sent by the team behind Mobile Legends Adventure.

They serve both as a thank you to the community, but also as an incentive to follow up on game news. Discovering a gift code and taking advantage of the rewards and in-game bonuses it offers before it expires is therefore not always an easy task.

Where can I find Mobile Legends Adventure codes?

As mentioned above, the codes are mostly transmitted by the game team. This communication can be done via social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. However, coupons can also be found on other platforms. Among the best known are YouTube, Reddit, Discord or simply the official website.

Twitter Mobile Legends Aventure to collect rewards

However, the search for a gift code is not limited to ads from Moonton. You can also find promo codes distributed by YouTube influencers for example. To avoid missing out on any opportunities, you should therefore follow official content as well as fan-generated content, such as tips, guides and updates shared by influencers.

As it is impossible to monitor every video dealing with Mobile Legends: Adventure, it is therefore not uncommon to miss certain codes due to their limited duration. Finally, depending on its origin, a promo code is sometimes not compatible. For example, a code transmitted on an American network will not always work for the European version.

How to redeem gift codes

Entering a Mobile Legends Adventure coupon code is easy! To start, launch the game. Then click on the " Event " icon in the centre left of your screen. The icon is represented by an hourglass.

Then, in the new menu, select the second tab on the left of the screen entitled "Retrieve CD-Key". You finally arrive on the screen that will allow you to enter the codes. All you have to do is validate them by clicking on "Confirm".

Enter a code in Mobile Legends Adventure, promo and gifts

List of valid Mobile Legends Adventure 2024 codes

First of all, it is important not to confuse Mobile Legends Adventure with the MOBA Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Indeed, even if the name of these applications is close, they are 2 different games. Therefore, the codes of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will not work on Mobile Legends Adventure.

As with most Mobile Legends Adventure coupons, it is important to be case sensitive. So don't hesitate to copy/paste these codes to avoid typing errors. Finally, it is good to remember that a code is obviously only valid once.

Mobile Legends Adventure codes still valid and active:

  • 23WHNS222CM

  • ZEN4RB222CY

  • UBAZ8CC222CK

  • 888888

  • MLA999

Expired Mobile Legends Adventure codes:

  • X4QCRV222C6

  • YPECU6222C7

  • HELLO2024

  • NEWERA0519

  • JCCFR7

  • MLA999

  • W3P758




  • VQGDWP2229E

  • BUDP4A2229D


  • U4G8H9

  • 3S7SRH2229C

  • 8BS3S2

  • 244WV7

  • SP3T7G22296

  • KKTMHS222B7

  • 888888

  • MLA999

  • MLA9453

  • XM8ZAY

  • HGHM82

  • F43KLH

  • 6A2AXM


  • VS5X65

  • T4XFXT

  • 5PNU6H

  • 7YEKK3

  • MA7TT82229X

  • PX5AW52229Y

  • YG7ZZZ

  • 6DDZTC


  • D8XKVZ

  • XT83Q622297

  • XYHFVD22299

  • SLCCX5

  • 4336BV


  • 5KWA9B

  • FWT9L5

  • TRVRMU22295


  • P4VV54

  • 8JESRQ22294

  • 37KCEY


  • X7BOVF


  • 5L8VNO

  • S3M0PW

  • VVRTA5

  • 5TS2JD22262

  • BFU77C22263


  • CGUNBA22264

  • CUNZJZ22274

  • DKMEQF2225W

  • EAKSUY2228C

  • HJPHU222277




  • PTFCPC22289

  • TNEEY822275

  • VANOSS415

  • WJDZ7G2227D

  • WS8DYD22286

  • XMASFUN689

  • Z9D9A622288

Here we are at the end of this guide to the Mobile Legends Adventure codes for the year 2024. We hope it has helped you understand how to enter a code, but also where to look for them. We will update this page as new codes become available.

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