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How to get Diamonds in Mobile Legends?

Get Mobile Legends diamonds

The MOBA Mobile Legends will appeal to players with its highly competitive, fast-paced games that showcase players' talent and team play skills. On paper, it is all the more accessible because it is presented as a free-to-play game. However, don't be too naive as the game has its share of microtransactions. There are several currencies in the game that allow you to unlock additional content (new heroes, emblems, skins, etc.). Among these currencies, Tickets and Gold are earned by playing and completing missions. But there is also a third currency which is more special, but above all more precious... It is Mobile Legends diamonds!
They represent the safe haven of the stock market. They are used for everything and will make you a happy player. The only problem is that these diamonds are rare and hard to get... To help you get rich and to allow you to enjoy yourself, there are some tips to know. By following our guide to Mobile Legends diamonds, you'll know how to get your hands on some! 💡

Heroes Mobile Legends Shop
Diamonds will allow you to buy new heroes.

Why are Mobile Legends diamonds so valuable?

When we say that Mobile Legends diamonds are used for everything, we are not lying. You can buy heroes in the shop, skins to look good, colourings, emblems, passes (monthly and weekly), emotes and all kinds of packs. It's hard to find a more practical and valuable resource in this Mobile MOBA.

Freya, Mobile Legends diamond prize
Some heroes can only be unlocked with diamonds. This is the case with Freya the Valkyrie.

But beyond their usefulness, the diamonds Mobile Legends are especially valuable because they have a value in real money. There are several ways to get this currency... But the easiest way is to take out your credit card and buy lots of diamonds with a microtransaction. In the shop, the biggest lot will cost you a whopping 109.99 euros! It must be starting to sting for players who spend such an amount for a free-to-play game that isn't even a gacha. :mrgreen:

Legal and safe ways to get diamonds

To obtain Mobile Legends diamonds, there are several tricks that are completely legal and, above all, pose no risk (scams, piracy, theft, etc.). The developers have thus thought in their generosity to integrate specific means to obtain some free Mobile Legends diamonds.

  • Stream your games: For those who are not afraid of the gaze of others, streaming your games will allow you to collect some diamonds. Viewers can thank you for your efforts and encourage you with gifts. To start your Live Stream, click on the Live icon in the homepage, which is located just below the Starlight icon. Beware though for new players: you'll need to play a bit before unlocking this feature. Also be aware that the game will charge you a small fee. Some of the diamonds donated by your loyal viewers will not be paid to you but will be kept by the game.
  • Watching streams : for those who don't have the faith to take the plunge into streaming, it is also possible to earn Mobile Legends diamonds by remaining totally passive. The biggest streamers regularly release diamonds on their live streams to reward their community for their support and message. It's up to you to find the right threads. Generally speaking, the bigger the streamer, the more chances they have to win prizes! These diamonds are collected via a code that you have to fill in on this site.
  • Participate in giveaways: giveaways are a good way to get some diamonds. However, the return is very uncertain and you will have to rely on your lucky stars. The official Twitter page of Mobile Legends regularly organises giveaways and as the FDJ says so well: 100% of the winners have tried their luck.
  • Participate and win tournaments: several platforms (Toornament, Battlefy...) organise Mobile Legends tournaments. The MOBA is one of the most developed games esport on mobile and those who like competition will easily find a field to prove themselves. Most tournaments involve diamonds.
  • Use the draw: the draw (Lucky spin) is in the shop and will allow you to unlock new heroes or skins at a reduced price. You need a minimum of luck and you can't know your winnings in advance... But it's an efficient way to save your diamonds.
Drawing in the Mobile Legends shop
The draw will make some people happy.

Alternative tricks that border on the legal

There are also some alternative tricks to get diamonds on Mobile Legends. However, they are borderline legal and we advise you to stay away from them. Scams are commonplace and we advise you not to take any undue risks.

  • Hacks: many sites sell you a dream by explaining that there are hacks to get diamonds. While some hacks may work, many of them are really nothing but hot air. These hacks can also damage your game and make you break the law.
  • Sales on third-party sites: some sites organise their own diamond exchange. They offer to buy (but also to sell) diamonds. The prices are generally interesting and can tempt the most reckless players. However, it is not at all clear how this black market works and it is notorious for its scamming. So be careful and choose your friends carefully.

Mobile Legends diamond prices in the shop

For players who want more and more and can't be satisfied with the diamonds obtained through our tips, you can always fall back on the prizes in the shop. We promise not to judge you. Everyone is free to use their money as they see fit and the most critical people will be mostly jealous. 😎

  • 5,000 diamonds (bonus of 1,000): €109.99 ;
  • 2,500 diamonds (bonus of 475): 54.99 euros;
  • 1,500 diamonds (bonus of 265): 32.99 euros;
  • 1,000 diamonds (bonus of 155): 21.99 euros;
  • 500 diamonds (bonus of 65): 10,99 euros ;
  • 250 diamonds (bonus of 25): 5.49 euros;
  • 50 diamonds (bonus of 5): 1.09 euros.

Obviously, the bonuses increase with the quantity and Mobile Legends has thought of making economies of scale. Other offers may also be made depending on promotions and events in the game.

Mobile Legends Diamond Refill

This brings us to the end of this guide to Mobile Legends diamonds. You now know all the ways to get them, with their advantages and risks. In any case, we advise you to apply as many legal tricks as possible, which won't cost you a single cent 😉

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