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Mobile Legends Rank System: How it works and Rewards

Mobile Legends rank

Mobile Legends is always a pleasure to play and the most important thing is to have fun. That's probably what an average player would tell you, but this MOBA is one of the most developed esports games on mobile. The game is extremely competitive and the Mobile Legends ranking system puts players into tiers based on their performance. This makes the game even more challenging and, above all, allows you toevaluate your progress. For the sake of glory, everyone wants to climb the ladder and get close to the best. But showing off to your friends is not the only source of motivation. Depending on your rank, you can also earn exclusive rewards , which is always fun.
The Mobile Legends rank system can be a bit tricky to learn. Between the different tiers, divisions and seasons, it can quickly get confusing. But with our guide to ranked games, we've summarised everything you need to know. You should then be able to set your own goals and conquer the ladder 😉

How to play ranked games on Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends rank: how to play ranked

Rank Mobile Legends mode can be accessed very quickly. But for those of you who have just read our MOBA beginner's guide, think twice before starting ranked games. There's no reason why you can't try your hand at competition, but for best results, we recommend that you practice a little. Players can start playing ranked games(rank match mobile legends ) from level 8 onwards (a dozen games should be enough), provided they have permanently unlocked at least 6 champions. You can buy them in the shop (with gold or diamonds) or obtain them through missions and achievements.

From the home screen, simply scroll through the game modes to select Ranked mode. This mode is similar in every way to the classic mode, except that you will get an evolving ranking according to your performance. So there's no question of giving up or trolling ! You can also invite your friends to play Ranked with them. Be careful though, groups of 4 are not allowed and players can have a maximum difference of 2 thirds. This avoids having matches that are too unbalanced.

What are the ranks in Mobile Legends?

In the Rank Mobile Legends system, there are several tiers and many divisions. While the ranking does not tell the whole story, it does allow for a rough assessment of the level of each player in order to rank them according to their skill.

  • Warrior : I, II and III
  • Elite : I, II, III and IV
  • Masters : I, II, III and IV
  • Grandmaster : I, II, III and IV
  • Epic : I, II, III and IV
  • Legend : I, II, III and IV
  • Mythic : I, II, III and IV

It's not really a tier, but we also often talk about the players ranked in Glorious Mythic. This category is made up of the cream of the crop and the best players on the server. To get into this category, you first have to climb Mythic and then earn as many points(mythic points) as possible to get ranked. Once you have earned 600 mythic points, you can claim to belong to the Glorious Mythic category. The players then appear in a real-time leaderboard that ranks the players.

How to win thirds and divisions?

To win divisions and tiers in the Mobile Legends ranking system, there is no secret, you have to win ranked games first. A good idea would therefore be to play Top Tier heroes. But before reaching the mythical rank and its specific system, the lower divisions work with a star system. On average, a win earns you one star and a loss loses you one. However, there are some subtleties to be aware of:

  • In case of a big individual performance during the game or for those who have a big elo (big winning streak), it is possible to win several stars at once. This is often the case in the lower tiers.
  • Good individual performance also earns protection points. If you collect enough, you can protect yourself from the effects of defeat.
  • Once a day, if the system detects that one of your teammates was AFK, your ranking will not lose any stars.
  • In the lowest tier, Tier Warrior, it is not possible to lose stars. It is therefore up to you to get out of this lower tier, which is reserved for great beginners. 😆
Mobile Legends rank: the rewards end of season
The awards follow the order of the Mobile Legends ranks.

The Rank Mobile Legends system works with seasons that last 3 months. After 3 months, a kind of soft-reset is obtained. The player loses his old ranking, but the system keeps it in memory to calculate his new rank when he plays his next games in the new season. It is rare to keep exactly the same ranking and the game demotes you a little bit. 😥

What are the rewards of the Rank Mobile Legends system?

The rewards can change from season to season, especially if there have been special events in the news. But on average, this is what you can expect at the end of the season:

  • Warrior: 100 tickets, 1,000 Battle Points and 1 fragment from skin premium.
  • Elite: 200 tickets, 2,000 Battle points and 3 fragments of skin premium.
  • Master: 300 tickets, 4,000 Battle Points and the exclusive skin of the season.
  • GrandMaster: 600 tickets, 7,000 Battle Points and the exclusive skin of the season.
  • Epic: 1,000 tickets, 12,000 Battle Points and the exclusive skin of the season.
  • Legend: 1,500 tickets, 20,000 Battle Points and the exclusive skin of the season.
  • Mythic: 1,500 tickets, 20,000 Battle Points, skin exclusive of the season and the mythic emote of the season.
Chaser Rafaela: skin special rank Mobile Legends

The rewards are unlocked by tier and not by division. A master I and a master IV will therefore earn the same rewards. For those who need motivation, we advise you to aim for the master tier at least, to unlock the exclusiveskin of the season. This cannot be obtained by any other means and it would be silly to miss out. For example, season 9 offered Locomotive Franco, season 12 Imprisoner Vexana and season 18 Chaser Rafaela.

You now know everything you need to know about the Rank Mobile Legends system. Now it's up to you to set your own goals and good luck in your future games. And never forget that to win, it's not enough to play the best mobile legends rank heroes, you also need skill ! 😎

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