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Tier List Mobile Legends | The best heroes of the game

Tier List Heros Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends, there is a lot to choose from when it comes to selecting your hero. There are over a hundred to choose from, and this wide choice makes the gameplay experience in this Mobile MOBA extremely rich. Although you only have a limited number of characters to choose from at the beginning, you can quickly unlock new ones in the shop by spending Battle Points or Diamonds. There is something for everyone and everyone will have their own preferences. You can be seduced by the hero's profile and skills, by his biography or even by his appearance. There is no good or bad reason... Although. Some heroes are more powerful than others. So we advise you to favour the characters listed in our tier list Mobile Legends. 💡
Heroes do not have the same role depending on their profile. To take their specificities into account, we have classified them according to their category. Namely Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Support and Shooter.

How to read this tier list Mobile Legends

Over 100 heroes on Mobile Legends

Before going into more detail in our tier list Mobile Legends, it should be noted that by its very nature, it has its own dimension of subjectivity. In addition, the power of heroes is likely to change over time, depending on regular updates . Heroes receive nerfs and buffs that adjust the balance of power. Each hero also has his or her kryptonite(s), nemeses capable of countering them. For this reason, our tier list will take into account the overall power of the characters to highlight the heroes who are able to shine in most situations. So, we hope to help you win your ranked games! We have also thought about beginners, keeping in mind that a good hero is an easy hero to play 😉

Tier list Mobile Legends tanks

The best Mobile Legends tank characters
  • Khufra, the Tyrant of the Desert: we start this ranking with some very heavy stuff. He's probably the best tank in the game and he shines with his versatility. He's very hard to kill with his passive regeneration and his Bouncing Ball skill, which increases his resistance. But his real strength is that he has a whole arsenal of crowd controls in his bag. Indeed, all of his skills allow him to slow down or stun his targets. As the tyrant also has great mobility, it's very difficult to ignore this PV bag.
  • Barats, the Dino Rider: This rider will not hesitate to charge into the crowd as his ultimate skill makes him immune to crowd control. He gains strength (and size) over the course of the game and will be able to absorb damage for his team without flinching. He also stands out for his ability to inflict good damage for a tank. This damage increases according to his maximum HP.
  • Baxia, Xuan Ao : This tank is helpful by nature. His skills allow him to use various shields to protect himself and his allies. With his great mobility and his rolling turtle form, he can run around and use his body as a barrier. He is not the easiest hero to play and his positioning requires some effort. But the gameplay is fun and very satisfying. It's a gamer's dream to combine the useful with the enjoyable.

Tier List Mobile Legends of assassins

The best assassin heroes on Mobile Legends
  • Benedetta, Shadow Ranger: Like all assassins, Benedetta deals heavy damage and can take out almost anyone in 1v1. But what makes her so strong is her Eye for an Eye skill. This gives her 0.8 seconds of invulnerability to damage, but also to checks! Even worse, if it counters a check, it will even petrify the nearest target. This is a dream weapon for an assassin who wants to avoid being punished for his aggressive play style.
  • Natalia, Golden Claws : For beginner players, Natalia is the perfect assassin to try out. She has several ways to make herself stealthy and invisible. This allows her to surprise her enemies in the back and inflict bonus damage. Her Smoke Bomb is also useful for dodging enemy auto-attacks in the melee.
  • Ling, Chickadee of the Skies: This assassin is devilishly powerful and often gets banned in tournaments. It can climb walls and become semi-furious to wait and kill its prey. It is difficult to anticipate its movements and your opponents will not expect to be attacked from improbable angles. Beware, however, this little virtuoso of the blade is difficult to handle. You have to know how to play with the scenery and wait for the right timing.

Tier List of shooters

The best hero shooters on Mobile Legends
  • Granger, Sinister Tenor : This hero requires an understanding of a few mechanics, but once mastered, will inflict enormous damage. Whether it's with his Rhapsody skill or his ultimate Death Sonata skill, he can easily obliterate a fragile target in seconds. The fact that he can quickly kill minions to push his lane or shoot through them to surprise an enemy hero makes him even more complete.
  • Bruno, the defender : a hero that would appeal to football fans. However, this shooter does not simulate and has a gameplay that is as easy as it is effective. His skills are very simple to hit and his ultimate skill will reduce the resistance of his enemies. He is noted for his AoE damage, which allows him to weaken and kill multiple enemies at once.
  • Brody, the Lone Star : This shooter has a bit of a unique gameplay. He is a bit slow to fire, but that's because his attacks are extremely powerful and he relies heavily on his skills. Since he deals damage online, he can also hit targets that try to hide behind a tank or minions. Brody can also petrify his target. This gives him the chance to charge up his next skill so he doesn't miss.

Tier List of the Magi

The best mage heroes on Mobile Legends
  • Alice, Queen of Blood : It's hard to find a more complete mage than Alice. In addition to having the classic magic damage and crowd control of her class, she is also very tough. She gains power during the game with her passive and can also recover a lot of life and mana. Thanks to her ultimate skill, she will be able to charge into the crowd and absorb the life of nearby heroes. A good way to do AoE damage without fearing death.
  • Esmeralda, Astrologer Frostmoon: A simple, but very effective mage. In addition to having skills that are very easy to place, her great mobility allows her to cast her spells without putting herself in danger. Her ability to steal enemy shields makes her even stronger against tanks and support characters.
  • Chang'e, Goddess of the Moon: This little mage is artillery on legs. She can bombard the battlefield with skills that will gradually kill your enemies. Chang'e will be able to rely on her long range to hold the midlane and keep her distance from heroes who attack in close combat.

Tier list of the fighters

The best fighting characters
  • Chou, Kung Fu Master: This hand-to-hand fighter is a shooter's nightmare. With his high mobility and immunity to crowd control, he can quickly find himself next to his target. By then, it's already too late. His punch and kick combo is devastating. There is nothing you can do to avoid his sequence.
  • Paquito, Arm of Justice: This fighter is a glue skin. It is very difficult to escape him with his slowing down blows. He gains power especially when he manages to stay in the fight for a long time. For this reason, everyone tries to run away from him... But it's not so easy to escape from him when he has a forward rush.
  • Phoveus, Scourge: A fighter who can take hits while inflicting magical damage. Phoveus is particularly powerful in countering mobile heroes, of which there is usually no shortage during games. Indeed, he can repeatedly teleport next to his targets to chain them with his magic skill combo.

Tier list Mobile Legends supporting characters

The best supporting heroes of Mobile Legends
  • Mathilda, Priestess Aquila : This aggressive medium is not easy to master, but she is capable of high-flying performances! On the battlefield, she's not afraid to get close to enemies to spin around and knock them off their feet. She also allows her team to run faster, which comes in handy when fleeing or hunting. Just for the gameplay alone, we recommend that you try this hero.
  • Rafaela, Angel of Light: This is a bit of a chameleon support that allows you to create an illusion even if it is not your main role. She is very easy to play and can help her allies while hurting and slowing down her enemies, without even having to aim! We'll add that she gives vision and that when she dies, she can take revenge by inflicting raw damage. Useful from beginning to end.
  • Diggie, Master of Time : we don't really know what went through the developers' minds when they created Diggie... But this medium has a lot of assets in its arsenal while remaining very easy to master. The first thing to note is its passive, which allows it to stay on the battlefield (in the form of an egg) and move around after it dies before resurrecting. It's a great time saver to restart the fight and support your team! Then its Auto Alarm Bomb is very frustrating, as it works like a guided missile. Adding a rollback ability and a shield zone that moves with the bird, we get an impressive result.
5 Mobile MOBA characters

We have reached the end of this tier list Mobile Legends. Don't feel bad if your main heroes haven't been listed. Take comfort in the fact that you are good without even playing the best characters in the game! For those who want to discover a new class, take into account our ranking! Put your money directly on the right horses. 😎

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