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Optimising your game experience in Rise of Kingdoms

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Here we are in a new tutorial that will be very useful for all Rise of Kingdoms players! We're going to take a look at how to optimise your playing experience and maximise your performance for fast progression.
First of all, it's important to know that this guide to optimising Rise of Kingdoms is for players who play on a computer.

So you'll need to check out our How to Play Rise of Kingdoms on PC guide before you can optimise your game. In it, we explain how to download and install the BlueStacks Android emulator to play as if you were on your smartphone (only much better!).

Alternatively, you can also download BlueStacks and RoK directly here: Download Rise of Kingdoms on PC

Let's get back to the purpose of this tutorial: to provide you with tips and tricks to set up your emulator and improve your performance in Rise of Kingdoms!

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1. Setting the keyboard controls

For optimal gameplay, it is best to set up and use the keys on your keyboard as best as possible. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of Rise of Kingdoms!

Space bar

The space bar will be very useful to quickly switch from the map area to your governor's area.

Up and down arrows

The up and down arrows on your keyboard allow you to zoom in and out. You will need to do this a lot in this game (especially when you are being attacked or attacking enemies yourself).
On mobile, this is not very practical. You have to pinch the screen with two fingers (as is often the case when zooming on a smartphone). Thanks to the up and down arrows, it is not only much more comfortable, but also faster, because if you hold the key, you zoom continuously.

QWERTY keyboard with useful keys for BlueStacks

ZQSD keys

Initially set up for QWERTY keyboards, these keys can be set to ZQSD for more comfort on AZERTY keyboards. These keys help you move around the map smoothly and find resources easily (agricultural resources or high level barbarian forts).
In important events of the game (Osiris, Mightest Governor or anywhere on the map where war breaks out), you must react quickly. It is important to know where your troops are, where your allies are, and especially where your opponents are! On mobile, it's really slow, while on PC, thanks to these keys, you'll be faster.

Another way to move around the map quickly is to set up Smart Edge Scrolling on BlueStacks. This allows you to scroll the map by placing your mouse cursor on the edges of your screen. To do this, you must play in full screen or with the mouse cursor limited to the game screen.

2. Multi-instance: Farming Mode

The multi-instance mode allows you to farm resources easily with dedicated accounts at farming, and then transfer your harvest to your main account. BlueStacks is really handy for this. The "farming mode" allows you to farm on several accounts at the same time.

multi-instance to optimise Rise of Kingdoms

3. Creating macros to optimise Rise of Kingdoms

On BlueStacks, you can create macros to kill barbarians. This means you can get free XP for your commander (and make him level up quickly).

❗️Attention, it is strictly forbidden by Rise of Kingdoms to use bots or scripts to farm resources. You risk getting banned if you use such macros.

creation of macros to optimise rise of Kingdoms

We hope this Rise of Kingdoms PC Optimization Guide has been helpful! Feel free to share your opinion in the comments and give us other tips if you know of any! Enjoy the game!

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