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Call of Duty Mobile characters

Getting a character in Call of Duty Mobile is not very complicated. Want to change your character quickly and understand the history of some of them? Are you wondering how to unlock a female character? Or which CoD Mobile characters are players' favourites? Then this article is for you!
From the famous John Price to the fearsome Charly, discover the iconic characters of this famous FPS!

How to get and change characters in Call of Duty Mobile?

In Call of Duty Mobile, you have the opportunity to obtain numerous characters. This is possible as you play and complete challenges. Daily quests, as well as seasonal events, can also help you get new characters.

Paying characters

You should also know that it is possible to obtain certain characters, even epic or legendary ones, in draws! These draws cost 30 CP, the game's virtual currency. The price increases if you want to do a second draw. To earn CPs, we recommend playing every day. Play all game modes and follow our tips on how to get better at CoD Mobile.

You can also participate in Call of Duty tournaments. Tournaments allow you to obtain rewards, including CP.

Call of Duty Mobile order draw
Call of Duty Mobile order draw

In addition, the easiest way to get new characters on CoD Mobile is to acquire the famous Battle Pass. Indeed, among the 50 rewards available each season, characters will be offered to you at each level passage.

Free characters

In order to get free characters, we also recommend that you participate in ranked games on a regular basis, which are available from level 10. Every time you level up in CoD Mobile's ranked games, you get a reward. This reward can be a character!

In addition, you can get the Price, Ghost and Gas characters for free in Warzone! Log in to Call of Duty Warzone with the account you used when you logged in to Call of Duty Mobile. Play the training and you will get the characters as a reward. 🤩

To change your character, simply go to the "equipment" tab and select the character you want to play in either GM or RPG mode. You can customise your character with items and skins.

How to unlock a female character in Call of Duty Mobile?

And yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can unlock female characters in CoD Mobile! Here are some of the badass female characters you can have in the game.

Well, you should know that very recently the free operator character Charly was released. This is the first female default character in CoD Mobile! This character can be obtained in the Season 2 update, she appears under the "Default Operator" tab.

Charly in Call of Duty Mobile
Charly in Call of Duty Mobile

You can also get the Outrider character by going to your settings and linking your CoD account to your Facebook account. Go to your rewards, and voila, you get the female Outrider character! This technique works if you already have the basic characters from the CoD Mobile story.

You can also get Scylla, an epic female character. Scylla can be obtained in the Natural Causes draw. Again, you will need CPs to enter the draw.

Who are the characters in the basic CoD Mobile story?

Although you can add skins to your Call of Duty Mobile characters, the core characters are well known in the franchise. In fact, all of them have a particular story. Here are the main characters of Call of Duty Mobile, well known in all CoD games.

Players' favourite characters

  • John Price: British Special Forces member and commander of Bravo Team and Expeditionary Force 141. He is taken prisoner by ultranationalist Russian forces. He is in a high security gulag on the eastern side of Russia. Wanted by Makarov who considers him to be primarily responsible for Zakhaev's death, Price is freed by his former teammate Soap and Task Force 141. Price made a name for himself by neutralizing arms dealer Zakhaev and his protégé, Makarov.
  • Simon Riley aka Ghost: Second-in-command of Task Force 141 and easily recognisable by his skull and crossbones bonnet, Ghost led the assault on the hideout of the ultranationalist Makarov to gather vital intelligence. Lieutenant Simon 'Ghost' Riley was a British Special Forces (SAS) operator as well as a Task Force 141 operator in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and in Ghost's diary.
Main characters of Call of Duty
Main characters of Call of Duty

The underdog characters!

  • David Mason: A member of the SEALs and son of CIA agent Alex Mason, Lieutenant Commander Mason rose quickly through the ranks to become a supervisor of the J-SOC force. After his mother's death, his father promised him no more service. However, he returned to service when Hudson came looking for him, in order to save his old friend, Frank Woods.
  • Alex Mason: A CIA agent and retired Marine captain, Alex Mason was also part of a specialised assassination squad with which he was sent on missions to Cuba, Vietnam and Laos. He is David's father.
  • Thomas Merrick: An operations commander in 2027, Merrick came to prominence during Operation Sand Viper, in which he and only six other agents defended a hospital Civilian against over five hundred enemies. Thomas A. Merrick is a member of the Ghosts team and one of the main protagonists of Call of Duty: Ghosts. Before the Odin strike, he was a Navy SEAL and then became a commander in the Ghosts team.

The Call of Duty series was created in 2003 by the Infinity Ward studio and published by Activision. The first three installments take place during the Second World War, while subsequent installments evolve into modern fictional conflicts. Call of Duty Mobile includes games such as Black Ops, Warzone and Modern Warfare.

So now you know how to get characters in Call of Duty Mobile! Tell us in comments which character is your favourite and why!

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