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Heliolisk Pokémon GO : Complete guide and tips

Guide Heliolisk Pokémon  GO

Iguolta is newly available in Pokémon GO with his in-game pre-evolution for the duration of the electrifying Power Plant event. It's a Pokémon with a unique type that deserves special attention. Bringing with it a new and exclusive attack, in this guide we'll look at how to make the most of this newcomer's special features and unique abilities in Pokémon GO.

Helioptile and Heliolisk in Pokémon GO

Found in the form of an adorable little iguana, Helioptile requires 50 candies to evolve into Heliolisk and transform from a powerful collared lizard. In addition to a particularly neat design appreciated by fans of the franchise, this Pokémon is currently the only one to have both the Electrik and Normal types.

This feature makes him unfortunately weak against the Fighting type in addition to the Ground type, but also gives him a double resistance against the Spectre type which can be very useful in the current meta. He is also resistant to the Flight, Steel and Electrik types that are very present in PvP these days.

Helioptile Pokémon  GO


Heliolisk Pokémon  GO


The new exclusive attack

In addition to his unique type, Helioptile 's main strength lies in a singular movepool. Furthermore, his arrival in the game was accompanied by the introduction of the charged attack Parabolic Charge which he is one of the only ones who can use with Dedenne and his pre-evolution Helioptile.

The Charged Attack: Parabolic Charge

At first glance, the charged attack Parabolic Charge may seem like a very good Electrik attack and give a very big advantage to Heliolisk. Unfortunately, once you look at its stats, you discover that it is justa weaker version of the Thunderboltattack. With Heliolisk already having access to the latter, Parabolic Charge is currently an unnecessary attack in Pokémon GO. However, a change from Niantic in the coming months could make the attack more powerful: for example, by adding an alteration to the opponent's stats or reducing their charge speed.

Guide to Heliolisk Pokémon GO in PvP battles

In terms of combat stats, Heliolisk is about average, with an offensive bent as is often the case with Electrik types. In order to take full advantage ofHeliolisk in PvP, you will need a certain amount of skill. Indeed, less experienced players may prefer Raichu d'Alola which is easier to play but also more predictable.

Here is the moveset you recommend: even if Coud'Boue can be an interesting alternative for the fast attack, we prefer Volt Switch to be able to benefit from the STAB. Bulldoze is an excellent choice for a greater coverage against counters.

Heliolisk Pokémon  GO


Type Electrik
Type Normal

Volt Switch

Type Electrik
Immediate attack


Type Electrik
Charged Attack 1


Type Soil
Charged Attack 2

Heliolisk in the Super League

It is in this cup that you can make your Helioliskshine in Pokémon GO. It surpasses the terrible Stunfisk, one of the most present and efficient Pokémon in the meta for more than a year but which is at the same time very (too?) expected by the prepared opponents. The trick is to reveal your secret weapon at the last moment to be able to take advantage of the surprise and give the coup de grace.

Recommended team:

Swampert Pokémon  GO


Victreebel Pokémon  GO


Heliolisk Pokémon  GO


Other Pokémon can accompany Heliolisk in the Super League:

  • Wigglytuff
  • Milotic
  • Whiscash
  • Venusaur
  • Skarmory

Heliolisk in the Hyper league

In this format, the strategy is completely different. Usually, teams are composed of one Pokémon of type Electrik and you will have the opportunity to stand up to them thanks to the double type of Heliolisk which makes him the winner against all other Pokémon of this type.

Recommended team:

Empoleon Pokémon  GO


Charizard Pokémon  GO


Heliolisk Pokémon  GO


Other Pokémon can accompany Heliolisk in the Hyper league:

  • Umbreon
  • Togekiss
  • Meganium
  • Snorlax
  • Machamp

Heliolisk in the Master league

We don't recommend playing Heliolisk in the Master league on Pokémon GO due to its limited stats. If you still want to play him for his appearance or for the surprise, you will have to accompany him with Pokémon Legendary and manage your switch perfectly.

Recommended team:

Metagross Pokémon  GO


Rhyperior Pokémon  GO


Heliolisk Pokémon  GO


Other Pokémon can accompany Heliolisk in the Master league:

  • Giratina
  • Tyranitar
  • Dragonite
  • Mewtwo
  • Dialga

Heliolisk in raids

If you have a Heliolisk maxed out, you can use it for all Flight and Water raids. It should be able to handle it very well. We advise you to not make it higher than 2500PC to be able to use it in PvP.

Heliolisk Pokémon  in combat

Heliolisk in Pokémon GO is very interesting in many ways, from its design to its unique dual type and diverse moveset. He is not one of the strongest in the game but will always allow you to turn things around with powerful skills that never disappoint.

The secret will be to surround it well and learn how to play it. For example, you can find the guide Venusaur in Pokémon GO which will make an excellent partner. Note also that it is already available in version shiny, good luck!

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