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Mega Aerodactyl Guide: How and why should it be captured?

Mega Guide Aerodactyl Pokémon  GO

Mega Aerodactyl is finally available since the beginning of January in the Mega-Raids Pokémon GO! A true prince of rock to have in your team, here is our guide to capture him and optimize his power.

Introduced in 2020, Mega-evolution allows certain Pokémon totemporarily evolve into a very powerful ultimate form. This is now the case for Aerodactyl which is one of the most fearsome monsters to be able to Mega-evolve.

How to make Mega Evolve Aerodactyl ?

From Friday 7 January 2022 at 10:00am to Thursday 13 January 2022 at 8:00pm (local time), the Mountains of Power event in the Heritage season will allow you totake on Mega Aerodactyl for the first time in Pokémon GO raids.

In addition to being able to capture Aerodactyl with a higher probability of seeing it in its form shiny, the Mega-Raids allow you to recover the Mega-Energy needed to Mega-Evolve the Pokémon in question. You will need a total of 200 for a Mega Aerodactyl, which corresponds to about 5-7 Mega-Raids depending on your performance during them.

You can also collect Mega Energy by designating Aerodactyl as your adventure buddy.

MegaAerodactyl Pokémon  GO

Mega Aerodactyl

Rock type
Type Flight
MegaAerodactyl Shiny  Pokémon  GO

Mega Aerodactyl (Shiny)

Rock type
Type Flight

PC: 1515 - 1590 (Level 20)
PC Boost weather (Wind / Overcast): 1894 - 1988 (Level 25)

Be careful, however, because, as with the cartridge versions, this form of evolution only lasts 8 hours. Also, it is impossible to have several Pokémon Megaevolved at the same time. It is therefore important to think carefully about the best time to activate the transformation.

Beating the Mega-Raid and Mega Aerodactyl

The Pokémon mega-raids are generally very hard to defeat, but with a good strategy and several combat partners you can easily overcome them.

Despite its great power, MegaAerodactyl has a Rock and Flight type which implies many weaknesses that you will have to exploit. You should therefore use Pokémon of the following types: Rock, Steel, Ice, Electrik and Water.

Our first choice is Metagross which is a safe bet and a good investment for the future. However, you can also choose a Pokémon Mega evolved as MegaBlastoise acting as a real weapon of destruction.

Suggested counters :

  • Metagross : Bullet Punch / Meteor Mash
  • Mamoswine : Powder Snow / Avalanche
  • Tyranitar : Smack Down / Lame de Roc
  • Rhyperior : Smack Down / Lame de Roc
  • Magnezone : Spark / Wild Charge
  • Gyarados : Waterfall / Hydro Pump
  • Blastoise : Water Gun / Hydro Cannon
  • Ampharos : Volt Switch / Zap Cannon
  • Kyogre : Waterfall / Surf
  • Raikou : Thunder Shock / Wild Charge
  • Zekrom : Charge Beam / Wild Charge

Also note that if you have an obscure or mega-evolved version of Pokémon from this list, using it will be even more effective.

MegaAerodactyl in combat in Pokémon GO

Although the Pokémon Mega Evolved cannot currently be used to defend an arena or in the GO Battle League, they can be very useful in-game to fight Giovanni from Team GO Rocket, participate in raids or compete against your strongest friends.

Mega Aerodactyl has an impressive movepool with many choices and some of the most powerful attacks on Pokémon GO.

Immediate AttacksCharged Attacks
Rock ThrowAncient Power
BiteHyper Beam
Steel WingRock Slide
Earth Power

Mega Aerodactyl in PVP

Mega Aerodactyl is the best Rock Pokémon in the game Pokémon GO, at least until MegaTyranitar arrives. Like any good Pokémon Mega-evolved, his place is in the Master league.

Its use can be varied. However, we advise you to use it as a leader in order to surprise your opponent. Its combo of ultra-powerful attacks will defeat many opponents. However, you will need to protect yourself specifically from water attacks and from the fastest Pokémon such as Raikou or Metagross.

MegaAerodactyl Pokémon  GO

Mega Aerodactyl

Rock type
Type Flight

Rock Throw

Rock type
Immediate attack

Rock Slide

Rock type
Charged Attack 1


Type Darkness
Charged Attack 2

Mega Aerodactyl in EVP

In addition to the bonus that applies to all players present when a Pokémon Mega-evolved joins a raid, MegaAerodactyl is a great asset for many occasions. Fast and effective against the Fire, Ice, Bug , and Flight types that are so common in Pokémon legends, MegaAerodactyl is one of the best investments in the Mega-evolution system.

Finally, a little piece of advice: if you choose to Mega-evolve your Aerodactyl for a Raid, remember to take the opportunity to ridicule the minions Team GO Rocket who will be no match for your destructive Pokémon .

Aerodactyl chromatic capture Pokémon GO
The surprise when writing the article

As you can see, Mega Aerodactyl in Pokémon GO is a very powerful Pokémon that you should definitely get. On top of that, the pink version shiny will always make an impression on your friends if you are lucky enough to get it. We wish you good luck!

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