Voice chat Among Us proximity: how to play with this mode?

voice chat Among Us proximity

Some feared that Wave Among Us would quickly fade after its runaway success in 2020. But this werewolf-like multiplayer game continues to renew its offering. A new game mode has been introduced with the Among Us voice chat. This allows you to talk to other players at any time on lobby, as long as you are close to them. This new feature greatly enhances the gameplay experience, which can quickly become repetitive over time. While some people use voice chat to talk and joke with their friends, it also adds a new strategic dimension. Crewmates can use it to take and share information. Impostors can give false information and totally brain the innocent.

It should be noted that the Among Us voice chat was not developed by Innersloth. The studio is quite busy with its 4th map, Airship. Several individuals have developed their own versions. For our part, we have tested and used theOttomated one. It works and has several advantages. It is very easy to install and above all, you don't have to spend a single cent. Totally free, its only drawback is that it only works on PC. Only players who have bought the game on Steam or those who use our tip to play Among Us for free can access it. Sorry for mobile players, you'll have to wait a little longer.

Among Us statistics
After more than 500 games, the proximity voice chat is a welcome addition 😉 !

How to install the Among Us proximity voice chat

The game already has a chat, but it only allows you to write in it. If you look hard enough, you can only find two interests.

  • In NVC (no voice chat)games, which are usually found on community Discord servers. However, you can only write during emergency meetings
  • By the dead to pass the time once the impostor has killed them

The voice chat Among Us is much more interesting. But to benefit from it, you have to use a third-party application, as it is not (yet) integrated into the game. We recommend using the free CrewLink software. But players can also choose alternative solutions such as Mumble.

Time required: 5 minutes.

Steps to set up proximity voice chat (Crewlink) for Among Us :

  1. Visit Crewlink's GitHub to download the application

    Link to the page here

  2. Download CrewLink-Setup-1.2.0.exe (109 MB)

    It can be found in the from asset at the bottom of the page
    assets crewlink

  3. Run the file once it is downloaded

    Ignore the Windows error message if any

  4. Check that your Among Us game is up to date

    The easiest way to do this is to enable automatic updatesMAJ among us

How to play with the Among Us voice chat?

Now that the Among Us proximity voice chat is installed, you have already done most of the work. All you have to do is start a game following a fairly precise process. A reminder that seems obvious: all players must have the same version installed to be able to benefit from the feature together. So be prepared to put on the customer service advisor suit for your less resourceful friends.

Start the game

Start the game from the CrewLink application. Click on the "Open Game" tab. This should then appear highlighted in green and launch the game if you have internet access.

voice chat Among Us CrewLink
The CrewLink interface looks like this.

After opening the game, it is up to you to create a lobby or join one by copying the game code. In both cases, your little astronaut will then appear in the lobby of CrewLink. You should have the same colour and clothes. Checkpoint: Only players who appear in lobby CrewLink can use the Among Us voice chat. Those who are not in lobby have a problem and need to fix it (game not up to date, bad version...). Currently, players have access to CrewLinkversion 1.2.0.

voice chat Among Us lobby
The game code also appears.

Final adjustments

Before starting the game, some last little adjustments can also be useful. They can all be found by clicking on the small gear at the top left of the CrewLink interface.

Adjusting the sensitivity of the chat is particularly important. Ideally, you should only be able to hear other players if you are in the same room. Depending on your preferences, you can also set the Among Us voice chat to push-to-talk mode.

voice chat Among Us settings
Voice detection or push-to-talk, the choice is yours.

That's the end of this guide to playing Among Us with proximity voice chat. If this may seem a bit tedious, the operation is actually very quick and instinctive. By following the different steps step by step, you should not encounter any problems. All you have to do is dive into your next games, which are sure to be more exciting than ever. We wish you good luck, even if everyone knows that only talent counts 😉

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This cat is very good

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Hi, thanks for the article! However, CrewLink does not run my game (which I have on Blue Stack). Any ideas?

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On BlueStacks, you have a feature that is built right into the emulator 🙂
Group call Among Us BlueStacks

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It's a good game

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