What are the best Dislyte 3 stars Espers?

What are the best Dislyte 3 stars Espers?

A espers tier list allows to get an idea of the power of a unit. Unfortunately, it often highlights espers that are difficult to recruit at the beginning of the game. We propose you this best Dislyte 3 star espers tier list. In this way you can find out which of the easily obtainable characters are the most interesting to raise.

The best Dislyte 3 star Espers

Admittedly, Dislyte 3-star espers have lower stats than their higher rarity counterparts, but for the most part they are still very easy to obtain. They also require fewer materials to raise. Finally, they can easily accumulate stats bonuses thanks to Resonance. They are therefore units capable of gaining power quickly.

Ye Suhua, the most coveted Dislyte 3-star support esper

Ye Suhua, the Dislyte 3 stars esper top tier

At the top of this best Dislyte 3 star espers tier list, we find Ye Suhua. Accessible only via the Ripple Dimension, this esper has a lot to offer her team including attack and defense buffs. In single-target, she allows you to regain some life thanks to recovery, a debuff for attack decrease, and especially the invincibility buff. Note that even if she is able to heal, it will not be enough to keep your group alive. Therefore, although she is an excellent support esper, Ye Suhua cannot replace a healer.

Tang Yun, the best wind fighter

Tang Yun, a top tier wind fighter Dislyte

Tang Yun is simply one of the best fighting heroes belonging to the wind element. Indeed, most of this type characters are too niche or not impactful enough in combat. Therefore, with his multiple monocible attacks that can stun or pierce the defense, Tang Yun remains a very popular 3* esper. The icing on the cake is that it can also be used in late game provided that you have the right relics.

Melanie, a top tier Controller and group captain

Melanie, the best 3-star group captain Dislyte

Melanie is undoubtedly the Dislyte best 3 star esper to put as a team captain thanks to her 15% speed bonus. She is obtained by collecting 30 ripple fragments. These are collected in groups of 5 in a store that is unlocked when you join a club. Melanie is a Controller Esper who will influence the AP, i.e. the action points of her opponents. She delays the turn of her opponents and petrifies them if their AP are too low. Even if she will appreciate the presence of another hero able to impact the action points of the enemies, Melanie is an excellent 3* esper to recruit in early game.

Drew, the fire assassin who lowers an enemy's defense

Drew, an Dislyte esper that we get at the beginning

Drew is the first 3-star esper we get in the first few minutes of play at Dislyte. He is a fragile fighter, but capable of doing good damage to the opposing team. Moreover, he can apply a defense debuff to an enemy for two turns. In early game, this debuff is a real blessing since it increases the damage that your whole group will inflict. So he's an interesting hero to raise just to take advantage of this debuff. Even if you got Li Ling when you summoned your legendary, don't hesitate to keep Drew until you find another esper that can inflict this defense debuff.

The Dislyte 3 star Espers in early game

In this Dislyte 3 stars Espers tier list, we offer you some competitors in a special category. Indeed, even if they are not "top tier" in the game, they can help you out while you get a better hero in an identical role. Although these characters are very good in early game, they are not meant to stay in your team for too long.

Chang Pu, the 3-star area carer

Chang Pu is the only 3-star group caregiver Dislyte

The reason Chang Pu is included in this Dislyte 3 stars Espers is because she is currently the only rare unit that can adequately heal multiple espers at once. Helena could have competed with her in this area, but she restores life less effectively and frequently than Chang Pu. On the other hand, even if the latter confers an immunity buff, it is unable to remove debuffs, which limits its role. You'll have to replace Chang Pu with a better healer like Heng Yue and Asenath for epic heroes, or Clara and Sally for legendary espers.

Unky Chai, the offensive buffs giver

Unky Chai gives good offensive buffs to your team

In the early days, your characters will hardly have good relics to equip. Under these conditions, they may not have enough damage to deal with some opponents. With its attack and critical rate buffs conferred to allies, Unky Chai increases your offensive power appropriately. In addition, it reduces the cooldown time of a hero's skills. However, while it is possible to decide which esper will benefit from this ability, the target remains random regarding the other buffs. So in order to remove this random factor, Unki Chai should be quickly replaced by Ye Suhua or another support esper with a higher rarity.

Jeanne, the Dislyte 3 star PvP unit

Jeanne, esper top tiers 3 stars Dislyte

Even if you are in the early game, you will face other players in the Point War: the PvP of Dislyte. Jeanne has its place in this Espers tier list, because with her, you will surprise your opponent and eventually get some PvP victories. Indeed, this 3* esper can stun, no matter what skill she uses. As a bonus, she has the ability to remove all buffs from a target. This way, even if your rivals try to prevent Jeanne from acting with an immunity buff, your esper will come in and remove that protection and stun them as a bonus.

Here you are at the end of this best Dislyte 3 star esper tier list. Did you have a crush on a particular 3* esper? Which one has stayed with you the longest? Feel free to share your experience with your favorite rare characters in the comments. Finally, don't forget that for longer sessions, you can play Dislyte from your computer.

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