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How to succeed in Raid of Worlds in Summoners War?

guide Raid of Worlds summoners war

The Raid of Worlds of Summoners War is the ultimate challenge for a mid-game player of the Rift of Worlds. It is divided into five levels, with the difficulty increasing with each level.

This is a completely separate scenario in Summoners War that we will explore. The players usually stuff R4 and R5.

What is the Raid of Worlds of Summoners War?

The Raid of Worlds is a unique scenario available in Summoners War in which players will have to face a huge three-headed beast. This beast is called "Chaos Beast Khi'zar Kha'jul". In order to fight and defeat it, it is essential to team up with two other players.

The Raid of Worlds Summoners War

As mentioned above, this beast is divided into five levels, but the most difficult will be R4 and R5. To be able to pass these levels, you will need good monsters and good runes that you will have to farm in the GB10, DB10, NB10 of the Cairos Dungeon.

The different skills of the Beast of the Raid of Worlds

The Chaos Beast in Raid of Worlds has several skills which we will list.

VisualsNames of competencesDescription of skills
breath of judgementBreath of JudgementAttacks all enemies and reduces their attack power and attack speed for 2 turns.
spray Spraying the ruinsAim at the front line and launch an attack ignoring all reinforcement effects. The damage is proportional to the enemy's defence.
angry roar Roar of angerWhen an enemy wins a turn, it increases their rage. Removes all reinforcement effects and attacks, regaining HP according to the number of reinforcement effects removed. This attack is triggered when rage accumulates 16 times.
total disaster Total disasterThis attack activates when the boss loses 50% of his HP. When this skill activates, the boss' stats are greatly increased.
carnage CarnageAs soon as an entire team is eliminated, the beast's attack speed increases and it attacks the closest enemies.
revenge of the destroyer Destroyer's Revenge (passive)The damage of the next attack increases according to the number of turns of the enemy.
ruler of chaosSovereign of Chaos (passive)The three heads of the boss share the attack gauge at the beginning of the fight. Afterwards, the VPs will be divided between the three heads.

The Chaos Beast has skills that can do great harm to the team involved. This is why it is important to have a good team to go on the assault.

Example of R4 and R5 teams for the Raid of Worlds

Here is an example of a team to succeed the Chaos Beast in Raid of Worlds of Summoners War. This team for levels R4 and R5 is viable and with most farmable monsters.

Visuals Name of the monstersDescription of the available runs
Chasun Summoners WarChasunIt rune in Violent/Energy in VIT/PV%/PV%.
colleen Summoners War ColleenIt rune in Violent/Vengeance in VIT/PV%/PV% or VIT/PV%/DEF%.
Hwa Summoners War HwaIt is rune in Blade/Fast in VIT/DCC%/ATK%.
kro Summoners War Kro (2A)He rune in Rage/Blade in ATK%/DCC%/ATK%. To get more chances, he has to be awakened a second time.
xiong fei Summoners WarXiong FeiHe places himself in the front line and rune Violent/Guardian in PV%/DEF%/PV% or in VIT/PV%/PV%.
Dias Summoners WarDiasIt is very useful and it is better to put it in the first line. It is best rune in Vengeance/Guardian/Energy in PV%/DEF%/PV%.

The highlighted monsters will provide a good foundation for Raid 4 and Raid 5. It is necessary to have stats on committed monsters that are important for success at Raid of Worlds. Note that you can also modify this team with other monsters.

The statistics needed for the R5 of the Raid of Worlds

Since R5 is the hardest level of the Raid, you must make sure you have the minimum stats on your monsters to defeat it.

MonstersLife pointsDefence
Two monsters on the front line30.000 PV1800 defence
Three monsters on the front line28.000 PV1600 defence
Monsters on the back line18,000 PV900 defence

Of course, it is necessary for the monsters engaged on the second line to have a big attack to inflict the most damage possible.

The rewards of the Raid of Worlds of Summoners War

When the Chaos Beast is defeated, it is possible to obtain the following rewards :

  • Enchantment Gems ;
  • Grinding wheel ;
  • Arcenmon ;
  • scroll Mystic;
  • Invocation stones ;
  • Stones of metamorphosis ;
  • Mana.

Enchantment gems and grindstones apply to the following runes.

The rewards : type of runes 1
The rewards : type of runes 2
The rewards : type of runes 3

I hope that this guide will help you to succeed in the R5 of Raid of Worlds Summoners War! Feel free to give your teams in comments 🙂

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