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The RTA of Summoners War is above the arena in terms of strategy and difficulty. This game mode requires a thorough knowledge of the game and the monsters. We will explain in detail how this PvP mode works so that you can be better prepared to defeat your opponents!

What is the RTA of Summoners War?

The RTA, also known as the Arena World, is a competitive PvP mode available in the same tab as the Arena in Summoners War. You will face other players as in the arena but with a little subtlety... real time !

Summoners War World Arena

The rules are not different from the basic arena in most respects. The goal is to defeat your opponent but you will have some restrictions like not being able to choose the same monster twice.

Please note that the RTA is only available from level 35!

The different tabs available in the RTA interface

As with the arena, the RTA has different tabs on the homepage and in Info, each with its own functionality.

View This tab allows you to view the different fights made by other players in the RTA.
ReplayThis allows you to see or review your own fights and share them with the chat or your guild.
RankingNo wonder, this one allows you to see the competitive ranking in real time.
RewardAs the name suggests, it allows you to see the available rewards .
PantheonIt allows you to see the champions of each season.
MonstersThis tab allows you to see your monsters, to run them or otherwise.
features rta summoners war
All the tabs listed in the table can be found here and in Info

Course of a fight in RTA mode

Before anything else, you will have to complete 10 placement fights in order to obtain a first provisional ranking which will change according to your fights in the RTA. When you start a fight, there will be several steps to complete before you destroy your opponent.

RTA combat readiness
Preparation phase of a fight

For example, you will have to select your monsters at the same time as the opponent, which allows you to apply a real-time strategy. In total, you will have to select five monsters and then banish one enemy monster and choose your leader monster.

Don't worry, you'll be playing against players of the same ranking as you!

To enjoy the RTA, we advise you to play Summoners War on PC for more PvP fun!

There are different fighting modes available in the RTA:

IconGame modeDescription
Normal battle RTANormal combatThis mode does not change any of the rules of the RTA.
Four Star Battle RTA Monster battle 4* or lessHere you will have to use monsters of up to 4 stars.
Battle 20 stars RTA 20* battle The sum of the stars of your monsters will be limited to 20.
SWC RTASWC The SWC tournament takes place every year!

The rewards of the RTA mode in Summoners War

When you play in the RTA, you will rise in rank and get various rewards for your efforts.

The rewards ranking

Legend sw arenaLegendWinner of the tournamentStatue - Arena Legend X1

Metamorphoses X4

Visual effects for your monsters X3

A decorative character X1

Emoticons X6
Guardian III sw arenaGuardian III Tournament participantMetamorphoses X4

Visual effects for your monsters X3

A decorative character X1

Emoticons X6
Guardian III sw arenaGuardian III1900 points 300Metamorphoses X3

Visual effects for your monsters X3

A decorative character X1

Emoticons X6
Guardian II sw arenaGuardian II18001000Metamorphoses X2

Visual effects for your monsters X3

A decorative character X1

Emoticons X6
Keeper I sw arenaGuardian I1700 2500Metamorphoses X1

Visual effects for your monsters X3

A decorative character X1

Emoticons X6
Conqueror III sw arenaConqueror III15003 % Visual effects for your monsters X3

A decorative character X1

Emoticons X6
Conqueror II sw arenaConqueror II1400 6 % Visual effects for your monsters X2

A decorative character X1

Emoticons X6
Conqueror I sw arenaConqueror I130010 %Visual effects for your monsters X1

A decorative character X1

Emoticons X6
Fighter III sw arenaCombatant III1200A decorative character X1

Emoticons X6
Fighter II sw arenaCombatant II1150A decorative character X1

Emoticons X6
Fighter I sw arenaCombatant I1100A decorative character X1

Emoticons X6
Challenger III sw arenaChallenger III1050Metamorphosis stones X5
Emoticons X6
Challenger II sw arenaChallenger II1000Metamorphosis stones X3
Emoticons X6
challenger I arena swChallenger I950X6 emoticons
beginner arena swBeginner900X6 emoticons

The rewards metamorphoses vary according to the season. You can buy in the RTA shop mainly skins and visual effects with glory points.

Glory points in the ATR

As mentioned before, RTA differs from the classic arena in that it has different rules. For example, the glory points are quite capricious, since if you don't play for a certain period of time, you lose some.

  • after 7 days, five points will be removed each day;
  • after 10 days, ten points will be removed each day.

This effect only applies to players with more than 1,000 points.

The Special League in Summoners War

The Special League is another game mode in the RTA, which contains some modifications:

  • all players start at 1,000 points, i.e. at Challenger II rank and there are no placement fights
  • if you don't play for three days, 20 victory points will be deducted every day.

In this game mode, we can find the same variants mentioned above as well as various rewards to encourage the players.

The rewards of the Summoners War Special League

Various rewards can be obtained in this game mode.

Legend sw arenaLegend180012,000 glory tokens
Guardian III sw arenaGuardian III1600 points 1001,600 tokens of glory
Guardian II sw arenaGuardian II150010001,350 glory tokens

Keeper I sw arenaGuardian I1400 1 %1,100 glory tokens
Conqueror III sw arenaConqueror III1350850 glory tokens
Conqueror II sw arenaConqueror II1300 700 tokens of glory
Conqueror I sw arenaConqueror I1250550 glory tokens
Fighter III sw arenaCombatant III1200400 tokens of glory
Fighter II sw arenaCombatant II1150300 glory tokens
Fighter I sw arenaCombatant I1100200 glory tokens
Challenger III sw arenaChallenger III1050100 glory tokens
Challenger II sw arenaChallenger II100075 glory tokens
challenger I arena swChallenger I95050 glory tokens
beginner arena swBeginner90025 glory tokens

Of course, the glory points obtained at the end of the season allow you to buy items in the league shop!

RTA Medal of Glory Medals of glory X50100 glory tokens
Metamorphosis stones RTA Metamorphosis Stones X5 120 tokens of glory
Sky Pegasus RTAPegasus of the dazzling sky (animal)750 glory tokens
Flying Dragon RTABlue flying dragon (animal) 750 glory tokens
Fox RTAEnchanted Scarlet Fox750 glory tokens
Conqueror's Hargue RTAIncandescent rage of the conqueror 1,250 glory tokens
Rotating fury RTASwirling fury of the conqueror 1,250 glory tokens
Rune Magic RTAMagic of the runes of the ardent conqueror 1,250 glory tokens
ifrit protector skin RTAProtector of ifrit magic (skin)3,000 glory tokens
RTA shredderDestroyer released homunculus attack (skin)3,000 glory tokens
Valkyrie RTAValkyrie Ultimate Weapon3,000 glory tokens

I hope this guide on Summoners War RTA mode, has helped you discover this more competitive mode. Don't hesitate to share your best fights or your compositions in comments 🙂

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