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How to get Skins in Call of Duty Mobile?

Get skins in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty mobile is a FPS on iOS and Android with a Multiplayer mode and a Battle Royale mode. All fans of Battle Royale formats on mobile, or any other platform, know that skins are important! Not to be the best, but becausea skin gives a story to his character, a style! So we all want to have skins that really kicks ass!
skins on CoD mobile are mostly about iconic characters from the Call of franchise. I'm guessing you're thinking of Ghost in particular! In this article, we explain how to get or unlock some interestingskins on Call of Duty mobile! 😉

NB: We will not see all skins of CoD mobile, only the most requested ones at the moment! 💪

How to get free skins in Call of Duty mobile?

Getting a freeskin on Call of Duty mobile can be done in several ways, quite simple!

Tip 1

You can unlock free skins by getting rewards when you participate in an event or when you watch streams of competitions! Tip: To access the CoD mobile stream, simply press the button at the top of the screen on the homepage.

It will take you several hours of stream to get all the free rewards . With this trick, you have access to skins characters, BR parachutes and skins weapons and various items (lucky charms, business cards, etc.) However, you have to make sure that your time is recorded on the streaming interface of the CoD mobile app. You will get your rewards from skins in your app mailbox.

Call of Duty : the visual of Warzone
Call of Duty : the visual of Warzone

Tip 2

Then, to get more free skins on Call of Duty mobile, there is another method: playing events on other Call of Duty games on console or PC. Indeed, you can earn skins on CoD mobile by being logged into the same Call of Duty account.

For example, it was possible to get a free skin from Adler by participating in the Cold War beta. It is also possible to earn skins CoD mobile via the Warzone mode, simply by completing the tutorial. There you can earn Warzone tokens to unlock skins, including Ghost and Price.

Tip 3

Last tip: win challenges and complete quests! And yes, because the more you play, the more you will be rewarded. Call of Duty mobile is well known to be a game based on "Train hard" to succeed. Yes, Call of Duty is a real esport!

For example, you can get the skin of Scylla Sleigher, one of the best skins epic female CoD mobiles, in my opinion, in the fireside draw.

Skin COD mobile Scylla Sleigher
Skin CoD mobile Scylla Sleigher

Why choose the Combat Pass for stylish skins ?

The Call of Duty mobile Battle Pass allows you to get lots of nice skins. However, as you know, the Battle Pass is not free. The pass costs around €10 as you need 800 CP to get it. Every season, the Battle Pass allows you to get a multitude of skins (rare, epic and even legendary), rewards, and even emotes.

The skins Combat Pass is not free, but you will have many advantages:

  • More skins, more emotes, more skins weapons. You have access to limited skins , new skins and skins that reflect the current season.
  • Moreevents to participate in, which, by extension, means more rewards, and therefore even more skins and objects!
  • The Combat Pass is, of course, not free, but it is not a subscription: you are free not to buy the next season's pass. It's €10 once, not every month. It might be worth the cost! 😊
Skins Call of Duty mobile on Combat Pass
Skins Call of Duty mobile on Combat Pass

If you haven't read it yet, consider checking out our article 6 tips on CoD Mobile to get better! 😎

How to unlock the legendary skin Dark Side of Nikto on Call of Duty mobile?

Nikto is a character found in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as the "allegiance operator". This character is both cool and very scary to the enemy, especially in his skin Dark Side. This character has been tortured and disfigured, he is a straight and calculating soldier. Hence his badass side! The skin Dark Side is the first legendary operator of the game. It allows you to ride a motorbike and follow the eliminations on a holographic watch.

To obtain the legendary skin Dark Side of Nikto, you have to be patient and above all win a maximum of CP to be able to obtain it via the Dark Side Lucky Draw. This draw requires you to be lucky to get this skin. Your first draw is free, but to draw again, you have to spend 40 CP.

How do I get the skin epic Golden Greenhouse weapon from Call of Duty mobile?

To get the new skin free CoD mobile gold epic, you need to participate in an event. This skin for KN 44 is available in the "Seasonal" tab of the events tab in "Steamroller Rifle". To get it for free, you must complete several missions:

  • Eliminate 30 enemies with any assault rifle with recommended equipment.
  • Kill 20 enemies with an assault rifle.
  • Kill 30 enemies with any assault rifle and 4 accessories.
  • Eliminate 30 enemies with any assault rifle equipped with optics and 4 accessories.
Call of Duty mobile skin
Call of Duty mobile skin Season 2 Golden Greenhouse

Now you know how to get or unlock some skins in Call of Duty mobile! I'll maybe do a part 2 to show you more skins on CoD mobile. In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment under this article and give your personal tips and tricks to other players! Peace! 😎

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