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Skullgirls Double guide: Skills and Variants

Skullgirls Double guide: Skills and Variants

Have you just unlocked Skullgirls Double and want to learn more about this character? In this guide, we explain who Double is, what her main skills are, and also our best Skullgirls Double variants tier list. With our tips and tricks, you'll know everything about this fighter.

Who is Skullgirls Double?

Skullgirls Double is a very mysterious character. Unlike the majority of the game's protagonists, we don't know her motivations and goals. This seemingly harmless nun is able to take on the nightmarish form of any person.

Double spent most of his time in the Grand Cathedral of the Divine Trinity listening to the confessions of sinners.

The character main abilities

Skullgirls Double character's ability, Transmutation, allows her to switch to a random element, other than Neutral, after blocking an attack. When at elemental advantage, her damage increases by 10%. If she is at elemental disadvantage, the opponent's damage is reduced by 10%.

Skullgirls Double Transmutation

Her Marquee ability, Entropy, inflicts a random debuff on the opponent for 15 seconds after a critical hit, if Double is on elemental advantage. Every 10 seconds, she also gains a random buff for 10 seconds.

Double Jeopardy, his prestige ability, charges 13% with each Transmutation. Upon activation, the effects of the elemental advantage are increased from 40% to 100%.

Skullgirls Double variants tier list

In total, there are 12 Skullgirls Double variants. Let's find out what the signature abilities of each version of the character are and which ones are the best in our variants tier list.

TierDouble VariantsElementsSignature ability
SAlienated variant of Double in Skullgirls
DarkGame Over: Transmutation to the Dark element inflicts Ruin permanently, unless Double dies. Defeat inflicts 3 stacks of permanent bleed.
SDoublicious Variant
LightSticky Fingers: With each hit, Double has a 25% chance of stealing a buff from the opponent and transferring a debuff to them.
SSkullgirls Double Jawbreaker Variant
LightMystery Flavor: Transmutation gives a random buff for 7 seconds and each buff gives 20% more damage.
AHeart of Darkness Variant
Heart of Darkness
DarkCorrupted Wish: When an opponent goes out, Double transfers all debuffs to them. When Transmuting to the opponent's element, she copies his signature ability and inflicts evil on him for 30 seconds.
ARainbow Blight Variant
Rainbow Blight
NeutralPentaglam: While Transmutation, Double gains buffs and inflicts debuffs based on the element for 10 seconds.
ATemple Tyrant variant
Temple Tyrant
WaterMorpha: If she has an elemental advantage, Double heals 25% of her health with a Transmutation and has a 50% chance to convert a debuff into regeneration or armor for 10 seconds.
BCreature of Habit Variant
Creature of Habit
AirMonster's Brew: When a Blockbuster is fully charged, Double gains a stack of fury every 2 seconds. If no Blockbuster attack is charged, it gains a stack of miasma for 10 seconds every 5 seconds without blocking.
BSkullgirls Double Evergreen Evil variant
Evergreen Evil
AirPresent Danger: When Double or one of her teammates gains a buff, its duration increases by 5 seconds. Hits taken by Double have a 5% chance to give regeneration or spines for 5 seconds and remove all debuffs, unless she is at elemental disadvantage.
CImmoral Fiber Variant
Immoral Fiber
FireReap and Sew: When defeated, Double heals teammates by 50% of their max health and deals damage of 50% of the target's max health.
CNunsense variant
AirCounterfeit: If Double is on elemental advantage, she gets 3 random buffs for 10 seconds when an opponent gains a buff. She also inflicts 3 random debuffs for 10 seconds if she suffers a debuff.
DSkullgirls Double Sundae School variant
Sundae School
WaterMelting Point: Double increases the duration of debuffs inflicted by teammates by 3 seconds and reduces the duration of debuffs received by 3 seconds.
DMyst-Match Variant
WaterShape of Slaughter: Double gains 3 stacks of accuracy at the end of a buff. If she is of the same element as her opponent, she duplicates all of the opponent's buffs with each buff received.

That's it for our Skullgirls Double guide. You now know her history, her main skills, as well as her variants and their signature abilities. To discover new character guides and progress in the game, I invite you to visit our Skullgirls tips page.

Alco A fan of video games, SF, comics, cinema and new technologies, he is a bit of a geek cliché, but he assumes it.

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