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Skullgirls Valentine Guide: skills and variants

Skullgirls Valentine Guide: skills and variants

Have you just unlocked Skullgirls Valentine and want to learn more about this character? In this guide, we explain who Valentine is, what her main skills are, but also our best Skullgirls Valentine variants tier list. With our tips and tricks, you'll know everything about this fighter.

Who is Valentine in Skullgirls?

Skullgirls Valentine is the sole survivor of a group of special agents from the anti-Skulgirll laboratory. Before that, Valentine was doing reconnaissance and sabotage missions for Lab Zero. She is now a Skullgirl follower, but no one knows her true personality or her ambitions.

Valentine is a fighter whose strengths are her ability to heal her allies and cripple her enemies. She has a good amount of health points, but her attacks are not very powerful. So it is mainly for her abilities that she will find a place in your team.

The character main abilities

Skullgirls Valentine's character's ability, Siphon, allows her to inflict Scratch Damage, 75% of which is converted into HP for the fighter.

Combat Clinic, her marquee ability, grants Last Stand to her allies for 15 seconds if a hit inflicts more than 10% of HP. When Valentine suffers a debuff, she gains a large regeneration for 20 seconds.

Skullgirls Valentine visual

Finally, Skullgirls Valentine's prestige ability, Reanimator, charges by recovering health while being marked. For every 1% of health recovered, the ability charges by 4%. Upon activation, all teammates are reanimated with 10% of max HP and Valentine gains 2% health per second.

Skullgirls Valentine variants tier list

In total, there are 12 variants of Skullgirls Valentine. Let's find out the signature skills of each version of the character and which ones are the best in our variants tier list.

TierValentine's variantsElementsSignature ability
SSkullgirls Valentine Oh Mai variant
Oh Mai
FireDeadly Fury: After defeating an enemy, Valentine gains 5 stacks of accuracy and 2 stacks of fury for 20 seconds. When a team member dies, the survivors gain 2 stacks of fury for 15 seconds.
SSkullgirls Valentine Graveyard Shift variant
Graveyard Shift
DarkForensics: Valentine and her teammates gain a large regeneration for 15 seconds. During the regeneration time, she has a 15% chance to inflict a curse or heal block for 10 seconds.
SSkullgirls Valentine Silent Kill Variant
Silent Kill
WaterFoggy Memory: When attacking, Valentine has a 25% chance to remove all of his debuffs and remove all of the enemy's buffs.
ASkullgirls Valentine Scrub variant
AirOutpatient: When Valentine casts a spell, all of his teammates recover 15% of their health. When in reserve, Valentine's teammates fill their Blockbuster gauge 100% faster.
APyro-technique Variant
FireSoul Burn: Special moves and Blockbuster attacks have a 20% chance to cause a 10 second Wither and a 20% chance to gain a 10 second Fury Stack.
ASurgeon General variant
Surgeon General
AirStimpak: Every 30 seconds, Valentine gains a permanent fury stack and his teammates gain immunity for 15 seconds.
BLast Hope variant
Last Hope
LightUrgent Care: When Valentine's health drops below 25%, his teammates gain a large regeneration for 10 seconds. Once per battle, resurrects an ally with 50% health after a loss.
BSkullgirls Valentine Icy Hot variant
Icy Hot
WaterFirst Responder: Fighters re-enter the field with regeneration for 15 seconds and start with 15% Blockbuster gauge.
CKill Joy Variant
Kill Joy
LightPride and Joy: When the health of the fighters falls below 50% for the first time, if they are on elemental advantage, they gain permanent regeneration. Once per battle, when all fighters are dead, they all resurrect with 25% of their max health.
CAssassin's Greed Variant
Assassin's Greed
LightBled Dry: When an enemy targets Valentine with a Blockbuster attack, they bleed heavily for 5 seconds and instantly lose 25% health. Proximity to an opponent who is bleeding gives Valentine 5% health per second.
DTrès Chic variant
Very Chic
DarkTwo-Faced: Valentine gets 1 barrier, spine, or armor stack every 3 seconds when she is on her side of the field. When she is on the opponent's side, her critical hits cause a bleed, a death mark, or the armor-breaking effect for 10 seconds.
DWetwork variant
WaterAerial Rave: When attacking with a charge, Valentine gains one dodge stack per second. When she sends an enemy into the air, she gains a stack of fury and her opponent suffers the armor-breaking effect as well as a lethal mark for 7 seconds.

That's our Skullgirls Valentine guide. You now know her story, her main skills, as well as her variants and their signature skills. To discover new character guides and progress in the game, I invite you to visit our Skullgirls tips page.

Alco A fan of video games, SF, comics, cinema and new technologies, he is a bit of a geek cliché, but he assumes it.

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