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Spectator mode Pokémon Unite, how to watch a game?

How to watch a game Pokémon Unite?

Wondering how to spectate a game in Pokémon Unite? We'll tell you how here, whether it's your friends' games or the games of top players from around the world. You'll be able to join their games, manage the camera, record your favourite moves or even get inspired by the best players. Whether you want to progress, capture some great footage or stalk your friends, check out Pokémon Unite spectator mode and how to use it.

Spectator mode Pokémon Unite - Step by step guide

Nintendo's MOBA is more than ready to host tournaments with friends and top players. To easily find your friends and watch their games Pokémon Unite, you should first add them as friends via their Trainer ID. From there, all you need to know is how to watch their games via the spec mode, and it's very simple!

Spectator Mode Guide Pokémon Unite

Step-by-step method to use the Spectator Mode Pokémon Unite and watch games:

  • Click on your trainer icon in the top left corner of the main screen.
  • Scroll through the menus until you reach the Watch Game menu. You will find this mode between the Mail and Settings menus, you can't miss it!
  • Click on this menu to discover the game viewer mode.
  • From here, two new menus appear. The Watch a Friend's Game tab (Friends) and the Top Rated Players tab (Almost Pros!). This gives you easy access to both game categories.
  • Simply select a friends game to watch in Pokémon Unite or a great player whose best moves you want to copy by choosing the trainer you are interested in.
How to watch the game Pokémon Unite

Spec mode information on how to watch a game properly

To ensure the safety of the game and to prevent you from giving information to the other team, the spectator mode Pokémon Unite displays a 2 minute delay. If you are not familiar with this idea, don't worry. This is also the case in most competitive online games, not to mention the delay on esports streams! Here's what your "spec mode" view should look like when watching a game Pokémon Unite:

spectator mode Pokémon Unite

Nothing too complicated for this spec mode Pokémon Unite! The players' scores are on each side of the screen. In addition, the map is on the top left, the timer in the middle and the settings on the right. As you can see, you also have the possibility to modify your viewing a little. The viewing speed can be accelerated and you can even pause the game to do something else. This can be ideal for making a montage of the best moments or a thumbnail in viewer mode.

As a reminder, the game is fully crossplay between Switch, Android and iOS! So, in addition to knowing how to watch Pokémon Unite games, you'll be able to enjoy spectate games on all these devices.

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