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Star trek Fleet Command Guide to getting started | Tips and Advice

Star Trek Fleet Command Guide

Science fiction and space opera (in the style of Star Wars) fans, this article is for you! Whether you're a Star Trek connoisseur or not, this mobile game may well interest you. Machines, battles, alliances, enemies, construction... Star Trek Fleet Command is a pure management game and a strategy game where you have to manage your own space base! Like construction games such as Warpath, the goal is to participate in the common life, here intergalactic, in real time! A multiplayer game with lots of epic battles, available on iOS devices and Android phones.
Let's go! So here's our Star Trek Fleet Command guide to getting started in the game! Please board the U.S.S. Enterprise, ready for takeoff! 🚀

Star Trek Fleet Command: aim of the game and basic rules

The mobile game Star Trek Fleet Command is a management and strategy game by Digit Games Studio. The Irish developer offers us a very complete game under the "explore, expand, exploit and exterminate" rule. The aim of the game is quite simple. You play as a commander and will be assigned to a first space base. You will first be in charge of a first ship. Then, several missions are to be carried out under the directive of NPCs(Geordi La Forge) before taking total control of the base!

Players start with a few recommendations. Shortly after starting the game, they can explore galactic systems and interact with some of Star Trek's leading players. In this multiplayer game you can also interact with other players, create alliances, attack their bases and fight them (and vice versa)! The battles are turn-based and take place in real time. That's why, as a young player, it's in your interest to join an alliance! So that your base is protected 😉

You will have many main and side missions to do in Star Trek Fleet Command! All missions are important to progress in the game and become stronger! Missions, mining and rewards combat allow the player toobtain resources. These resources are essential to upgrade your space station, invest in new ships and recruit officers!

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Missions in Star Trek Fleet Command: Become an intergalactic Swiss Army knife!

As in all management games, you have to have eyes everywhere! In Star Trek Fleet Command, it's the same thing! Indeed, the missions allow you to keep a certain linearity in your gameplay. The order of the missions is not there by chance! This order allows you to know if you have to attack certain enemies first or if you have to explore a particular place or build a particular building first.

Our first piece of advice for a newcomer to Star Trek Fleet Command is to focus on the main missions from the start of the game. Don't bother with the side missions for the time being. Your priority is to get to grips with the game, your allies and enemies, and most importantly your base! The main missions are very clearly indicated at the bottom left of your screen. They are therefore very easy to follow and are in order. A small exclamation mark will also warn you of pending missions. This way you can afford to put some aside when you feel they can wait. This is especially the case for missions that cannot be completed immediately, but are listed in the mission list.

Many missions are offered to you when you approach a space object such as a planet. It is up to you to decide which missions you accept or not! But keep in mind that the main missions are the most important at the beginning of the game. However, these side missions can make you take a break from building objectives! 😎

Homescreen Star Trek Fleet Command
Homescreen Star Trek Fleet Command

Star Trek Fleet Command Guide: Choose a side!

In this game, you can choose your allies and enemies at the NPC level. This is what makes this game so original! Indeed, you will have to deal with several populations with their own abilities and a rather advanced political system in this game. Klingon, Federation, Romulan... They don't all get along and you have to choose your affinities according to your game preferences.

Indeed, your affinities influence the capabilities of your shuttles! Some are engineering oriented, others are specialised in science or command. It's up to you to choose your side! Be aware that if you have bad relations with a particular population, NPCs are likely toattack your base in your absence.

With this in mind, we recommend that you join a player alliance from the start of the game! Allies can protect your base when you are offline. In addition, alliances have a team chat that will allow you to coordinate with your friends when exploring or fighting! Apply to an alliance as soon as you have finished the "tutorial" missions. Besides, this is the best way to become better at Star Trek Fleet Command since other players will be able to brief you! 💪

Keeping control in a real-time PvP game

It may seem almost unthinkable to go straight into battle at the start of the game, but often you will have no choice! Players are likely to come and attack you or lurk around your base. You must advance on your main quests to level up your ships and crews! If you join an alliance from the start, you'll be sure to have some protection. Integrate yourself quickly into the alliance and participate in the interactions between players in order to gain reputation among your allies!

Joining an alliance - Star Trek Fleet Command guide
Join an alliance!

Set out early to conquer space and attack all enemy ships that pass by! You will get rewards and experience even if you lose. During your quests and daily quests, you will travel all over the star systems. You will see many player and NPC shuttles passing by. The level of each ship is displayed next to its name. Attack ships with a lower level than yours first!

💡 Good to know: Blue ships are players, purple ships are allies and red ships are enemies. The red ships are therefore your targets, you must always seek their destruction! Be careful with the levels of the ships you attack!

Building and improving your base: The first steps!

To get you started in Star Trek Fleet Command, you will have main missions that consist of constructing buildings. To upgrade your base and build, you will need to be patient. Construction is possible through experience (some buildings or equipment are only available after a certain level).

But also, constructions are possible thanks to resources! To get resources, well, you have to fight! Real-time turn-based battles allow you to obtain rewards . These easily give you those first resources to set up your first buildings and machines!

Don't forget to collect the resources generated by your starbase as you go along. These resources are generated over time. Generators can continue to produce as much as your warehouse can store. You should therefore think about building generators and storage locations from the start of the game in order to be safe on this side!

Shipbuilding - Star Trek Fleet Command Guide
Build your ships!

Ships and officers: How to get started?

To progress in Star Trek Fleet Command, take on a variety of missions. For example, alternate between research phases and upgrading your base! Advancing on several levels means advancing faster! And moving faster means getting rewards and new ships! To pilot your ships, you will need officers and crews! As you progress through the game, you will unlock more ships. You will also be able to recruit more officers. So you need to balance your resources to give as much to building your base as to improving your ships and crews.

Think that without good ships and a good crew, you won't be able to fight enemies for resources! If you leave out resources for ships, you will be stuck! Ship experience can be gained through various missions throughout the game. You can gain experience by destroying enemy ships, but using these resources speeds up the ship upgrade process considerably! 👌

You have the ships, you need the officers! The officers must be recruited according to their abilities and the way you play. But also, you have to do according to the type of ship you choose. For example, to recruit, it is possible to receive a lot of recruit tokens or even free officer fragments for successful main and side missions! It always comes back to the same point: do your missions! 🤣

4 mistakes not to make on Star Trek Fleet Command

To finish off this Star Trek Fleet Command beginner's guide, we give you four mistakes you should not make to get started in this game! Here's what we recommend you avoid:

Multiplayer mode mistakes

  • Don't make friends... Well, that makes a bit of sense now that you've read through this guide! You need to make allies! Get into an alliance quickly, stay on good terms with opposing NPC teams and friend your alliance mates! Hesitating to ask allies for help is also a mistake, you may need it and the Star Trek Fleet Command community is very caring!
  • Staying at the same base too long. Indeed, you always have the possibility to move from your current galaxy if the surroundings are too hostile! Move near your friends!

Mistakes in combat

  • Stay neutral with the Federation factions, the Romulans and the Klingons. Indeed, you must keep these factions on good terms to avoid being attacked too much. But you must also choose your side very quickly. Each faction has its own set of bonuses and allows you to unlock special items in the shop, so you may want to take advantage of them from the start of the game!
  • Do not use the combat triangle. The battle triangle is very important to win battles! Get to know the ships, their strengths and weaknesses! This triangle gives you information about the strengths and weaknesses of each type of ship. In the game there are explorer ships, interceptors, battleships and survey ships. For example, the battleship is often stronger than the explorer in terms of pure combat.
Combat Triangle
Combat Triangle

If you want to go even further, you can read our guide to playing Star Trek Fleet Command on the PC and get the most out of the game! We hope you enjoy our Star Trek Fleet Command beginner's guide ! Don't hesitate to leave us a comment if you have any difficulties or if you like this guide! And as our friend Kirk says, "I hate to fail. I don't believe in the impossibility of winning!" Good games to you and see you soon! 😊

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