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Get the best ship in Star Trek Fleet Command Tier List

Tier list Star Trek Fleet Command ship

In the mobile game Star Trek Fleet Command, you have to manage your space base and spaceships. This is a real game that will please fans of science fiction and space opera! As this is a single player game, but also a multiplayer game, it is important toget the best possible ships to avoid losing to another player's attack! To help you progress in this game, we've put together a tier list special ships on Star Trek Fleet Command. Let's go on the big journey! 🪐 🚀

What is the principle of Star Trek Fleet Command ships?

If you are familiar enough with the mobile game Star Trek Fleet Command, you know that all bases and ships can be attacked! Obviously, this mechanic works the other way around too, you can attack anyone you want (except members of your alliance, of course)! By the way, this is why your ships must be up to the task. To get good ships, there is no secret, you have to play hard! Level up, do the main missions, as detailed in our advanced tips on Star Trek Fleet Command!

This way you can get resources, coins and new ships as you progress through the story and build your buildings and machines. Joining an alliance is also a good way to get good ships faster in the game. Alliances can help you win some pretty interesting rewards ! The number one goal when you want to get new ships is toincrease your Space Yard.

Attacking ships in Star Trek Fleet Command
Attacking ships in Star Trek Fleet Command

Using your ship in Star Trek Fleet Command

So what is a good ship in Star Trek Fleet Command? First of all, you should know that in space battles, your opponents will have several ships of several types. You should also focus onobtaining several types of ships early in the game. That is to say, try to get the different types of ships available: Battleship, Explorer, Surveyor and Interceptor.

You can upgrade your ships with resources and as you progress through the game. So don't try to upgrade your ships directly, try to get them first! The more you upgrade a ship, the more powerful it will be and the more powerful your opponents will be. Be aware that you can only attack enemies whose level is relatively close to yours. If the level is drastically lower or higher, you will not be able to do so, unless your opponent is mining! This works the other way round, of course.

To use your ships well, whether they are good or not, you will often have the advantage if you use the battle triangle. The triangle tells us that the Dreadnought is stronger than the Explorer, the Explorer is stronger than the Interceptor and the Interceptor will be more dangerous on a Dreadnought. Survey/Prospecting ships are the least strong overall.

Star Trek Fleet Command Combat Triangle

The best battleships in Star Trek Fleet Command

Dreadnought ships are ships made for combat! They are "in-your-face" and particularly good at dealing powerful damage. Dreadnoughts can beat almost any ship if you use them well (against Explorers or Prospectors) and upgrade them properly. However, they are the slowest!

The Talla common ship

The Talla is a common ship and is currently the second most common ship you can have among the Dreadnoughts. Typically, the Talla is one of the best ships in the game (it is the best)! Simply, this ship is fully armoured. It will be particularly effective against an enemy Explorer ship. Talla will do +10% damage on this type of ship. This ship is two stars.

To get it, you have to unlock it in the research. You also need to have a level 14 in the Space Shipyard. To unlock the ship in the shipbuilding, you have to fulfil the required conditions. To obtain the ship, you must upgrade the ship and carry out research related to combat. Hull integrity, firepower and prospector shield matrix are essential. To unlock this research, you will first need to build a Turas ship.

Talla ship in Star Trek Fleet Command
Talla ship in Star Trek Fleet Command

The epic ship Augur

Another Dreadnought, this time of epic level. The Augur is a three star ship with a starting power of 132,000. It is therefore one of the most powerful on the list. It will undoubtedly defeat all explorers who pass by! It has the particularity ofincreasing the damage inflicted with the Annihilator to a burning ship by 50%.

Obtaining this ship is quite simple since to build it you only need to meet one condition. You must be level 34 on your Space Shipyard.

The best survey ships in Star Trek Fleet Command

Prospecting ships are ships with little combat strength. However, they are quite fast ships. They are useful for surveying and mapping locations. Again, you will still need to upgrade your Space Shipyard to get a good Star Trek Fleet Command ship!

The ECS Horizon common vessel

This exploration vessel is a three-star vessel. It is extremely fast for dilithium extraction with a 15% speed increase. To unlock this ship, useful for your research and extraction, you must progress in the research related to the station and be level 26 in the Space Shipyard.

The ECS Fortunate common vessel

Like the ECS Horizon, this ship is good at extraction. It is particularly fast at extracting Parsteel, an essential resource for your machines on the station! Here too, you must unlock the Fortunate by advancing in the station research. However, it is easier to get this ship. The Space Shipyard level must be 7 ! Finally, even if it is less powerful than the Horizon, this one is totally fit for purpose!

Star Trek Fleet Command ECS Fortunate
ECS Fortunate

The best Explorer ships in Star Trek Fleet Command

An Explorer ship is, as the name suggests, made for exploration! Most of the time, it is not as strong in combat as the Dreadnought, but often beats the Interceptors.

The common vessel Turas

One of the first ships you can get in Star Trek Fleet Command is the Turas! This ship is almost mandatory. The funny thing is, in my opinion, it's one of the best. It looks a lot like the first one, Realta, but much more powerful. To get this ship, you need to have a level 12 in Space Shipyard. This ship is very effective against an Interceptor ship with its +10% damage. It also has a very good basic dodge and a high momentum compared to a Dreadnought.

The rare vessel Jellyfish (Medusa)

This is a rare two-star ship! The Jellyfish is one of the best Explorers. However, for this tier list of ships, I strongly hesitated between this one and theUSS Franklin. You can build this ship by unlocking level 12 of the Space Shipyard. The Jellyfish's abilities are quite interesting in the long run, although the ship itself is not the strongest. It has the ability to increase the captain's manoeuvre efficiency by 15%. This gives it great dodging power in particular! Its base speed is 110, like the Turas.

The Star Trek Fleet Command Jellyfish
The Jellyfish vessel

The best Interceptor ships in Star Trek Fleet Command

Interceptors are powerful against battleships. They are fast and above all, they are quite massive. We have selected two of them, although all Interceptors are interesting. They are however not as strong in combat as an Explorer.

The rather rare Class D3 vessel

A rather rare ship with three nice stars. The D3 Class requires level 26 in the Space Shipyard to be built. Note that this ship is worth it if you choose not to support the Romulans. This ship deals 30% more damage to ships of that faction. By the way, this Star Trek Fleet Command ship has a little brother in the same genre, the D4 Class. This one is not bad either!

The Star Trek Fleet Command D3 Class ship
The D3 Class vessel

The rare ship Gladius

A perfect Interceptor, the Gladius is one of the most vivid. You can get it from level 32 of the Space Shipyard. It has top-notch armour and good shield performance. It is a Romulan model and can change its trajectory very quickly. Its dodging ability is the best on the list! It inflicts +30% weapon damage to hostile enemies! It is, in my opinion, the best Star Trek Fleet Command ship of its type.

You now have a precise list of the best ships in the mobile game Star Trek Fleet Command, published by Digit Games. Conquer space with the help of this ship tier list, climb up the levels in this space management game and get the best ships without further delay. With them you can build your base, run campaigns and invest in star systems. Tell us in comments which of these ships is your favourite in-game! And if we haven't listed your favourite ship, let us know that too 😉

Eleysiss Survival, craft, BR, FPS, MMORPG... In short, discovery and fighting! What more could you ask for?

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