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The basic AFK Arena stats

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AFK Arena is a game full of details that allow players to optimize their fighter formations. Thus, in addition to the very important factions, each hero is equipped with a large number of basic statistics whose details are not necessarily easy to understand at first glance.
In this AFK Arena article, we detail each of the stats of your heroes, providing details on the subject in order to understand the tricks of the game.

How do the basic AFK Arena stats work ?

While some of the characteristics of the AFK Arena hero stats make sense, it's best to understand the details of the stats so that you can determine the best stats to improve in order to boost a particular hero.

AFK Arena basic statistics

To have access to the details of your AFK Arena hero's statistics, just click on the "information" button located at the bottom right of your hero's file.

The statistics in detail

AFK Arena statistics details
Name of the statisticEffects
LIFEThe maximum amount of health (or hit points - HP) the hero has. Savageon tanks tend to have more HP than others. With the same level and speed, Mezoth is the hero with the most HP.
ATTACKThe amount of damage the hero can inflict on enemies. Generally speaking, the wildlings are the heroes with the most powerful attack. Depending on the type of hero, the attack will determine the physical or magical damage.
DEFENCEThe defensive power when your hero takes damage. The defence helps to reduce the damage inflicted on your hero.
RATE OF CRITICISMThe chance to get a critical hit (double damage) when your hero performs a normal attack. All moves and skills have a chance to inflict critical damage in AFK Arena.
PRECISIONThe accuracy rate of your heroes' physical attacks (magic attacks are not affected by this rate).
ESQUIVEAllows the hero toavoid and thus ignore the damage of an opponent's physical attack (magical attacks cannot be dodged). The hero with the highest dodge rate in AFK Arena is Kaz.
SPEEDHero's attack speed. This stat is important because the faster your hero attacks, the faster his special skill gauge will fill up.
RECOVERYAllows your heroes to continuously recover HP.
MAGIC RESISTANCEThe hero's resistance to magic damage. The statistic therefore helps to reduce the magic damage received.
PHYSICAL RESISTANCEThe hero's resistance to physical damage. The statistic therefore helps to reduce the physical damage received.
AFK Arena statistics details
Name of the statisticEffects
LIFE FLIGHTAllows heroes to recover an amount of health proportional to the damage they inflict on enemies. This stat is particularly useful and Khasos is an excellent example of a life-stealing user.
CRITICAL AMPLIFICATIONIf initially the critical hits double the damage inflicted, they can be even more powerful if the critical amplification is high.
CRITICAL RESISTANCEResistance to opposing critical attacks. Up to 30, the critical resistance will modify the damage multiplier by 0.5% per point. Above 30, the value will be modified by 2% per point. In total, critical resistance can achieve a 75% reduction in critical attacks received.
PERSPICACYImproves the success rate of crowd control skills. Each point will increase these chances by 2%.
TENACITYIncreases the chance to dodge crowd control skills thrown by your opponents. Each point will decrease these chances by 2%.
PV REGENERATIONIncreases the health regained for each healing skill a hero applies to themselves. Each point of regeneration will increase the healing power by 1%.
CARE RECEIVEDIncreases the health regained for each healing skill a hero applies to a fellow hero. Each point of regeneration will increase the healing power by 1%.
ATTACK SPEEDEach point of attack speed increases the attack speed by 1%.

Thanks to all these details, you know the information and impacts of each of the basic AFK Arena stats of your heroes. You now have all the cards in hand to create the most suitable heroes for your attack strategies!

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