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The strategy to defeat Ath'taros at TOA 100

Strategy against Ath'taros toa 100

During your ascent of the TOA (Tribunal of Ascent), you will face 2 final bosses whose rotation varies every 30 days. One of them is called Ath'taros (or Ath'aros for those who know him). It is, of course, less strong than the second boss, but it is necessary to implement a good strategy to defeat Ath'taros.
You will find in this tip, the infallible strategy to defeat him and recover the legendary scroll !

info strategy boss ath'taros

What is the composition of the Ath'taros 100 floor?

The floor where Ath'taros is located is divided into two waves to be passed before facing the final boss. Here is the strategy for the first two waves.

First wave

It consists of 3 "Acasis" (Wind Sylph) and 2 "Akia" (Fire Succubus):

Acasis-SW Akia-SW

You have to be careful with "Acasis" because it inflicts DoT and provides a shield to its allies. Moreover, "Akia" can put your monsters to sleep, which prevents you from attacking.

The applicable strategy depends on your team, but mostly on you! Firstly, I advise you to attack the three "Acasis" in order to avoid their shields (which are very annoying, let's face it), and then confront the two remaining monsters.

Second wave

The second wave consists of 2 "Conrad" (Death Knight Light) and 3 "Vanessa" (Valkyrie Fire):

Conrad-SW Vanessa-SW

These two monsters are also very disabling as they allow continuous reanimation and can disrupt HP recovery.

So, here the strategy still depends on your team and your ambition. I advise you to attack the three "Vanessa" in order to avoid constant revivals . However, you can start with the other two monsters!

Strategy against Ath'taros: The final boss

In the third wave (if you still have all your monsters), you will face the one who motivated you to go through all his floors: Ath'taros. He is not as powerful as one might think.

boss ath'taros summoners war

This boss consists of two crystals and himself. It has four different attacks:

  • guillotine : removes a reinforcement effect and reduces attack speed and attack power for 3 turns;
  • xenocide : reduces the defence of all enemies for 3 turns;
  • fatal flames (passive): counter-attacks enemies and recovers part of the damage inflicted in VP;
  • all-powerful : removes all harmful effects inflicted and proportionally increases the power and speed of attack.

The strategy to defeat Ath'taros is very simple, but it requires a number of elements to win. First of all, you will have to attack non-stop the right crystal which, once destroyed, will allow you to attack the boss. The right crystal allows you to give Ath'aros an extra turn.

But during the time you spend destroying the crystal, you need to make sure you have good defence and control monsters. Otherwise, you will take too much damage and risk losing an important monster.

I advise you to watch this video to see the fight with a farmable team:

Among the leading monsters, we can also find :

  • Loren : She can reduce the attack gauge and break the enemy's defence. The more speed she has, the more she will attack and the enemies will hardly play anymore.
  • Fran : Allowing you to immunise your allies thanks to her skill 3, she is an indispensable part of your progression. When she casts her skill 3, you will be assured of receiving no harmful effects. She will also reduce the attack gauge of your enemies and heal your allies.
  • Verad : This is simply one of the most used monsters in TOA and TOAH. It allows to control all the enemies thanks to its gel.

There are many other monsters that can have the same abilities, but these are the most used.

Rewards of TOA floor 100

First, you'll be happy (yes, you'll probably cry with joy), only to come back down to Earth and open the legendary scroll you just got!

scroll legendary summoners war

You will then be able to summon a random monster between 4 and 5 stars with this legendary scroll . These monsters are generally stronger than 3-star monsters.

In addition, you will have gained scrolls mystical elementals, allowing you to summon a monster between 3 and 5 stars.

You can now pass your TOA against this final boss, but you still have to discover Lyrith, the second boss... Good luck!


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