The strategy to beat Lyrith and achieve TOA 100

Strategy against Lyrith toa 100

In this guide, we will show you the strategy to adopt to defeat Lyrith, as well as the monsters to use to do so.

Lyrith is the second final boss with Ath'Taros from TOA 100 and TOAH 100. She is more powerful than her compatriot, so you will have to apply a different strategy to defeat her.

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How to get through the first waves of the 100 floor?

The waves before Lyrith are different from those in Ath'Taros. You have to find several compositions and try several times to succeed without losing a single monster. Otherwise, you would be too handicapped for the second wave and the final boss.

First wave

You meet 3 "Juno" and 2 "Anavel" who will cause you a lot of problems.

Juno-SW Anavel-SW

Here, you have to be careful with the 3 "Juno" because they increase their damage according to the harmful effects you inflict on them and regenerate at the same time. The 2 "Anavel" also remove the harmful effects and weaken the defence of your monsters for 3 turns and their attack speed for 2 turns.

You have to find a good balance to destroy the "Anavel" first because they are the ones that are disabling. Don't forget to have good supports and healers to protect your too fragile monsters.

Second wave

When you get to the second wave, you face 3 "Aria" and 2 "Veromos" which are not so easy to beat (yes, your favourite monster turns against you!).

Aria sw Veromos-SW-TOA

This enemy composition is very disabling, you have to be careful that the enemies do not attack often. Indeed, the 3 "Aria" can put your monsters to sleep , which makes them unusable. But that's not all, its damage increases by 50% if it hits one of your sleeping monsters.

"Veromos" on his side inflicts DoT and can, thanks to his skill 2, stun your monsters. You should therefore be careful not to let them play too often, at the risk of losing precious monsters!

Strategy against Lyrith: the final boss

Lyrith is much more powerful and requires a completely different strategy than Ath'Taros. Here is the complete guide to defeating her!

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It has several attacks :

  • mental break : attack the enemy to remove a beneficial effect;
  • paranoia : fuses and attacks all enemies for 3 turns. Damage increases with the number of fusions;
  • separate incarnation : summons 2 of the 3 internal incarnations and removes the harmful effects. The incarnations will merge with Lyrith after 5 turns;
  • Merged incarnation : Lyrith merges with the cut incarnation and removes any harmful effects received. However, if no incarnation can be merged, Lyrith will be stunned for 1 turn.

Here is a list of his incarnations :

  • The incarnation of greed recovers 100% of the damage inflicted on enemies. In addition, it absorbs 25% of the enemies' attack gauge;
  • the incarnation of Vendetta instantly counterattacks every enemy;
  • The embodiment of protection increases defence and reduces the chance of receiving a critical hit by 50% . It reduces damage to allies by 15% .

These incarnations are composed of different colours:

  • green ;
  • blue;
  • red.

You will have to apply a strategy according to the colours it invokes and you can imagine, you will have to destroy these incarnations at all costs.

If the incarnation is green and it is not in the middle (Lyrith becomes green in this case), you will have to stun this incarnation and attack the other incarnation which will be either red or blue. Then, you will attack the green incarnation as long as it is under the stun effect.

But if it's in the middle, you have to attack the boss, but you can't do anything harmful to him. That's the problem, it will be longer and harder, but if you have a good team and good runes, it shouldn't be a problem.

The most used monsters are almost the same as for Ath aros, but there are some preferences:

  • Baretta allows you to place DoT on all enemies for 2 turns and allows you to reduce the attack gauge of the enemies to zero thanks to his skill 2 ;
  • Sigmarus is another free farmable monster that can freeze enemies like Verad would. It inflicts a lot of damage on enemies and can be a good spare;
  • Jeanne can also be farmed for free in the fusion hexagram and allows you to provoke enemies to attack only her, thus preventing your team from taking too much damage.

To complete this strategy against Lyrith, I advise you to watch this video to see the fight with a farmable team:

Rewards of TOA floor 100

As with its companion, the reward remains the same. You will be entitled to a legendaryscroll and mystical elementalsscrolls on your first success on this TOA.

scroll legendary summoners war

You have now successfully defeated the 2 bosses on floor 100 of the TOA, all that's left to do is to discover the TOAH!



Thank you. This guide actually helped me to understand the different aspects of the painful lyrith boss stage. I've seen several other guides and they all basically say "use tessarion" and "use hwa" but I havent gotten tess yet, only Amir. I'm 3 more weeks from another ifrit summon and theres no guarantee I pull him.

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I am glad to know that this guide was useful for you!

Tessarion and Hwa are useful, but require good runes, which is not easy when you are a beginner.
This team is easy to get, and she is very good for a beginner.

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