Street Fighter Duel Tier List: the best fighters to choose

Street Fighter Duel Tier List of the best character fighters

Looking for the best fighter in Street Fighter: Duel? Then you've come to the right place! Just released, the game already presents about forty unlockable characters with a gacha system. That's all it took for our enthusiasts to put together a Street Fighter: Duel Tier List worthy of the name! Rarity, type and role, we tell you everything about the fighters of SF Duel!

SFD mobile Tier List

Between the updates to come and the experience acquired on the game, this Street Fighter Duel Tier List of the best characters is obviously going to evolve with the arrival of new fighters. So, we advise you to take a look at it regularly to keep up with the latest developments. Indeed, you can be sure that we will do our best to keep this Street Fighter: Duel character ranking up to date.

Street Fighter: Duel S tier characters

At the moment, these S tier characters in the SFD fighters list are unanimously considered as the best. They are effective fighters that will help you reach the top quickly.

Name of the characterRarityTypeRole
Street PoisonSWindSupport
Mad RyuSMountainAttack
Mr BisonSDarkAttack
GuileSMountain Attack
Gore Magala KenSInfernalBalanced
Gentleman CodySFireSupport
Mr. Bisoon in tier S of the Street Fighter Duel tierlist
M. Bison is one of the best characters in Street Fighter: Duel

SF Duel Tier List : Tier A characters

We continue this Street Fighter Duel Tier List with the tier A characters. A little less powerful than the tier S fighters, they remain formidable. Moreover, we can expect to see some of them move up to the next tier with the next updates.

Name of the characterRarityTypeRole
Evil RyuSDarkAssassin
El FuerteSWindSupport
E. HondaSMountainTank
C. ViperSFireAttack
Red Lotus Fighting King KenSFireBalance
T. HawkALightTank
Street Fighter Duel Tier List: Ryu
Emblematic fighter of the game, Ryu is a character of choice

B-tier fighters

Without being bad, the tier B characters will be more effective at the beginning of the game. The advantage is that they are rather easy to unlock, giving you quick access to a good fighting potential. Nevertheless, we recommend that you replace them with more powerful fighters from the upper third of this ranking of the best SFD characters as soon as possible.

Name of the characterRarityTypeRole
Street Fighter Duel Tier List: Duel: Sakura
Sakura will be an excellent fighter to start with

Street Fighter Duel Tier List: Tier C fighters

Currently, these fighters are considered weak or even bad. This doesn't mean that you won't be able to get good results with them, only that you might have more difficulties. But this is the D tier that compiles the inferior characters of Street Fighter: Duel.

Name of the characterRarityTypeRole
Ibuki is a tier C character from SF Duel
Ibuki is far from being one of the best characters

The characters of tier D

Considered the worst characters in the game, these fighters should be avoided. Try to replace them with more efficient characters as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may be faced with big difficulties.

Name of the characterRarityType Role
Dee JayAForestBalance
Fei LongAFireBalance
Abel is a tier D character from SF Duel
Abel is clearly one of the characters to avoid

Bonus : How to reroll in Street Fighter: Duel?

Now you know who the best fighters are in Street Fighter Duel. That's all well and good, but how do you get them? Good news, like many gacha games, the SFD reroll system allows you to reset your fighter draw as much as you want. Here's how to get the best characters:

  1. First, log in as a guest by launching the game.
  2. Then, when you open your bag, you will be rewarded with a random character.
  3. If the character is not ranked correctly in tier list SF Duel or is not suitable for you, go to the settings by clicking on your player icon.
  4. Fourth, press the server selection button.
  5. Then choose a new server to restart the game.
  6. Finally, restart the game from step one and repeat the process until you get the character you like.

Here we are already at the end of this top of the characters of our tier list Street Fighter: Duel. Don't worry, if a new fighter is released or characters evolve, we will update this tier list . So don't forget to bookmark this top. See you on the arena very soon for more Street Fighter: Duel tips! đŸ„Š

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