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Auto Summoners War: How does it work?

Car fights Summoners War

Tired of constantly having to pay attention to your phone when you're pranking? Then Summoners War's auto battles might be your answer! We explain everything in this article! From how the interface works, through the standby mode, to the little bonus tips we'll give you, you'll know everything about repeat battle in Summoners War! ⚔️

What is car combat in Summoners War?

We've already told you about it, auto battles have arrived on Summoners War and have revolutionised the battle system. They allow you to perform the same fight 10 times in a row! So much so that it is the dream to farm without getting bored. 💪

Summoners War x10 battles

How does car combat work in Summoners War?

To access the auto-battle interface, go through the Dimensions Gate and click on "repeat battle".

Summoners War Dimensions Gate

Once this is done, you will be presented with the following interface:

Summoners War car fights - interface

The auto-farm allows you to make repeat battle in the following modes:

  • Screenplay,
  • Cairos Dungeon,
  • Rift Dungeon (except for Raid of Worlds which is not accessible via the repeat battle),
  • All modes of Dimension Hole (except the Dimensional Predator).

When you are in auto-battle, it is impossible to do the following actions at the same time:

  • Scenario mode,
  • Cairos Dungeon,
  • Dimension Hole,
  • Rift of Worlds.

But everything else is possible (ascension court, arena and world arena fights, dimensional crevasse, world bosses, mount your runes, etc.).
The number of consecutive battles you can start is 10, but you can repeat the action as many times as you like by clicking on replay.

The history of the fighting

In the interface of repeat battleinterface, you can see thehistory of the battles you have just fought. This history shows you for each fight :

  • the team you use,
  • the stage out of 10 in which you are (e.g. 7/10),
  • whether you won or lost,
  • the duration of the fight,
  • Gains in gems, energy and crystals.
Car fights Summoners War - History

The Summoners War battle history also shows you which monsters have died in battle by graying them.

Selective selling

The selective selling feature of the auto-farm interface allows you to select and sell all the runes you are not interested in, in a simple and efficient way. You can also choose to sell them one by one, but the process is much slower.

Selective sale Summoners War

Energy saving mode

The interface of the repeat battle interface offers a handy power saving mode. If you're like us, and your phone battery always dies before you're done playing, then the power saving mode is for you. To activate it, simply press the button at the bottom left, which contains a moon and a star.

Summoners War sleep mode button

Next, here's what the energy saving mode looks like:

Summoners War car fights - Standby mode

As indicated, to exit this mode, simply slide the screen with your finger.

If you want to play Summoners War with extra ease, we advise you to play Summoners War on a PC. At least no battery problems in that case! 😅

Optimising the repeat battle

In order to optimise your time when logging in to Summoners War, we advise you to run the repeat battle before any other action! It should become automatic (no pun intended) 😅 ! Indeed, when you arrive on the game, the best thing to do is to start by launching your auto-farm so you can do other things at the same time and thus optimize it. Like collecting your gems, sending your friend points, making a wish at the Temple of Wishes, looking at the magic guild shop and the magic shop, etc. In short, the beginning of the game routine, a bit like the morning routine.
Finally, be aware of the following things when you start your automatic battles:

  • Have a safe team that wins every time.
  • Have enough energy to keep fighting.
  • Watch out if one of your monsters is about to reach max level.

Why pay attention to these things? Well, because if youlose, the repeat battle stops. The same applies if you don't have enough energy to continue, or if one of your monsters reaches the maximum level. Indeed, launching battles in a row is good, but doing it well is better! This will prevent you from wasting time where you need to save time. ⏳

As you can see, the repeat battle in Summoners War are a major asset for farming as they allow you to optimise your time. You can now sit back and relax while your little monsters work for you!

If you want to keep up to date with the latest news on the game and become a skilled summoner, you can check out all our Summoners War tips! Enjoy the game!

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