Summoners War: Chronicles Tier List of the Monsters

Summoners War: Chronicles Tier List Monsters Ranking

Find the best creatures of the game ranked by power in our Summoners War Chronicles Tier List of Monsters. In Com2Us' title, you play as a summoner who can collect and evolve powerful summons to use in battle. But you still need to know which monsters to choose in PvP and PvE to dominate the battle. We give you our tips in this ranking of monsters in tierlist for SW: Chronicles.

A Tier List based on versatility in PvP and PvE for ranking

Our ranking for Summoners War Chronicles Tier List of monsters has been compiled by taking into account the best performing monsters in both PvP and PvE game modes. However, each player will obviously have their own preferences. Some creatures are better suited to one type of combat than another.

Summoners War Chronicles Tier List of Monsters

However, we have tried to focus on those that are effective in both situations to optimize your resource expenditure. A monster's performance may depend on your team's strategy. We hope that our Tier List of Monsters will give you a general idea of the power and usefulness of each monster in the game. For an overview of the game mechanics, feel free to take a look at our fulltest of SW: Chronicles.

Summoners War: Chroniclesour Tier List of Monsters

If the top of the monsters ranking of this Summoners War: Chronicles Tier List is obviously occupied by Beast Monk and Valkyrja, other creatures will still allow you to strengthen your team composition to win fights. You'll need to balance c/c, damage and hit absorption to get a team capable of surviving all enemies. Let's discover the best SW: Chronicles monsters in this ranking.

NoteMonsterSpecificity and skills
SBeast Monk Summoners War: Chronicles Tier ListBeast Monk: We had to start this Summoners War Chronicles Tier List with Beast Monk. He is an excellent knight that can also be played as a very good support tank, extremely powerful in dungeons.
SValkyrja SW: Chronicles Monsters rankingValkyrja: very good tank, able to self-heal and increase the attack of his team. It is a very useful monster to have. Valkyrja has great power and skills that are extremely useful in a team.
SSummoners War: Chronicles Occult Girl 5 NatOccult Girl: Considered one of the best mages in the game, she has great power and skills that are extremely useful in team combat.
SPanda Warrior SW: Chronicles TierlistPanda Warrior: Excellent in PvP and doesn't disappoint in PvE either. If you play with Orbia or Kina, this is one of the best monsters in SW: Chronicles. Panda Warrior is a must-have monster that will get you out of many difficult situations.
SMonsters Tier list SW: Chronicles Sky DancerSky dancer: an effective support with a good heal and skills capable of breaking enemy defense while applying attack buffs.
AJack'o Lantern SW: Chronicles tier list 5 NatJack-o'-lantern: fast, with a wonderful Awake but less good skills than his Nat5 companions. He is still very useful in many situations.
AMystic Witch 5 Nat Top MonsterMystic Witch: one of the very good mage present in this Summoners War: Chronicles Tier List in team fights, especially thanks to his skills that allow him to reverse the stats of his enemies.
ACow Girl Summoners War: Chronicles Tier ListCow Girl (fire/water): Excellent in PvE, and just as good in PvP. Her S2 will allow you to do a lot of damage, and repeatedly.
AHarpu 4 Nat Monster SW: ChroniclesHarpu: an excellent knight for an early and mid game. Indeed, she will make the difference in your SW Chronicles draft.
ASummoners War: Chronicles Tier List HargHarg: A very good support, able to deliver many debuffs to his enemies.
BHarpy SW: ChroniclesHarpy: A fearsome warrior, especially if you build him a rune build focused on criticism.
BSummoners War: Chronicles Living Armor Monsters rankingLiving Armor: An excellent unit for PvP, able to both defend and attack effectively.
BSW: Chronicles Tier List Hell HoundHellhound: This assassin dog is a fearsome monster that inflicts heavy damage on its enemies. It is one of the most powerful nat 3 in this Summoners War: Chronicles Tier list .
BGaruda 3 Nat SW tierlistGaruda: a very good knight with high cooldown skills. It is indeed very effective to destabilize the enemy.
CMonster Flower Summoners War: Chronicles tierlistMonster Flower: a lot of cooldown for little damage, which makes it not very viable.
CSalamander 3 Nat SWSalamander: a tank healer, useful at the beginning of the game in your drafts especially if you play with Orbia or Kina.
CSummoners War: Chronicles Imp Dark top monster listImp (dark) : This imp is viable in dark but not in other elements. Indeed, it can inflict bleed in this form. However, it is easily stopped.
CGrim Reaper 3 Nat SW Chronicles: tierlistGrim Reaper: quite low damage for a warrior, which makes him not very viable, his ranking is a small disappointment in this Summoners War: Chronicles Tier list of the best Monsters.
DForest Keeper SW Best Monster RankingForest Keeper: This archer is not very viable and does not bring anything special to your team strategies. However, he reminds us a bit of groot so we don't put him last!
DMimick SW Chronicles Tier ListMimick: This monster looks like a chest. However, it does not contain any treasures. As an assassin, he has no particular advantages.
DSlime Summoners War Chronicles Tier listSlime: A very weak attack and defense. Indeed, this makes it not very useful in combat.
DGhost Summoners War Chronicles Tier ListGhost: To conclude this Summoners War: Chronicles Tier list , let's talk about Ghost. It can be useful to escape. However, it is not very effective in all other situations.

So we hope that this Tier List of Summoners War: Chronicles has allowed you to discover the most (or least) performing monsters in this game. Keep in mind, however, that a monster's performance may depend on how it is used and your team's strategy. If you like the SW universe, you might like to expand your knowledge of the license to Sky Arena or Lost Centuria.

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