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Second Awakening Griffon Summoners War | All About Guide

Second Awakening Griffon Summoners War

You already know how to awaken your faithful companions in Summoners War, but do you know the Second Awakening that some of your monsters can get? This greatly increases the stats of the targeted monster and grants it a new skin ! And let's be honest, they are wonderful! Among the Summoners War monsters that can be awakened a second time is our dear friend the Griffin ! We'll explain all about his Second Awakening in this article! ūü™∂

How to access the Second Griffin Awakening?

To access the second Griffin awakening, you must go to the Dimension Hole of Summoners War :

Dimension Hole

Then in Karzhan.


And finally in Vestiges of Karzhan.

Remains of Karzhan

Once this is done, you will be presented with the interface of the Second Griffin Awakening that interests us so much.

Dungeon Second Awakening Griffon Summoners War

Before you embark on the quest for the Second Griffin Awakening, there are a few things you'll need to take care of!
You need a Griffin with :

  • his 1st awakening accomplished ;
  • its skills mounted to the maximum.

Without this, you will not be able to access his Second Awakening. But that's not all, you'll also need the right monsters! We'll tell you more about that below.

Strategic information about the Second Griffin Awakening

Let's take a closer look at theinterface of the Second Griffin Awakening to get a feel for it. If you click on Strategy, you can access information about the level boss. The boss is always a Griffin, but its element changes depending on the level. The boss info allows you to find out about the special skills of each boss. There are 5 levels in total.
I would like to quickly remind you of the requirements for starting a fight with the Second Griffin Awakening interface:

  • you must have a Griffin in the fight;
  • you can only use monsters 4* or lower.
Boss info Second Griffon Awakening
A griffin will have to be present in the fight!

In this strategy tab, you can also access the monster info, which shows you which monsters are used most by players according to level. Thanks to this, you can benefit from a considerable saving of time since the most used monsters are generally the most adequate for the success of your farm. Indeed, you can build a team with the monsters that have the highest percentage of use!

Monster info Second awakening Griffin
See the most used monsters!

Drop information, mode test and ranking

By clicking on Info, you will be able to find out which materials you can drop when fighting against the Second Griffin Awakening. There are precisely three of them:

  • Ancient magic stone.
  • Rune ore from Karzhan.
  • Source of ancient magic.

All three allow you to craft ancient runes in the Crafting building.

Drop information Second Griffon Awakening
Materials can drop!

Also, when you check the mode Test, you can practice without expending energy to see if your team works or not on the level you are trying to pass. Sure, you won't get any rewards if you win, but it saves energy until you find a 100% safe team! Don't forget that you can start the auto-battle mode once you know your safe team. This way, you will be able to win and farm in an optimized way.

Mode test
Test yourself before you go!

Simply uncheck the Test mode to return to the normal mode of the Second Griffin Awakening.

Let's move on to the Ranking. When you click on it, you will be able to see your ranking against other players in the "All" tab. You also have the possibility to know your position towards your friends in the tab " Community". Indeed, by clicking on "All", you will be able to switch to a more intimate Ranking. If you like competition, then you will like to keep an eye on the best times to outdo yourself and other players! Otherwise, this option will be of little use to you in understanding how to defeat the boss of each level.

Ranking Second Griffon Summoners War
Compare your scores!

Which team to farm the Second Griffon Awakening?

There are obviously several ways to defeat and farm the Second Griffin Awakening. You can, just like for the Second Awakening Inugami, use the Verdehile team, Fran, the obligatory monster (Griffin here) and Loren. For our part, we propose a small variation.
First of all, we advise you to start with the Second Inugami Awakening of the Fire Inugami in order to be able to use all the potential of Raoq to farm the level 5 of the Second Griffin Awakening more easily.

This is the team we propose.

Team recommended for the second Griffon awakening
With this team, you'll make short work of the Griffin!

This team is composed of :

  • Verdehile as a leader (increases the attack speed of the allied monster in dungeons by 28%) ;
  • Griffin (mandatory monster) ;
  • Loren ;
  • Raoq.

All must be awake.

For this boss, you need maximum control over the monsters' attack gauge, as well as maximum possible damage. In short, you need to hit fast and hard. Ideally, you should exterminate the boss before the towers hit you. If you can't do this, try to destroy the left tower before attacking the boss.

This team is more effective than the one with Fran if your monsters are well run, because you keep control of the enemy's attack gauge as well as your own and you get much more damage with Raoq than with Fran. But again, you need to have good runes on your monsters. If you don't have enough to run Raoq well, Fran might be better. However, Raoq has the elemental advantage, as well as doing more damage than Fran if you stuff level 5 of the Second Griffin Awakening.

The role of each monster in your team:

  • Verdehile allows you to increase your attack gauge;
  • Loren allows you to lower the enemy's attack gauge;
  • The Griffin allows you to increase or decrease the attack gauge according to its element;
  • Raoq is going to be your biggest strike force thanks to his high damage.

Each time you win, you will see the evolution gauge of your Griffin at the top left of your screen. Once it reaches 100%, you can proceed to the second evolution of the Griffin.

Victory bonus Second Griffin awakening

Well done! You have now mastered the art of the Second Griffin Awakening! We hope you have a great time on Summoners War!
To make sure you don't miss out on any more news about the game and to become an experienced summoner, you can check out all our tips on Summoners War! Enjoy the game!

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