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Second Awakening Inugami Summoners War | All About Guide

Second awakening Inugami Summoners War

In Summoners War, you can awaken certain monsters a second time! Thanks to this second awakening, your monsters will get a new appearance and greatly improved stats. This is the case of our dear Inugami. But how do you access the second Inugami awakening? What are the strategic and drop info to know? And what is the best team to get there? We'll explain it all in this article! 🐺

How to access the Second Inugami Awakening?

To access the second Inugami awakening, you must go to the Dimension Hole of Summoners War.

Dimension Hole

Then in Karzhan.


And finally in the Vestiges of Karzhan.

Remains of Karzhan

Once this is done, you arrive at the interface of the Second Inugami Awakening that interests us so much.

Second Awakening Dungeon Inugami Summoners War

There are some pre-requisites before launching out in the Second awakening of its Inugami. Indeed, in order to awaken an Inugami a second time, it is obviously crucial to have an Inugami, and that this one has already been awakened once. It is also necessary that this one has its skills raised to the maximum, without which it will not be possible to proceed to the Second evolution. You also need the right monsters to be able to farm with peace of mind, but we'll talk about that below!

Strategic information about the Second Inugami Awakening

Let's take a look at how to get to grips with the Second Inugami Awakening interface.
By clicking on Strategy, you can access information about the level boss. The boss is always an Inugami, but its element changes according to the level, the boss info allows you to know the particular skills of each boss. There are 5 levels. We also remind you the conditions to launch a fight with the interface of Second awakening Inugami: you imperatively need an Inugami in the fight, and you can only use monsters 4* or lower.

Inugami boss information

In this strategy tab, you can also see which monsters are used most often by players by clicking on Monster Info. This will allow you to see which monsters are the most suitable to carry out your farm and awaken your Inugami as soon as possible. You'll know which team to create with the monsters that have the highest usage percentages!

Inugami monster information

Drop information, mode test and ranking

By clicking on Info, you will see which items you will drop when fighting against the Second Inugami Awakening. There are three of them:

  • Ancient magic stone.
  • Rune ore from Karzhan.
  • Source of ancient magic.

All three give you the opportunity to craft ancient runes in the Crafting building.

Drop information Second Griffon Awakening

Then, when you check the mode Test, you can train! This will not require you to expend any energy and you will know how well your team is doing on the level you are trying to complete. Of course, you won't get any reward for doing well, but it saves energy until you find your ultimate team! You can then try the auto mode to see if your team is a safe team or not.

Mode test

Simply uncheck the Test mode to return to the normal mode of the Second Inugami Awakening.

Let's move on to the Ranking. When you go to this tab, you will be able to see how you rank against other players by selecting "All". You can also find out where you stand against your friends in the "Community" tab. Indeed, by clicking on "All" you will have the possibility to switch to a more intimate ranking. If you like competition, then you'll like to keep an eye on the top times to outdo yourself and other players! Otherwise, this option will be of little use to you in understanding how to defeat the boss of each level.

Second Inugami awakening ranking

Which team to farm the Second Inugami Awakening?

There are several ways to defeat the boss of the Second Inugami Awakening up to level 5. We'll tell you which one we think is the safest!

Team advised second awakening Inugami Summoners War

The team we propose is as follows:

  • Verdehile as a leader (increases the attack speed of the allied monster in dungeons by 28%) ;
  • Inugami (obligatory monster);
  • Fran;
  • Loren.

Of course, all your monsters must be awake.

Why this team? Well, because in order to defeat the Second Inugami Awakening, you'll need a maximum of control over the attack bar, whether it's yours or the boss in front of you. Moreover, you'll need to do good damage in order to nuke the Boss as soon as possible, and if possible, before it's the turn of a Tower (no pun intended) 😅. All of them do this role more or less well.

  • With Verdehile, you can increase your attack speed with each attack.
  • Fran will heal you and lower the enemy's attack bar as well as doing good damage.
  • With Loren, you will be able to lower the enemy's attack bar considerably as well as doing good damage.
  • Finally, with your Inugami, depending on its element, you will be able to do more or less good damage on the enemy or increase your attack bar if you seek to awaken your Inugami light a second time!

If you have good enough runes you can focus the boss without problems, and thus, you can launch in auto combat in order to farm the Second awakening of your Inugami in an optimal way. If you don't have good enough runes to focus the boss yet, you'll have to defeat the left tower first before you can take on the boss!
With each victory, you will be able to see your Inugami's evolution gauge on the left of your screen. When it reaches 100%, you can awaken your monster to the delight of your eyes and your future teams! (We won't name the very famous Tricaru).

Second awakening Inugami Summoners War

You are now ready to emerge victorious from this joust against the Second Inugami Awakening in order to make it your own afterwards! Congratulations! This mode has no more secrets for you!

To make sure you don't miss out on any more news about the game and to become an experienced summoner, you can check out all our tips on Summoners War! Enjoy the game!

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