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Summoners War Runes Guide

rune guide summoners war

Summoners War is a game in which you will have to use runes in order to make the monsters stronger and thus progress more easily in the game. Here's our guide to all the runes in Summoners War.

What are the runes in Summoners War?

A rune is a magical object that improves the main statistics of the monsters that can be obtained. It makes it stronger, more resistant and therefore allows you to progress more easily in Summoners War.

The runes are easily obtainable since they are part of the booty to be obtained when you farm. There is a wide range of them, which makes the game very complete and offers the player a multitude of possible runages.

There are 6 rune slots for Summoners War monsters to delineate runes with and without percentage. The slots are divided into two parts:

  • 1/3/5 slots: these are slots where the runes will not be in percentage ;
  • 2/4/6 pitches: runes with a percentage must be applied. Except in certain cases where a VIT rune must be used for slot 2.
Rune locations in Summoners War
The different locations of the runes

It is extremely important to focus on runes with percentage subproperties. These runes will give better results than those with no percentage subproperties. We will explain this in more detail in the section about improving runes.

Concerning the pitches, the runes without percentages on their main properties are the runes of the odd-numbered pitches (1,3,5).

How to get runes on Summoners War?

You often wonder how to get good runes in Summoners War ? Runes can be obtained in the following places:

  • the scenario: the runes will be available in all the scenarios of the game's history;
  • the Cairos Dungeon: in this dungeon, it is possible to obtain specific runes for each dungeon ;
  • the Rift of Worlds : this world allows you to obtain runes that are impossible to find elsewhere;
  • the Dimension Hole : it's a New world that has been released since a few months and that allows to obtain "improved" runes. Moreover, it allows you to awaken a monster a second time, making it stronger.

The runes from the Summoners War scenario

The story of Summoners War is divided into 13 different scenarios, each linking the main story. It is possible to get only one type of runes for each of these scenarios.

scenario summoners war

For example, if the player wants to play in the "Volcano of Hunger", he can get "Vengeance" runes. If he wants to play in the "Forest of Garen", he will only get "Energy" runes.

In these scenarios, the runes fall in order according to the step number. In a scenario, there are 7 stages and the player has 6 slots. This means that if the player plays in step 3 of the scenario, he will get valid runes on slot 3.

When the player reaches the seventh stage, he will get a random rune on all 6 slots.

So this is where you will get your first runes when you start Summoners War. However I advise you not to increase these runes above +6 / +9 because they are weak and you will replace them very quickly. (so save your mana!)

Here is the list of runes that can be obtained throughout the scenario

As I said, these runes are only useful for beginners because they are only of low grade, not allowing a good progression for the rest.

On the other hand, it is possible to farm runes of legendary rank in Summoners War thanks to the Cairos Dungeon.

IconName of the runeLocation of the rune
rune energy Summoners War Energy (Increases PV by 15%) 2 setsForest of Garen
fatal rune Summoners WarFatal (Increases attack by 35%) 4 set.Mount Siz
rune blade Summoners WarBlade (Increases critical rate by 12%) 2 set.Ruins of Kabir
rune rage Summoners WarFast (Increases speed by 25%) 4 set.White Mountain of Ragon
rune focus Summoners WarFocus (Increases accuracy by 20%) 2 set.Telain Forest
rune keeper Summoners WarGoalie (Increases defence by 15%) 2 set.Ruins of Hydeni
rune endurance Summoners WarEndurance (Increases resistance by 20%) 2 set.Tamor Desert
rune protection Summoners WarProtection (Gives allies a shield for 3 turns) 2 set.Ruins of Vrofagus
rune revenge Summoners WarRevenge (Increases the chance to counterattack by 15%) 2 set.Hunger Volcano
rune will Summoners WarWill (Gives immunity for 1 round) 2 set.Aiden Forest
rune nemesis Summoners WarNemesis (Increases attack by 4%) 2 set.Ferun Castle
rune vampire Summoners WarVampire (Drain of Life 35%) 4 set.Mount Runar
ruen destruction Summoners WarDestruction (max enemy VP -4%) 2 set.Remains of Charuka

The runes obtained in these areas of the story are very low and it is advisable to sell them as soon as the player is able to farm the Giant's Castle.

The runes to be obtained by playing in the Cairos Dungeon

The Cairos Dungeon allows you to obtain higher grade runes with better statistics.

In this dungeon, there are three places where it is absolutely necessary to farm Summoners War runes in order to obtain the runes necessary for a good progression.

You should also know that the runes the player will get in these dungeons are the same as in the scenario, but they are improved. You will quickly notice the drop rate of this runes in Summoners War.

Le Castel du Géant

the giant from Summoners War

The Summoners War Giant's Castel otherwise known as "GB" is essential to obtain the runes. It allows you farming the runes Summoners War :

  • Desperation (4set): Increases the chance of stunning the enemy by 25%;
  • energy (2set) : increases the PV of the ally by 15% ;
  • Fatal (4set): Increases the ally's attack by 35%;
  • blade (2set): increases the critical rate of the alloy by 12% ;
  • fast (4set): increases the speed of the ally by 25%.

We have also made a guide to defeat the GB10 in order to succeed in this necessary step of the progression.

Dragon's Lair

The Dragon from Summoners War

The Dragon's Lair of Summoners War otherwise known as the "DB" provides the following runes:

  • Violent runes (4 sets): Increases the chance of having an extra turn by 22%;
  • runes focus (2 set): Increases accuracy by 20% ;
  • Guardian runes (2 set): Increases defense by 15% ;
  • runes endurances (2 set) : increases the resistance by 20% ;
  • runes protection (2 set): Provides a shield representing 15% of the monster's VP for 3 turns;
  • Vengeance Runes (2 sets): Increases the chance to counterattack by 15%.

These runes allow the player to considerably improve his monsters in order to face the next dungeon and start his PvP ascent.

We have also written a small guide on the DB10 for those who can't make it past the top floor.

The Necropolis

the necropolis of Summoners War

The Necropolis of Summoners War also called "NB" allows you to obtain the following runes:

  • Runes of Rage (4 sets): Increases critical damage by 40%;
  • runes wills (2 sets) : gives immunity for 1 round;
  • Nemesis runes (2 set): Increase the Attack Gauge by 4% each time you lose 7% of your VPs;
  • Vampire Runes (4 set): Allows the Allied monster to recover 35% of the damage dealt;
  • runes destruction (2 set): Enemies' VPs are destroyed by 30% in proportion to the damage inflicted.

He is the last missing link in the ascent to glory. Once this boss is defeated, all that will be left is to farm as needed. This is the most complex boss so don't hesitate to take a tour on our guide to make the NB10 a success.

The runes to be obtained in the Rift of Worlds

The Rift of Worlds Summoners War is a world made for the most experienced Summoners War players. It is divided into 5 creatures and one Raid of Worlds :

  • Fire Beast ;
  • Ice Beast ;
  • Wind Beast ;
  • Light Beast ;
  • Dark Beast.

All the beasts of this world give the same runes. Here is the list of runes to be obtained when they are struck down:

  • rune combat (2 set): Increases the ally's attack by 8%;
  • rune determination (2 set): Increases the ally's defense by 8%;
  • rune upgrade (2 set): Increases the ally's VPs by 8%;
  • rune precision (2 set) : increases the precision of the ally by 10% ;
  • rune tolerance (2 set): increases the resistance of the ally by 10%.
example of runes to get in Summoners War rifts

The runes to get in the Dimension Hole of SW

The Dimension Hole allows you to awaken a monster a second time, but it also allows you to obtain improved runes. Here is the list of runes to be obtained in three different scenarios from Dimension Hole.

Forest of the roaring beasts

This scenario allows the following runes to be obtained:

  • rune rage (4 set): Increases critical damage by 40%;
  • rune energy (2 set): increases PV by 15% ;
  • rune blade (2 set): increases the critical rate by 12% ;
  • rune endurance (2 set) : increases the resistance by 20% ;
  • rune nemesis (2 set): Increases the Attack Gauge by 4% each time you lose 7% of your VPs.
runes forest of roaring beasts Summoners War

Dreamy Fairy Sanctuary

This scenario allows the following runes to be obtained:

  • rune desperation (4 set): Increases the chance of stunning the enemy by 25%;
  • rune endurance (2 set) : increases the resistance by 20% ;
  • rune nemesis (2 set): Increases the Attack Gauge by 4% each time you lose 7% of your VPs;
  • rune will (2 set): Gives immunity for 1 round;
  • rune precision (2 set): increases the precision of the ally by 10%.
runes sanctuary of the dreamy fairies Summoners War

Cliff of the Mighty Beast Men

This scenario allows the following runes to be obtained:

  • vampire rune (4 set): Absorbs 35% of the damage dealt;
  • rune energy (2 set): increases PV by 15% ;
  • rune goalie (2 set) : increases the defense by 15% ;
  • rune will (2 set): Gives immunity for 1 round;
  • rune destruction (2 set): Reduces enemy VPs by 4%.
runes cliffs men betes Summoners War

How do you equip the right runes on your monsters?

Summoners War has several monsters, each with a specific role. The different runes available in this game have specific abilities for a type of monster. So let's talk more about Summoners War runes for monsters.

The types of monster

As mentioned above, there are different runages depending on the role of the assigned monster. In Summoners War, it is possible to find four types of monsters:

  • attack-type monsters;
  • PV type monsters;
  • defense-type monster;
  • support type monsters.

Examples of runage by monster type

These monsters will not be run in the same way since their role varies depending on the use the player wants to make of them. We will see the main runages to apply to these types of monsters.

Types of monstersUsage and Running
Attack type monstersAttack type monsters have very few VP, but a very large attack. This will be complemented by a high critical rate and critical damage. It is necessary to apply extra speed.
PV type monstersPV type monsters essentially work with their PVs. Their attacks can depend on the VP they have and it is necessary to apply a large number of VP. In addition, it may be possible to apply resistance and speed for fast play.
Defense-type monstersThese monsters function as the main support and help to sustain an entire team. They mostly possess caring skills. It can be interesting to apply a lot of VP to them but especially a good defense to resist and hold until the end of a fight.
Support type monstersSupporters are essential for a good team. They allow to apply advantages to the allied team but debuffs on the enemies. It is interesting to apply a good amount of speed and precision to them to use them at their best!

The runage will therefore be modified according to the use the player wants to apply to the monsters he owns. If you have any doubts, we advise you to visit the sw-db website which references all the monsters and where members share their runages and vote for the best ones.

Rune Enhancement in Summoners War

Like many games, Summoners war allows you to upgrade runes up to +15, which greatly increases the power of the chosen monster.

But one has to be careful with the improvements that are randomly given on the sub-properties of the rune. Logically, we must give priority to speed and avoid having sub-statistics without percentage and therefore, to have sub-properties with percentage.

Let me explain, if a player has the next rune, he will try to ensure that the rune does not increase the so-called "flat" sub-property, that is, without percentage.

rune violent Summoners War

For example, I'm going to raise it to +12 to see if the flat sub-property could be increased.

Violent Rune Upgrade +12 Summoners War

For example, here we can see that the PV% has been increased, but not the other sub-properties in percentage. On the other hand, the flat sub-property has been increased. If this happens (and it happens often), you will have to choose on whom to assign this rune in order to have the best possible runage.

Be careful, even with a flat subproperty, you will then be able to modify it with a gem as we will see in the next part.

Revaluation and Enchanting Stones in Summoners War

If a rune is not at all satisfactory or if improvements have been made on flat subproperties, it is possible to revalue the rune using the revaluation stones. It's possible to get the best runes in Summoners War with this method.

They can be obtained via the in-game events or made in the crafting building.

revaluation stone in Summoners War

Once obtained, these stones can be used on the Revaluation tab.

here's how to use the revaluation stones in Summoners War

Enchantments are used to improve a sub-property of a rune. It is possible to amplify the subproperty with a gemstone or to replace it with another subproperty like here.

Rune enchantments in Summoners War

Thanks to this Summoners War Rune Guide, you now know how to use the right runes for your monsters. Of course, this will vary depending on the monster and the game mode, but you already have the basics of the strategy to adopt for your monsters' runes in 90% of the cases on SW.

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