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Summoning Lost Centuria | Drop rate and Crystal cost per rarity

Invocations Lost Centuria

Wondering what your chances are of getting a legendary card? What is the drop rate of the cards in Lost Centuria? Are there any tricks to maximize your chances of getting more cards? We're going through the summons Lost Centuria to give you as much information as possible. Yes, yes, we've worked out some clever calculations to get the precise statistics for you (because we've been asking ourselves all these questions too!).
In this article, we will analyse the chances of obtaining the different rarity levels of the cards or skill stones. We will also deduce their cost in Crystals and Alliance Coins. If you are not very mathematical, it's not a big deal, just follow the guide! 🍀

Summoning Lost Centuria : Card drop rates and crystal costs

Let's start with a tip: if you already have Mystic Books in your possession and you also have a x10 summons at 2,700 Crystals, first launch your book openings. Then, do the x10 summons in order tooptimise the cost of your summons.
Important to know before anything else, whether you only do 1 summon or a batch of 10 summons Lost Centuria, by means of the Mystic Books, it doesn't change anything to the chance of obtaining such or such card rarity or multipliers.

Invocations Lost Centuria

The costs shown here will depend on two factors: whether you perform one invocation at 300 Crystals or whether you perform 10 invocations Lost Centuria at 2,700 Crystals.

Normal cards ⬜️

Invocations Lost Centuria normal cards

You have a 58. 5% chance of getting one. That's one every 512 Crystals if you buy a single Mystic Book or every 462 Crystals if you cast 10 summons at once.

Of course, this cost is relative. Knowing that there is almost a 60% chance of getting them, you will get them very often. Potentially, almost every 300 crystals if you are not very lucky.

Rare Cards 🟩

Invocations Lost Centuria rare cards

You have a 23. 75% chance of getting a rare card, which is a cost of 1,263 Crystals if you buy a single Mystic Book or 1,136 Crystals if you cast 10 simultaneous summons.

Heroic cards 🟪

Invocations Lost Centuria heroic cards

For heroic cards, the chance rate will really drop! You have a 9. 75% chance of getting a heroic card, which is a cost of 3,077 Crystals if you buy a single Mystic Book or 2,769 Crystals if you cast 10 summons (which is already more expensive than our summoning cost!).

Many players have asked us if it is worth buying a 250-crystal heroic card when it is offered in the Magic Shop. Without hesitation, given the drop rate and cost, it's clearly an investment you should make as soon as possible! At least you are 100% sure to get one, it's much more profitable than opening a 300-crystal Mystic Book.

Legendary Cards 🟧

Legendary cards

For the Legendary cards, hold on tight! You only have a 3% chance of getting one. This is equivalent to spending 10,000 Crystals for a single summons and 9,000 Crystals if you cast 10 summons. So when you get one, you can rejoice!

Summoning Lost Centuria : Drop rate of skill stones

Let's continue this summoning guide Lost Centuriawith the skill stones! You should know that you only have a 3% chance of getting a normal skill stone. This is the same drop rate as the Legendary cards. But then, if we talk about the percentage of chances to obtain rare or heroic skill stones, then it gets harder.
To obtain a rare stone, you already have a 1. 5% chance per summoning (that is to say an expense between 18,000 and 20,000 Crystals depending on whether you cast 1 or 10 summons). For heroic skill stones, you have a 0. 5% chance of obtaining one (i.e. between 54,000 and 60,000 Crystals spent).

In addition, as explained in the guide to getting started on Lost Centuria, you can purchase a normal skill stone with your alliance coins. You will have to pay 1,000 coins to summon a stone. Be careful, this purchase does not prevent duplicates! You therefore run the risk of summoning a stone that you already have. Moreover, as with the Mystic Books, this purchase does not give you the possibility of obtaining a legendary skill stone. Good to know...

Wedding ring shop Lost Centuria

Basically, when you buy a skill stone summon card from the alliance shop, you get :

  • 65. 5% chance of obtaining a normal skill stone (or, on average, 1,538 alliance coins).
  • 30% chance of obtaining a rare skill stone (or, on average, 3,333 alliance coins).
  • 5% chance of obtaining a heroic skill stone (or, on average, 20,000 alliance coins).

Latest news on invocations Lost Centuria

We have not mentioned the Ancient Summoning Books, as they cannot be purchased with Crystals. Besides, you will get too few of them in your progression for it to be really relevant to make an in-depth study of them.
Similarly, Glorious Summonings are not detailed here, as there are no real statistics available about them, and anyway, it is not possible to get a legendary card through this way. Not very interesting to look into.

This guide to invocations Lost Centuria has been completed. I hope it has helped you to understand everything about how invocations work. It often feels like we never have any luck, but rest assured, everyone is on the same page with RNG! 😜 Hopefully you'll have good luck summoning the best monsters on tier list!
Good game to all and summon well! 🍀

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