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How do I change my account on PUBG Mobile?

Changing your PUBG Mobile account

If you want to change your account on PUBG Mobile, you've come to the right place! In this article, we explain how to delete your account, create a new one, or change your nickname on PUBG. We'll also tell you why you should link your PUBG Mobile account to your social networks! Shall we go? Let's not waste time and get to the heart of the matter 😉

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How do I delete my PUBG Mobile account?

On PUBG Mobile, you have the option of logging in in several ways. You can log in as a guest, but you may not get your data back if you uninstall the game. You can log in by linking PUBG Mobile to your Facebook account, or by logging into the game with your Twitter account.

When you want to recreate an account or simply quit the game, you usually want to delete your old PUBG Mobile account. Remember, deleting your account is permanent and your data will be lost forever. If this is what you want, here are the steps to permanently delete your account:

  • Launch the PUBG Mobile game on your smartphone.
  • Go to the menu on the main screen (bottom right arrow).
  • Go to "Settings".
  • Click on "Delete" at the bottom of your screen. You will have 7 days to continue enjoying the game before your account is permanently deleted.

Afterwards, you can always choose to sell your account, like many other players! 😂

How do I create a new PUBG account?

Creating a new PUBG Mobile account is easy! You can delete your old account and create a brand new one with your Facebook or Twitter account.

Alternatively, you can combine multiple PUBG Mobile accounts! What do you mean by that? You might ask. Well, you can create multiple accounts if you have multiple social networks. It's as simple as that. You can simply log out of the current account and select "Login asGuest". Go through the whole process of starting the game by creating your character and selecting the server. You can then link to another of your social networks than the one used for your main account.

Sign in to your PUBG Mobile account
Sign in to your PUBG Mobile account

There are several advantages to having several accounts. First, it allows you to focus on different missions depending on the account. You can use your main account so that your rank on PUBG Mobile does not decrease. While you can use a second account as a training ground outside of ranked games.

To switch and change accounts easily, you just have to log out of your Facebook account and log into your Twitter account. And vice versa.

How to recover your PUBG mobile account?

You're thinking "I've lost my PUBG Mobile account, but how do I get it back ?". Well, don't panic! We have the solution.

There are several scenarios. If your account is banned from the game and you think you have been wrongly banned, the easiest way is to contact PUBG directly at this address: [email protected] and make a request.

There are several reasons why your account may be blocked. You may have been reported by a player. If you have been identified as a cheater, this is a possibility. It is also the same if you use software to win your games.

Also, if you were only logged in as a guest and uninstalled the game, you may lose your data. It is therefore normal that you have lost your account. Always make sure to link your social accounts such as Facebook or Twitter to log into PUBG Mobile. Then you will be sure to keep your game data. Another scenario is that your Twitter or Facebook account has been hacked. Or you have lost your Facebook and Twitter account login and password. This is annoying, because you can't log in without being online on your linked networks.

If you have simply forgotten the Twitter or Facebook password, ask these social networks for a new password. In this case, there is nothing you can do about the game itself. If one of your social networks is hacked, go to your PUBG Mobile account. Select the login interface (Facebook or Twitter) and do "Add a new account". That's it!

How to change your in-game name?

Changing your nickname in the mobile game PUBG is not as easy as it sounds. It's not enough to simply go to your profile and change your ID. No. However, there is a simple way to change your name in-game.

First, you need to launch the PUBG Mobile game and go to the home screen. Then go to your inventory. Your character's inventory is available at the bottom right of your home screen. Right next to the arrow leading to the menu.

Once you are in your inventory, you will see a blue chest icon. On the far right of the screen. Click on it. You should have a name card in this chest. This name card can only be used once a day. This card allows you to change the nickname that appears in the game! If you don't have a name card left, you can buy one in the shop in the Treasure section. To do this, you will need to earn CPUs on PUBG Mobile. You will need 180 CPUs to do this.

Change your PUBG Mobile nickname
Change your PUBG Mobile nickname

Alternatively, you can always receive name cards as a reward by doing challenges or leveling up!

Now you know how to change your PUBG Mobile account! Have you had any problems logging in? Tell us about your experiences in the comments! If you want to get further into the game, check out our article on how to get better!

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  1. Linda

    My pubg account was hacked and they deactivated my facebook account via Instagram that my facebook was linked with pubg mobile and pubg support said to me to check with your Facebook account knowing that I sent all the proofs that it is my account

    • Hakio

      Hi Linda, unfortunately the only solution is to unblock your Facebook account through FB support. :/

  2. Fatma

    My Twitter and Facebook accounts have been hacked, how can I delete both accounts in Pubg Mobile?
    Best regards

    • Hakio

      You can remove your linked social media accounts in your PUBG Mobile account settings and then put in your new accounts. Otherwise, I invite you to contact PUBG Mobile support directly


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