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Set 6 TFT Champions Guide: Gizmos & Gadgets

Champions Guide Set 6 TFT

The Set 6 TFT brings its share of new champions. Some are returning and others are joining the stage for the first time, such as Silco. And if you want to find out more about all the TFT champion classes Set 6 we have reviewed everything. It's going to be a while before we know everything about the Hextech Augments. On the other hand, on the champions' side, I suggest this little sheet published by Riot Games. It will allow you to easily find out which class a champion belongs to in Set 6 TFT in Gizmos & Gadgets.

All the information on the new champions of the Set 6 TFT

First of all, it's not all new! Many of the heroes are identical or almost identical to their set 5 or previous version, such as Miss Fortune. However, we will not dwell on these champions. Instead, we'd rather focus on the list of champions in Set 6 TFT that take advantage of the new classes and types in Gizmos & Gadgets. So let's check out Jayce, Jinx, Tahm Kench and Yuumi. But Jinx will be particularly memorable for its incredible damage.

Jayce the vigilante

In the Set 6 TFT, Jayce draws its strength from its Transformer Champion class. Far from being a space robot, he will nevertheless impress with his versatility. As explained in our class guide for this set, his type will change depending on his placement. You will be able to choose between his Hammer form and his Cannon form each round. Note that Jayce is of type Enforcer, Transformer and Innovator. If this doesn't ring a bell, go back to the guide in the introduction.

jayce transformer champion Set 6 TFT

More clearly, the effect of the Transformer type on Jayce is :

  • If you place Jayce on the first line, he will take his Hammer form. This means that he will play in melee. Ideally, Jayce should have tank items to sustain on behalf of his team. He will swing his weapon twice before slamming it down on the nearest enemies to reduce their defences.
  • On the other hand, playing Jayce on another line from a distance in this Set 6 will give him his Canon form. From there, he will boost the attack speed of other champions in his line via an acceleration portal. Once the portal is deployed, all three of his attacks will have an electricity bonus.

The advantage of this pick over the other Set 6 TFT champions is that you can move it forward or backward as you build up your champions, evaluate your options, and determine your composition. If you takeHextech Optimization which offers a damage bonus on the first 2 rows, Jayce melee may be a good option. Otherwise, to bet on versatility in your game, take a look at the list of Hextech Augments currently available. To move it around easily, the Hand of Justice is relatively well suited to its Melee and Range forms.

Moreover, thanks to its three types, Jayce will be able to obtain synergies simply. I'm thinking for example of a synergy with Vi or Caitlyn in Enforcer and a Ezreal or a Seraphine in Innovator. The Innovator mechanical companion (3 champions minimum) will be able to boost Jayce 's protection with a melee shield and provide light support. If you choose Vi, it also unlocks the next champion option in this Set 6 TFT: JinxSister!

Jinx explosive, in damage champion mode

Like Kai'Sa, who remains an ideal choice for escaping the ultimates of Lux or other long-range characters, Jinx has a particular mobility. Rather than remaining quietly hidden behind all the champions of Set 6, she can't help but join her comrades at the front. Indeed, she straddles her rocket and goes crashing down on the other side of the enemies, where they are most numerous. She also inflicts magical damage on impact. And, as if she were missing something already, the landing zone then bursts into flames to burn all the champions inside (yours too). The damage of the area is calculated based on the max HP of the champions in this Set 6 TFT.

Jinx damage TFT Set 6

In this Set 6 Gizmos & Gadgets , Jinx inflicts damage that can reach monstrous levels. It has the means to unlock a fight on its own right now on the test servers. Beware though, Jinx is not immune to a damage nerf before its release. In addition, she has three types, like Jayce : Sister, Scrap and Twinshot. This will allow for many synergies. I won't go over all the classes again, but the Sister type is unique to the Vi/Jinxduo.

While Jinx does a lot of damage, it can still fall quite easily at the end of the game (due to its movement towards the melee). Thus, the addition of a Yuumi can pay off. With the jump of Jinx, the Yuumi can easily switch from the shooter to the melee champions to optimize the protection of her allies.

Yuumi and its hugs

And here is the trick of cuteness and evilness in one character: Yuumi. Just like in the MOBA, we play on his flying cat side, but don't be fooled by his naive looks. Underneath that mask is a potential monster. Yuumi matches the Scholar, Academic and Cuddles types among the other champions of Set 6 TFT.

The latter can trigger a skill similar to that of League of Legends in arena. Indeed, it launches waves of magical damage and control that stun for 0.5 seconds the opponents touched. The rest of its operation and movement is fairly simple to understand. Place it as close as possible to the ally you want it to protect at the beginning of the round. The shield offered to the ally is proportional to a part of the Max HP of Yuumi. Once the shield is broken, Yuumi detaches itself and joins the ally with the lowest HP to protect it.

This Set 6 TFT champion can't lose life when protecting someone, but every hit he gets gains him mana. Yuumi can be a good protector against assassins, to support a tank that is struggling a bit or to protect a crazy Jinx.

Tahm Kench the glutton of the Set 6 TFT

Of the Fighter, Glutton and Mercenary types, Tahm Kench is not afraid to swallow its fellow man to make room. Indeed, this champion of the Set 6 TFT is starving! Each round, you can feed him with a unit, which will give him a characteristic bonus for the whole game. The more expensive the unit, the more he likes it and the better the bonus! So if you drop your Yuumi at 5 PO, you might as well give it to the big toad.

Tahm Kench glutton champion teamfight tactics

Against enemies, the strategy of Tahm Kench is... exactly the same. The latter uses devouring as a skill in Set 6 TFT. Thus, he can swallow an enemy, causing him magic damage over time. In its belly, the opponent is immune to damage and Tahm Kench gains a tough skin, also suffering reduced damage. He then spits the enemy out as far as possible, stunning another champion if they hit him.

But if the opponent never comes out and ends up dying inside, it's a jackpot! After all, the best meal is still the one left inside, right? Then you get a random item component from the eaten unit or its price in PO.

That's it for the list of special Set 6 TFT champions and their special skills and classes. For those curious, here is the original release posted by Riot in the Teamfight Tactics section. According to their post, we can expect more discoveries in the coming days or weeks.

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