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TFT Set 7: Our tips on new types and champions

Patch notes, types and classes of champions in the TFT set 7

After a Set 6 season that saw the introduction of augments, the TFT set 7 patch is now available on the PBE ahead of its arrival on the live servers on 8 June 2022. Let's take a look at the new types and champions for this Dragonlands season, which is all about dragons.

List of TFT set 7 types

In this season called Dragonlands, there are a total of 28 types of champions in TFT set 7: Shimmerscale, Warrior, Guild, Cavalier, Astral, Ragewing, Dragonmancer, Tempest, Swiftshot, Revel, Shapeshifter, Mirage, Guardian, Jade, Trainer, Mage, Scalescorn, Whispers, Legend, Mystic, Evoker, Starcaller, Cannoneer, Dragon, Bruiser, Assassin, Bard and Spell-thief.

As the TFT set 7 has just been released, it is not yet possible to see any meta emerging. However, here are our tips and tricks on the new champion classes and origins.

Dragon type (1)

Let's start right away with the type of champion that gives this season of Dragonlands its name. TFT set 7's Dragon class champions cost twice as much as other champions of their rank and take up two spots on your field, just like the Colossi from the previous set.

TFT set 7: Aurelion Sol

For this price, the Dragon Champion gains 600 HP and counts triple for synergy. However, the trait can only be activated if you have a single Dragon. Let's take the example of Aurelion Sol. By placing him on the field, he will unlock the first tier of the Astral type, which will bring 5 AP to your entire team.

Here is the list of the 7 Dragons available in TFT in set 7:

  • Ao Shin (10), Tempest
  • Aurelion Sol (10), Astral Evoker
  • Daeja (8), Mirage
  • Idas (8), Shimmerscale Guardian
  • Shi Oh Yu (8), Mystic Jade
  • Shyvana (10), Ragewing Shapeshifter
  • Syfen (8), Whispers Bruiser

Type Scalescorn (2/4/6)

If you are not tempted by the Dragons, you may be more interested in Scalescorn. In any case, it is not possible to combine the two. Indeed, this origin cannot be activated at the same time as the Dragon class.

TFT set 7: Olaf and Diana

If you meet this requirement, Scalescorn champions from the set 7 in TFT will gain a magic damage bonus as well as a damage reduction when attacked by a champion with more than 2500 HP.

4 champions belong to this type:

  • Braum (2), Guardian
  • Diana (3), Assassin
  • Lillia (2), Mage Cavalier
  • Olaf (3), Bruiser Warrior

Type Dragonmancer (3/5/7)

When you place your Dragonmancers from the set 7 in TFT on the field, you receive the Dragonmancer blessing. This blessing allows you to choose a hero from among them, who will get a massive VP and AP bonus by becoming a VIP.

New type of set 7 in TFT Dragonmancer

This is a type similar to the Seducers from Set 6.5, except that you can choose your Hero without having to wait for the right version of the champion to be available in the shop.

  • Ashe (2), Jade Swiftshot
  • Karma (1), Jade
  • Lee Sin (3), Tempest
  • Sett (1), Ragewing
  • Swain (3), Ragewing Shapeshifter
  • Volibear (3), Shimmerscale Legend
  • Yasuo (5), Mirage Warrior

The Bard type (1)

Bard is the only champion of this type. When a champion of your team survives a fight, Bard has a 2% chance to create a Doot. If he is the one left alive, he automatically creates one.

TFT set 7: Bard

Each Doot collected increases your chances of obtaining rare, epic and legendary champions in the shop by 1%. So it's a long-term gamble, as your chances of putting together your dream team at the end of the game will be drastically improved. In addition to this class, Bard also has the Guild and Mystic types.

The type Starcaller (1)

Let's continue with the new TFT types on set 7 with another unique champion. In addition to her Jade origin, Soraka represents the class Starcaller. This allows her to heal your little legend if she unleashes her ultimate attack during combat. While this heal is only 2 HP when she is level 1, it increases to 4 HP at level and 100 HP at level 3.

New class of the TFT set 7 Starcaller

Soraka will therefore be one to watch closely as she can potentially make you invincible. Nevertheless, she is a legendary champion and it will be very complicated to get 9 versions of her to level her up. It will probably be interesting to try a combo with Bard to increase the chances of getting it in the shop.

Guild type (1/2/3/4/5/6)

To finish our overview of the new TFT set 7 types, let's turn to the Guild Champions. Each champion has its own bonus, and this bonus is doubled for characters of the same type. This trait is activated as soon as you have a Guild Champion.

TFT set 7: Talon and Twitch

Here are the 5 Guild champions and the bonus they bring to their teammates:

  • Bard (5), Mystic Bard: +2 mana per attack
  • Ryze (3), Mage: +10 AP
  • Sejuani (1), Cavalier: +100 VP
  • Talon (4), Assassin: +10 AD
  • Twitch (2), Swiftshot : +10 attack speed

That concludes our guide to the champion types in the TFT set 7. Now it's time for you to get out there and learn how to play with all the new season's subtleties. The least we can say is that the match-ups are going to be unpredictable.

Between the augments and the new type skills, we have plenty of material to try out in a variety of compositions. And if you're planning on getting into TFT with Set 7, I invite you to check out our guide to learning how to play.

Alco A fan of video games, SF, comics, cinema and new technologies, he is a bit of a geek cliché, but he assumes it.

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