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Tier list Idle Heroes

On Idle HeroesThere is no shortage of characters and you can quickly get lost. Between factions, abilities, star ratings and classes, it's not easy to make sense of it all. While everyone is groping for the best possible match, our Tier List Idle Heroes will help you in your choices. But before you start dreaming and drooling over the Idle Heroes god tier characters, we advise you to keep your feet on the ground. They are appealing, but in any case, you will have to face the sad reality. In this RPG where management is very important, you have to make do with what you have... You will have to deal with luck and hope for very good draws(Circle of Summoning, Prophet's Tree...).
This tier list champions Idle Heroes will remain useful in the long run. Indeed, it will avoid you to use powerful heroes as promotion or improvement materials. 🙄

Multiple Tier Lists for more visibility?

All video game players know that a Tier List can never claim to be an absolute truth. We are not talking about balancing and changes over time, but about the multiple factors to be taken into account, such as the different game modes that exist. For example, a Tier List PVE and a Tier Tist PVP should be made for more precision. But also differentiating a Tier List Idle Heroes 5 star and a Tier List Idle Heroes 10 star would make sense to take into account the power of the heroes according to their rank. The problem is that by multiplying the rankings, we may gain in precision but we lose a lot in readability.

Idle Heroes tier list

We have therefore chosen to classify the best heroes according to their faction to offer the best Tier List Idle Heroes beginner. In addition to offering a simple and affordable reading for new players who wish to manage their progression over the long term, this choice has two big advantages:

  1. It allows you to form a team with as many heroes of the same faction as possible to benefit from a group bonus.
  2. It allows you to optimize the management of your heroes stock to distinguish those that should absolutely not be transformed into upgrade material: heroes of one faction upgrade with heroes of the same faction. As stated in our guide to getting started in Idle Heroes5-star heroes are rare resources. It's up to you to manage your stockpile well. 😎

Tier List Idle Heroes of the Forest

Idle Heroes tier list forest
  • Garuda : among the heroes of the Forest, there is no doubt that Garuda is by far the best character. There is no need to hesitate, she can be part of any team. She inflicts a lot of damage and doesn't even have to wait her turn to attack. She shines in both PVP and PVE and is not that fragile with her sustain and immunity to crowd control.
  • Rogan : Rogan looks like an assassin but is actually an excellent support hero. He doesn't provide healing or control, but does offer an attack and speed bonus to the rest of your formation using his passive. His flexibility and utility make him a consistent choice in many situations, in both quick and long fights.
  • Elyvia : This forest priestess did not appear in the game very long ago, but she quickly established herself as an excellent heroine. This support character with a "classic" profile can protect your team. Elyvia not only heals her allies, but also reduces the damage of her opponents for double the effectiveness. The icing on the cake is that her speed swap will surprise more than one PvP-optimised hero.

Tier List Idle Heroes of the Fortress

Idle Heroes tier list fortress
  • Penny : This gun is a weapon of mass destruction as its huge barrel suggests. In addition to effectively spraying the battlefield, she burns enemies to a crisp. But what makes her all the more remarkable is her ability to tank hits. This is unusual for a DPS character, but she has a number of useful armours to reduce damage and purge checks.
  • Sherlock : This character combines efficiency with good play. This mage has more than one trick up his sleeve and has a very complete profile that will allow you to particularly shine in PvP, whatever the composition of your opponent. On the one hand, he can turn an enemy into a harmless dummy and reduce his power to nothing. On the other hand, one of his passive skills allows him to transfer a control effect to an enemy... A good way to counter other players and use their own power against them.
  • Unimax-3000: This warrior is built like an ice-cream cabinet. Solid on his feet, he excels more particularly in PvP where his taunt and damage reduction make him an impenetrable fortress. As if that wasn't enough, he has several skills to heal himself and keep his body blocked as long as possible.

Tier List of the heroes of the Abyss

Idle Heroes tier list Abyss
  • Cthugha : This shooter will set the battlefield on fire, and is a very good first choice for a 10-star hero. He will allow you to progress far in many game modes, especially in PVE as he is a huge and constant source of damage. He hurts his enemies over time and also burns those who dare to attack him. Some will regret his relative lack of tankyness, but if he dies, he will bring his opponents to their graves.
  • Delacium : This mage has a special mechanic that requires a minimum of organisation in your composition. It plays with the malus of its opponents to increase their duration while amplifying its own damage. In a well thought out composition, it offers great strategic possibilities, especially in PVP.
  • Kroos : He belongs to the category of priests, but his fighting style is very aggressive. He does a lot of damage and can attack the back lines directly. When you add his stun to his kit, he becomes a first choice character.

Tier List of the Shadow Heroes

Idle Heroes tier list shadow
  • Ithaqua : has decent damage in PVE, but is also very effective in PVP. She has the advantage of targeting the enemy with the least HP first, which allows her to avoid RNG and fight quickly with a numerical advantage. When it kills an enemy, it multiplies its attacks and becomes even more deadly, allowing for destructive chain reactions.
  • Horus : Despite his bird-like appearance, this shadowy character should not be mistaken for a turkey. He appears in the majority of Tier List Idle Heroes because of his complete and flexible profile. Depending on his build, he can excel as a tank as well as a DPS.
  • Jahra : This mage is a bit behind the other two heroes mentioned above. However, she has an exploitable control and an explosiveness that can surprise many. Indeed, she gains energy by being attacked, which allows her to launch her skills at a fast pace.

Tier List Heroes of Darkness and Light

Idle Heroes tier list shadow darkness

These heroes are a bit special as they are very complicated to obtain and improve. If theoretically, the majority of them belong to the Tier List God Tier Idle Heroes category, you must however keep in mind that you will have to get up early to obtain them at maximum rank.

  • Drake : One of the big assets of this hero is his speed, which will allow him to quickly activate the effects of his skills, such as a huge debuff of enemy defensive stats. This will allow him to inflict a lot of damage, but also to indirectly boost the rest of your team. This asset is even more effective, as it targets weak targets that will have a hard time surviving... Beware of the dragon's wrath in your PvP battles.
  • Russell: This archer of light has a reputation as a god tier hero who doesn't play by any rules. His passive, which activates at the start of a fight regardless of his speed, is a big deal. It allows him to make an opponent's carry with a good RNG much less effective. He also benefits from a temporary immunity to controls and especially from a huge burst, as useful in PvE as in PvP.
  • Amen-Ra: Whether in a Tier List Idle Heroes 5 star or a Tier List Idle Heroes 10 star, you can't find a better support character than Amen-Ra. Her active skill commands respect. It allows you to render enemies harmless by petrifying them while providing a shield for your entire team. This skill allows you to turn the outcome of a fight around and gain a definite advantage without depending on the RNG. Finally, its passive, which transforms your enemies' heals into damage, allows you to counter a number of opposing strategies.

Here we are at the end of our tier list Idle Heroes beginner. This tier list should help you to manage your heroes stock to get the best composition. There are other niche heroes that can be defended. But all the heroes presented here are good values that allow you to invest without taking risks 😉

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