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All about the TOA of Summoners War

guide toa summoners war

The TOA of Summoners War, otherwise known as the "Court of Ascension", is a mandatory part of your progression. It is divided into two parts, the TOA (Normal) and the TOAH (Hard), with increasing difficulty. In order to get through it, you will have to go up to floor 100 and fight the final boss that awaits you there.

The Summoners War TOA in detail and the rewards

The TOA is a 100-storey tower in which you have to fight your way through and apply different strategies in order to defeat all the bosses. I think this is one of the biggest challenges on your Summoners War journey. You'll need to arm yourself with patience (and moral support) to access the summoners war toa rewards.

tour ascension summoners war

Note that the TOA and TOAH reset every 30 days, giving you plenty of time to reach your final goal of defeating the boss on floor 100.

TOA is simpler than its counterpart TOAH, which requires a strategy of starting from scratch with much stronger monsters. It is important to remember that the two bosses mentioned below (in the Summoners War TOA boss guide), are present at the same time, but on a different TOA.
For example, Lyrith is the TOA boss and Ath'aros is the TOAH boss.

Many rewards :

  • floor 10: 50 energies ;
  • Floor 20 : 1 Arcenmon 4* ( Lvl 1 );
  • stage 30: scroll Mystic x1;
  • stage 40: 100 crystals ;
  • stage 50: scrolls Mystic x2;
  • floor 60 : 1 Arcenmon 5* ( Lvl 1 ) ;
  • floor 70 : Devilmon x1 ;
  • Floor 80: 300 crystals ;
  • floor 90: scroll of light & darkness x1;
  • floor 100: scroll Legendary x1.

In addition, you should take into account that every five floors you receive 5 free crystals which increase proportionally with your progress. For example, on floor 95, you will receive 50 crystals.

In addition, summoning stones will be available on all other floors (1 to 4 and 6 to 9 and so on).

rewards toa

There are two final bosses for the two TOAs which are totally different in the way they are fought. You will have to apply different strategies depending on the boss you are facing. You will have to adapt your team in order to have the advantage even before you start the fight.

Your progress in the Ascension Tower

When you start to progress in this infernal tower, you have to take several things into account. Obviously, your strategy will not be the same depending on the different bosses you encounter. Each boss has its own skills, but also its own weaknesses.

The first few bosses are easy to beat, but for a small level it's already a challenge. Some of them will make you pull your hair out. For example, on the first few levels, you won't be able to place DoTs on them, they are immune to freezing, sleeping and they can't be stunned.

The two final bosses that we have been talking about for a while are the following:

But as mentioned, you'll have to deal with bosses, some of which may be harder to beat than the two final bosses. To defeat them, there are an indefinable number of teams, as there are so many monsters capable of forming a fairly solid team.
There are, for example, farmable teams and teams that rely on luck, which you can get only by dropping certain monsters.

Don't worry, without having a BAC+5 in strategy, TOA remains accessible to all. There is an icon of mutual aid for the most reckless among you! It allows you to know which monsters are the most used to defeat the boss of your floor.

monsters used toa sw

For example, monsters like "Loren" or "Verad" are very useful because "Loren" allows you to reduce the attack gauge of the enemies and to reduce their defence and "Verad" allows you to freeze them, which causes an almost unstoppable control. The whole strategy of TOA and TOAH is based on control. This means that enemy monsters cannot attack you while you are killing them.

That's why it's extremely important to find the right balance between your monsters and determine which ones can control and which ones can inflict heavy damage.

The difference between TOA and TOAH

Like any self-respecting strategy game at turn-based , you need a little difficulty. You will be served! TOAH is distinguished by its high level which is in no way equal to that of TOA. For those of you who have already completed TOA, you may have noticed that the monsters have higher levels. This is normal! The monsters are 10 levels higher than in TOA.

toah summoners war

You can also say goodbye to your teams with duplicates (yes, we see you). Players with a lot of imagination can put a double "Verad" to quote the example above, to control to the maximum. This is simply not available on TOAH (we had to increase the difficulty).

TOA is more about testing your runes, while TOAH is a whole set of strategies including the synergy of your monsters and runes.

You can opt for a team whose only skill is controlling. Getting through this TOA Hard is doable, but expect very long runs. Sometimes you will spend several dozen minutes on the last few floors.

Now that you know everything about the Summoners War TOA, you just have to go for it! Climb that tower before the countdown is over!


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