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Tower of Fantasy Beginner's Guide: tips and advice

Tower of Fantasy Beginner's Guide: tips and advice

Tower of Fantasy is the Genshin Impact concurrent. You're looking forward to it, but you feel a bit lost in front of the mass of content that the action-RPG offers? It must be said that the open world is huge and there is no lack of activities. To help you get started, we have written this Tower of Fantasy beginner's guide. In this article you will find many tips and tricks to get started in ToF. We'll show you the different features of the game, how to progress quickly, how to build a good team, how to summon Simulacra, etc.

Start at Tower of Fantasy

Start at Tower of Fantasy

Getting started with Tower of Fantasy can seem daunting because of the amount of content the action-RPG offers. Just by exploring the open world, you can spend many hours collecting resources and solving puzzles.

But at first, we advise you to concentrate on the story quest. This will allow you to quickly increase your level, but also to unlock many useful features such as a motorcycle (your first vehicle) or the daily quests. You will then be able to explore the open world more easily.

Exploration in ToF

Tower of Fantasy Black nucleus

Exploration in ToF is one of the most important aspects of the game. Simply by walking around the open world, you can find multiple resources, including Black Nucleus and Gold Nucleus. These materials are used to summon characters. As you approach Nucleus or chests, you will see them indicated on your mini-map.

By filling the exploration gauge of the different regions of Tower of Fantasy, you will raise a progress gauge giving you access to many rewards.

Tower of Fantasy map

To facilitate your exploration, complete Ruins A-01, A-02 and A-03 as soon as possible to collect Relics. These items will allow you to interact with several game mechanisms. You can then increase their level. Also, equip a firearm or a bow to be able to hit targets from a distance, such as dandelions containing Nucleus. When you see one, simply shoot it and the Nucleus will fall. You will also regularly need a fire weapon to burn vines and clear chests.

Finally, quickly activate the various teleportation points to navigate the open world more easily. And don't hesitate to use your motorcycle or other means of transportation.

Locate all the items to collect with the Tower of Fantasy interactive map.

Tower of Fantasy invocations

Standard Wish from Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is based on Gacha mechanics. It is by going through summoning portals that you will be able to unlock new weapons, but also obtain powerful arrays.

You can summon weapons with 3 types of Nucleus in the Special Orders menu:

  • Gold Nucleus: You can find them in the open world, as rewards for missions and other events, but also in the game store. However, we do not recommend buying them, as they are only used to summon on the Standart Wish. Once you have done 80 summons, you are guaranteed to get an SSR character. If you get one before, the pity does not reset;
  • Black Nucleus: You will get a lot of Black Nuclei just by exploring the open world of ToF. You can find them on your mini-map. They also allow you to summon weapons on the permanent banner. On the other hand, Black Nucleus are not subject to a pity system. You only have a 0.3% chance of unlocking SSR weapons with each attempt;
  • Red Nucleus: They are used to perform invocations on temporary banners. These are the most difficult Nuclei to obtain in Tower of Fantasy. You can either buy them outright or get them in exchange for 150 Dark Crystals. You can earn Dark Crystals as rewards for quests, progression, or from chests in the open world. We've prepared a comprehensive guide to help you get as many Dark Crystals as possible in Tower of Fantasy.
Tower of Fantasy Event Wish

If you play free-to-play, we advise you to save your resources as much as possible. Only spend your Dark Crystals on Red Nucleus. Also, don't waste them in the Clotho supply plod tab, even when you can get a discount. After a while, you will get the 10 free Gold Nucleus.

By performing invocations on the permanent banner, you will get Black Gold. In exchange for 120 Black Gold, you can directly buy duplicates of weapons you already own.

In the same way, you will earn Flame gold for each summon you make on the temporary banner. With it you can buy the highlighted weapon (in exchange for 120 Flame gold or an SSR Matrix for 80 Flame gold). However, once a temporary banner is completed, all Flame gold in your possession is converted to Black Gold.

By accumulating several duplicates of your characters, you will be able to make them gain considerably in power.

Tower of Fantasy beginners gameplay

Tower of Fantasy Beginner's Guide: Break an enemy's shield

The gameplay of ToF lies in the choice of weapons. Your hero can carry up to 3 weapons at the same time. You will have to alternate between your 3 weapons during your confrontations. When you use a weapon, you fill the gauge of the other weapons. Once full, switch to the weapon of your choice to unleash a devastating attack. You will be able to deal a lot of damage by making a perfect dodge. In addition, you will slow down time. Watch your enemies and press the dodge button when they are about to attack you.

Put together a good team to get started at Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy : Weapon Resonance

In Tower of Fantasy, you can equip 3 weapons of your choice. But to be able to progress easily in the game, you must choose a balanced team.

For this, there are several factors to consider. We detail them in this beginner's guide Tower of Fantasy :

  • Weapon Resonance: There are 3 types of weapons in Tower of Fantasy (DPS, tank or support). You can access weapon resonance bonuses by choosing two weapons of the same type or 3 different weapons;
  • Weapon abilities: ToF weapons have two key stats, Shatter and Charge. Shatter indicates the ability of a weapon to break shields. The higher the number, the more effective the weapon. King and Meryl are particularly good at this. The Charge allows you to charge the gauges of the weapons faster;
  • Weapon rank: During your summoning sessions, you can get your hands on SSR, SR or R weapons. We recommend that you only mount SSR or SR weapons.
  • The elemental type of the weapon: although the gameplay of ToF does not offer elemental reactions as in Genshin Impactthe weapons are divided into 4 types: fire, frost, electricity or physical DPS. Some characters, such as Nemesis, offer an elemental resonance when you play several weapons of the same element. This allows you to boost your damage.
Tower of Fantasy Beginner's Guide: putting together a team

In summary, if you are a beginner in Tower of Fantasy, we recommend you to equip a support weapon to heal your characters, a weapon able to break shields efficiently and a weapon with good reload stats. You can for example choose a team Nemesis / Samir / King.

During a fight, always start by breaking the shield of your enemies (white bar) before attacking them with your DPS.

Tower of Fantasy beginners tips

To conclude this Tower of Fantasy beginner's guide, we reveal you several tips to facilitate your adventure, but also the mistakes to avoid.

Explore the game menu

Weekly activities

For beginners, Tower of Fantasy has a lot of menus and sub-menus in which you can quickly get lost. Depending on your progress, you will be able to unlock many rewards that it would be a shame to miss.

Remember to consult regularly:

  • The gift tab at the top right of your screen;
  • The Wanderer's Log: The tab is located to the right of the gift tab. You will find several objectives to accomplish;
  • The adventure tab: you will find activities to do each week to earn extra rewards ;
  • The Game Shop: Collect a free reward from the Daily Supply Box every day.
  • Achievements: go to the menu, then to Terminal. By performing in-game actions, you will be able to unlock multiple achievements as well as the rewards that go with them.
The Wanderer's Log

Spend your vitality

You can accumulate up to 180 points of vitality. Beyond that, this resource will be lost. We advise you not to waste it. In addition to the beautiful rewards, you will gain a lot of experience.

At the beginning of the game, focus on the Spacetime Domain to earn gold andInterstellar Exploration or Dimensional Trials to collect the resources needed to upgrade your weapons.

Wait until you are at least level 50 to do Joint Operations, then you will be able to get better quality dies and equipment.

The activities we recommend you to do every day in our beginner's guide Tower of Fantasy

You can gain a lot of experience and resources every day through quick activities:

  • Daily premiums;
  • Mia's Kitchen;
  • Workouts.

Discover all the activities you can do by pressing the Adventure sword icon in the upper right corner.

Play in a group

Tower of Fantasy emphasizes team play. We strongly advise you to join a guild and play as a team as often as possible.

Face the world bosses

While fighting the Tower of Fantasy world bosses, you can get your hands on SSR Matrixes, quality equipment, and even SSR weapons. But you will have a hard time defeating these powerful creatures alone.

In order to find game partners easily, look at the chat, you can see boss names, followed by a number, such as Robarg 15. The number indicates the number of the channel where the fight will take place. To join it, press on channel in the top left corner of your screen, then on the number in blue. You can then change it. You will then just have to join the world boss in question.

However, you will need special keys to open the chests. You can get them through quests or weekly objectives.


Tower of Fantasy cooking

You will soon run out of HP in Tower of Fantasy. We advise you not to neglect the kitchen and to always have something to eat in your inventory. Remember to collect resources regularly.

Climb without spending stamina in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy climbing

To climb without spending stamina in Tower of Fantasy, press another key to release and then make a double jump when you release the wall, then hang up. Repeat this until you reach the top.

Soar longer

Similarly, perform a dodge when you glide with your jetpack so you can go further without using up more stamina.

Increase your stamina bar

You can increase your stamina bar permanently by consuming powerful mushrooms (+50 stamina points) in your inventory. You will get these consumables by achieving successes or by progressing in the exploration.

Tower of Fantasy gameplay

That's it for this Tower of Fantasy beginner's guide. We hope that our tips and tricks will help you to progress quickly in the game without missing any reward. To go further, discover how to increase your power in Tower of Fantasy with our dedicated guide.

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