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Tower of Fantasy Frigg guide: Build, matrixes and teams

Tower of Fantasy Frigg guide: Build, matrixes and teams

Tower of Fantasy Frigg 's simulacra allows you to unlock the SRR weapon Balmung. This is a large frost and DPS type sword. It has the particularity to increase the frost damage thanks to its resonance. Particularly powerful in terms of damage and support, Balmung is a must-have weapon for a frost team. In this guide we'll explain how to equip and play Balmung, Tower of Fantasy Frigg's weapon. Our tips and tricks will help you to know which dies to assign to it to get the best build, but also in which teams to play it.

How to get Balmung, Tower of Fantasy Frigg's weapon?

At the moment, you can only unlock Tower of Fantasy Frigg's simulacrum when she is featured in an event banner. You also have the option of buying a copy of her weapon directly in exchange for Flame gold. You will get this currency by performing summonses.

Tower of Fantasy Frigg's profile

Frigg's first banner was deployed from September 1 to September 20, 2022.

Feel free to consult our guide dedicated to dark crystal farming in ToF to be able to acquire a maximum of red nucleus.

How to play Balmung, Tower of Fantasy Frigg's sword?

Frigg's attack in ToF

Balmung is played as a DPS and buffer for his team. Frigg's weapon has the huge advantage of offering frost resonance. This increases theATK of frost by 15% (his own, but also that of other weapons of this type). Resistance to frost will also be increased by 25%. To take advantage of this effect, you must equip at least two frost weapons.

Tower of Fantasy Frigg's competence

Frigg's other asset is his Fimbulwinter skill. Balmung hits the area around you when activated, then throws his enemies. You then enjoy a very brief immunity. Then, a domain of frost is deployed for 25 seconds. During this time, you get a 25% fracture bonus and a 15% frost bonus for weapons of this type at ATK .

Tower of Fantasy Frigg's dodge

But that's not all, as you no longer consume stamina when you perform dodges. By attacking right after dodging, you will hit your opponents with area damage several times. You'll deal more damage this way than by using traditional attacks. Since the ability only takes 30 seconds to recharge, you can almost freeze the area.

Frigg landfill

Also try to cast Frigg's Dump, it will freeze enemies, remove alterations in action on you and deal heavy damage to all enemies.

Finally, Balmung has well-balanced stats as she scores 8 for Charge as well as Shatter, but this rate will be boosted in the frost area.

Frigg Constellations

By having several copies of Balmung, Tower of Fantasy Frigg's weapon, you can upgrade it up to 6 times. With at least his C1, you will deal extra damage when Frigg is in his Domain of Frost.

C2 only serves to increase the HP of the sword by 16%, while C3 will boost the discharge damage of any frost weapon if you cast the skill in Frigg's frost domain. This makes for an excellent buff in a frost team.

Tower of Fantasy Frigg constellations

The C3 will also unlock an alternate outfit for Frigg, while the C4 will increase his ATK. Once C5 is unlocked, breaking shields with frost weapons in the frost domain will cause additional damage to the enemy. Finally, the C6 will increase frost damage again.

As you can see, Frigg will be overpowered once all her constellations are unlocked, but we reassure you, you can still play Frigg in C0 and get good performances.

Activate Frigg's awakening in ToF

You can make Tower of Fantasy Frigg's weapon even more powerful by unlocking one of his awakening abilities. To do this, you need to give gifts to the simulacrum. We recommend Aida's comics, Angela's decorations, Bange's specialties, music boxes, silver cookware or limited Peanut figures. Each of these items will earn 60 awakening points.

Tower of Fantasy Frogg's Awakening

Once you reach 1200 points, you will increase ATK of frost by 1.5% every 3 seconds after starting a fight (cumulative up to 10 times) for 5 seconds.

And at 4000 points, the bonus will increase to 2.4% of frost ATK every 3 seconds (cumulative up to 10 times). On top of that you will be immune to control effects in the Domain of frost.

Which matrixes to equip on Frigg to have the best build ?

Matrix for Frigg : Huma
Huma Matrix

For Frigg's weapon to get the best build in Tower of Fantasy, we recommend equipping it with 4 Huma matrixes. With 2 pieces, you will enjoy a bonus of ATK up to 26% when dodging attacks. And with 4, you will reduce the ATK of all targets taking damage within 8 meters by up to 15%.

Matrix for Frigg : Samir
Samir's matrices

But you can also opt for 2 Samir matrixes to increase your damage when you hit a target.

Matrix for Frigg : Frigg
Frigg matrix

Frigg's matrixes set is also an excellent option. With 2 dies, you will increase ATK frost damage up to 15% when switching weapons. And with 4, enemies in Balmung's frost domain will take up to 85% frost damage from ATK every second.

Matrix for Frigg : Sobek
Sobek Matrix

If you don't have any of these SRR sets, we recommend Sobek 's 3-piece SR set to increase damage to nearby enemies.

Tower of Fantasy Frigg's weapon upgrade materials

To raise Frigg's weapon in Tower of Fantasy to level 140, you will need the following resources:

  • 38 Icecores (locate ores with ToF's interactive map ) ;
  • 65 Hearts of Winter;
  • 35 Nano coatings I;
  • 45 Nano-coatings II;
  • 31 Booster frames I ;
  • 64 Booster frames II.
Mount the Frigg weapon

You can obtain these materials from password chests, by completing Interstellar Exploration dungeons or Dimensional Trials, by laying an Omnium beacon, or by purchasing them directly from the Weapons Shop.

In which teams do you play the Frigg sword?

Balmung will perform especially well in a gel team. The best composition to play with Frigg in Tower of Fantasy is none other than Frigg / Meryl to break shields (simulated ice tank) / Tsubasa with his first unlocked constellation to apply bonuses and attack (simulated ice DPS).

Photo of Frigg in Tower of Fantasy

Start by deploying Tower of Fantasy Frigg's domain of frost, perform 3 attack dash with Tsubasa to get an attack buff, then switch to Frigg to attack with his dodges or Meryl if the enemies have shields. You can also replace Tsubasa with Cocoritter (ice simulator support) or Nemesis (lightning simulator support) if you need more healing.

Team to play Frigg : Frigg / Meryl / Nemesis

And if you don't have Meryl, opt for another shield breaker such as King in SSR (simulated fire DPS) or Ene in SR (simulated ice tank). In any case, try to have at least one other frost weapon in addition to Frigg's to activate its resonance.

Tower of Fantasy Frigg

That's it for this guide to Tower of Fantasy Frigg. We hope our tips and tricks will help you master Balmung. Thanks to his frost resonance, Frigg is currently one of the best ToF simulacra. But to perform well in the action-RPG, you'll also need to upgrade your equipment. Find out how to increase your power in our dedicated guide.

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