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Increase your power in Tower of Fantasy

Increase your power in Tower of Fantasy

Have you taken your first steps in Tower of Fantasybut are struggling to defeat certain monsters or to advance in the Bygone Phantasm? To go further in the game, you will have to increase your CF number, which is the sum of all your stats. In this complete guide we reveal how to increase your power in Tower of Fantasy. You'll learn how to upgrade your equipment and suppressors, which Matrix to prefer and how to unlock your weapon attributes.

Tower of Fantasy CS numbers

Your Tower of Fantasy power is quantifiable. It is expressed by your number of CS. You can find out your CS number by going to the Simulacra menu, then Character. It is the accumulation of all your statistics.

Tower of Fantasy CS numbers

The higher your CS, the more powerful you will be. In this guide we detail how to maximize your CS score when you start at Tower of Fantasy and become stronger.

Increase your power in Tower of Fantasy with the equipment

In addition to weapons, your character can wear several pieces of armor. You can check your equipment by going to the Backpack tab, then Equipment.

Tower of Fantasy equipment

When you first start playing Tower of Fantasy, start by equipping all the armor pieces you have. Then remember to check regularly if you haven't got any new ones, a small green arrow will appear on them.

Obtaining equipment parts

You can get equipment to increase your power in Tower of Fantasy by :

  • Opening the last trunk during Joint Operation ;
  • In the ruins;
  • By opening password safes;
  • By doing Frontier Clash (but you will need help to complete the challenge);
  • In the Cistal Dust Store.

Reinforce your equipment

To quickly increase your number of CS and thus your power in Tower of Fantasy, you can strengthen your equipment pieces. Don't hesitate to do it, even on low quality pieces. You will then be able to transfer the improvements to other equipment.

Strengthen its Tower of Fantasy equipment

To do this, you'll need Booster Modules. You'll get them by completing certain levels of the Bygone Phantasm, in the Cristal Dust Store or in the Wanderer's Log. Gradually build up all your pieces of armor, rather than focusing on just one.

You will then need Advancement Modules every 5 levels. Remember to buy Booster Modules and Advancement Modules every week in the Cristal Dust Store.

Increase the stars number in your equipment

It is also possible toincrease the number of stars in your equipment in the Progression tab in exchange for similar equipment or with crystals that you find in the open world. This will allow you to increase the sub-statistics of your equipment in a random way. But later on, an item will allow you to ignore a sub-statistic of your choice.

Increase the stars number of Tower of Fantasy equipment

On the other hand, improvements made in this way will not be transferable. So, the trick is to do it only on SR equipment with interesting sub-statistics to avoid wasting your resources.

Tower of Fantasy Matrixes

Matrixes are a good way toincrease your power in Tower of Fantasy. The higher their rarity level, the more CS you will gain. You can equip 4 of them per weapon. By choosing several Matrixes from the same set, you will benefit from buffs.

Tower of Fantasy Matrixes

Get Tower of Fantasy Matrixes

Tower of Fantasy offers you several ways to get matrixes:

  • In the summoning portal dedicated to the dies, you will need Base Chip for this. You are guaranteed one SR Matrix for every 10 summons and one SSR for every 40 summons. For each summoning, you will earn a Basic Chip. Once you have 80, you can choose the SSR Matrix of your choice;
  • About the world bosses;
  • In Joint Operations;
  • In the Void Rift.

How to choose the right Matrix to equip your weapons?

Each SSR character has his own Matrix set. However, the chances of getting them in free-to-play are quite low and require time. In the meantime, our advice is to equip 3 pieces of rare equipment related to your character's element (ice, electric, fire or physical DPS).

Tower of Fantasy Matrixes sets

For example, if you are playing King's weapon (which is a fire type), you can opt for the self-exploding set which will increase fire weapon damage by 6%. For the 4th Matrix, go for an item with good stats and preferably SR or SRR.

Once your Matrixes are equipped, increase their level with Matrix Data Packs. As for the equipment, you can recover all your experience by recycling the Matrix in another one.

Increase your power in Tower of Fantasy with Suppressors

Upgrade your Suppressors as soon as possible to increase your power in Tower of Fantasy. To do this, you'll need Omnium Crystals. You can find them in various ways: in the ruins, as a reward for exploration, in the Wanderer's Log, in the Bygone Phantasm, etc.

Increase Suppressors level in Tower of Fantasy

To find out how to get an item, click on it, then look at the different possibilities in "how to get it".

Increase the weapons level

Remember to level up your weapons regularly. But only do it on SRR or at least SR weapons that you play regularly. The level increase will be capped according to your adventure level.

Having several copies of the same weapon

You can unlock up to 6 stars on each weapon. This will provide them with particularly interesting upgrades as well as a significant amount of CF to increase your power in Tower of Fantasy.

But having several copies of the same character is not always easy and especially costly in resources. We explain in detail how summons work in our Tower of Fantasy beginner's guide.

Unlock the attributes of your weapons

Unlocking your weapons attributes will not increase your CS points, but it will make your weapons much more powerful.

Tower of Fantasy Simulacra awakening

Each weapon has 2 passives. They unlock at 1200 and 4000 awakening points. They are the same upgrade, but with higher stats. They are therefore not cumulative. To awaken your weapons, you will need to increase your friendship with the characters in question by giving them gifts.

You can collect gifts in several ways:

  • Buy some once a week at the port of Banges from Claude in exchange for gold;
  • Open one surprise case per day for free at the black market with Hopkins;
  • Play the pincer game in Navia on the island of Cetus just behind the fairground tent. You have 3 tries per day. We advise you to aim for the purple foxes which are easier to catch;
  • Buy some in the points or cristalithe store.
Choose a gift at Hopkins in the Black Market

However, each character has his own taste. Therefore, the same gift will not always give the same number of points.

Now you know with our tips and advice how to increase your power in Tower of Fantasy. We hope that our guide was useful to you and to continue to progress in the game, I redirect you to our Tower of Fantasy tips page.

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