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Tower of Fantasy Samir guide: Build, matrices and teams

Tower of Fantasy Samir guide: Build, matrices and teams

Tower of Fantasy Samir is currently one of the best DPS. By unlocking it, you will get the Dual EM Stars, 2 lightning type pistols. With them you will be able to inflict high damage on enemies from a distance, especially in AoE. Samir's weapon is particularly dynamic and excels in aerial combat. In this comprehensive guide, we explain how to give Samir the best build, which die set to equip him with and in which teams to play him.

How to get the Double EM Stars, Tower of Fantasy Samir's weapon ?

Dual EM Stars are an SSR weapon. You have a small chance of unlocking Tower of Fantasy Samir every time you perform invocations on the permanent banner with either Gold Nucleus or Black Nucleus.

Tower of Fantasy Samir's profile

If you already have a copy of Double EM Stars, you can then purchase them in exchange for 120 Black Gold and unlock his constellations. You can also have Tower of Fantasy Samir on the event banner if you lose your 50/50.

Finally, it is possible to get Samir in the loots of world bosses such as Robarg, Apophis, Cryobot, Lucia and Sobek.

How to play the Double EM Stars, Tower of Fantasy Samir's pistols?

Double EM Stars are a lightning DPS weapon. They have a cooldown of 10.70 and only 6 for Fracture. You will mostly use Tower of Fantasy Samir's weapons to attack the enemy once his shield is broken. The weapon will also quickly charge the ultimate attacks of your weapons.

Tower of Fantasy Samir's aerial attack

To play Tower of Fantasy Samir's weapon well, start by casting his Electro Field skill. It deploys an energy shield, which not only deals damage but also suspends enemies.

Tower of Fantasy Samir Competence

You can then attack enemies from a distance by shooting at them. But it's by fighting in the air that you will do the most damage.

When you jump and then attack, the Dual EM Stars fire a Bullet Rain at enemies, ideal for hitting multiple opponents at once.

Normal attacks

We advise you to switch to another character when the energy bar is almost full, then go back to Samir and launch his discharge. This one paralyzes the target for 1 second, which is rather practical in PvP.

On top of that, the enemy is electrocuted for 6 seconds. They can no longer receive any beneficial effects for 6 seconds. Samir also creates a Domain of Thunder that removes all alterations and suspends targets.

Samir's discharge

In summary, attack as much as possible with Tower of Fantasy Samir and switch to a character with a higher fracture rate when enemies deploy their shields. You will also be able to boost Samir's lightning damage with a character like Nemesis due to his lightning resonance.

Samir Constellations

You can play Tower of Fantasy Samir without her constellations. But by unlocking them, she will gain a lot in DPS. Ideally, we advise you to play her in C3.

The C1 triggers an electrical explosion on the target when you deal a critical hit that inflicts extra damage. The same applies to nearby enemies. With C2, you will increase the growth of ATK by 16%. The C4 increases it by 32%.

Tower of Fantasy Samir Constellations

Once C3 is unlocked, critical rate growth will be boosted by 40% on electrified targets. Samir's fifth constellation doubles the duration of the Electro Field and attracts enemies.

Finally, with the last constellation, the triggering of an electric explosion reduces the recharge time of skills by 1 second.

Which dies to equip on Samir to have the best build?

The best matrixes set to equip on the Double EM Stars, Tower of Fantasy Samir's weapon, is none other than Samir's 4-piece matrixes set.

Samir's Matrix
Samir's Matrix

The 2-piece set increases damage by 1% when you hit a target. This effect accumulates up to 10/13/16/20 times and each increment corresponds to the level of progression of the array. And with 4 pieces, the damage of the Double EM Star Electric Blast is increased by 16%/22%/30%/40% of ATK.

Claudia's Matrix
Claudia's Matrix

You can also choose only 2 pieces and combine them with 2 pieces from Claudia's set. The latter increases the damage on enemies in the air or during an air attack by 13%/17%/20%/23%. If the target is hit, the double jump is reset.

Sobek Matrix
Sobek Matrix

As a free-to-play alternative, we offer you Sobek's 3-piece matrixes set. This set will boost the damage dealt by 6%/7.5%/9% for each nearby enemy. This effect is cumulative up to 3 times.

Activate Samir's awakening

By activating Tower of Fantasy Samir's awakening abilities, you can do more damage.

Once the 1200 point level is reached, Samir gets a concentration stack every 4 seconds when she is not damaged (up to 4 stacks max). Each concentration increases the damage inflicted by 3%. If Samir is hit, she loses a concentration. She can only lose one per second at most.

Simulacra awakening

The 4000 level provides a 4% damage bonus and you can have up to 5 stacks. However, you will lose up to 2 per second when an enemy hits you.

To increase your friendship, you will have to give gifts to Tower of Fantasy Samir's simulacra. We recommend you to buy dolls from Smarty, 3D puzzles from Hykros, specialties from Banges, a music box and a new video game console. Each of these items earns 60 awakening points.

Weapon upgrade materials for Samir in ToF

To level the Double EM Stars, Tower of Fantasy Samir's weapon, you will need the following resources:

  • Magcores, then Hearts of lightning to collect in the open world;
  • Nano coating I and II;
  • Booster frames I and II.
Dual EM Stars Upgrade

You can find these materials in the password chests, but also by completing Dimmensional Trials, Interstellar Explorations, setting up an Omnium beacon or acquiring them in the Weapons Shop.

In which teams do you play Tower of Fantasy Samir's weapon ?

Samir will gain DPS if you play her with Nemesis. Her lightning resonance increases the ATK of lightning by 15%. She will also be able to apply heals, especially if you have her first constellation. If you don't have Nemesis, you can replace her with Crow or Echo.

Team to play Samir : Nemesis / Samir / King

Complete this team with a character with a good Shatter rate to break shields. We recommend King or Meryl.

You can also start on the team Samir / Crow / Zero, especially for PvP.

Samir in ToF

That's it for this Tower of Fantasy Samir guide. The Dual EM Stars are an easy-to-learn weapon that is ideal for beginners. With its aerial attacks, Samir will do very good zoning damage from a distance.

As a bonus, you'll be able to unlock its constellations quite easily since the simulacrum is part of the permanent banner. And if you're still short on DPS, be sure to check out how to increase your FC count in ToF.

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