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Tower of Fantasy simulacra tier list : the best weapons

Tower of Fantasy simulacra tier list : the best weapons

Find out in this Tower of Fantasy Simulacra tier list which are the best weapons to summon in Level Infinite's action-RPG. We've divided this top into several categories: best DPS, shield breaker, tank and support. This way you'll know which characters to focus on first to save your resources as much as possible. However, this ranking is based on the Simulacra available in the global version of ToF and not the Chinese version which still has a clear lead.

Classification table of ToF simulacra and their weapons

Here is a general ranking of all the best simulacra of Tower of Fantasy. Below, you will find the details of the most performing simulacra by type: DPS, shield breakers, tanks and support. Thanks to this ranking, discover the most interesting ToF weapons and their associated characters to unlock and improve.

TierName of Weapon and Simulacrum Tower of Fantasy
S+Marc (Dawn), Lin (Shadow Weaver), Lan (Vermillion Bird from MAJ 3.4)
STian Lang (Powerbreak), Lin (Lingguang), Baiyuekui (Alaya), Saki Fuwa (Ryusen Toshin), Lyra (Vespers), Ruby (Sparky), Icarus (Fractured Light), Alyss (Unyielding Wing), Fenrir (Glepinir)
ATsubasa (Icewind Arrow), Claudia (Guren Blade), Samir (Dual EM Stars), Nemesis (Venus), Cobalt-B (Flaming Revolver), Frigg (Balmung)
BCocoritter (Absolute Zero), King (Scythe of the Crow), Echo (Thunderous Halberd), Meryl (Rosy Edge)
CEne (Pummeler), Crow (Thunderblades), Shiro (Chakram of the Seas), Zero (Negating Cube)
DHuma (Molten Shield V2), Bai Ling (Nightingale's Feather), Pepper (Staff of Scars), Hilda (Terminator)

Tower of Fantasy Simulacra Tier List of the best DPS

If you want to do a lot of damage in ToF, you'll need powerful weapons. So we've ranked the best DPS characters in this Tower of Fantasy simulacra tier list.

Samir, one of the most powerful DPS in ToF (SS weapon)

Tier List Simulacra of Tower of fantasy : Samir

Samir is currently one of the most powerful characters, which is why she is on the tier list list of simulacra in Tower of Fantasy. With her dual pistols, she is particularly mobile and fast. You can inflict huge damage by jumping in the air and then rain electrified bullets on your enemies. And the more enemies there are, the more it will hurt.

Samir's dual pistols are lightning type and have a Shatter score of 6 and a Charge score of 10.7. Samir works very well with Nemesis and King's weapons.

Find Samir's complete guide here.

Frigg, the ice queen (SS weapon)

Tower of Fantasy simulacra tier list: Frigg

Frigg fights with the help of Balmung, a large ice sword. Well balanced, it has a Shatter and Charge score of 8. His weapon will be a huge asset in an ice team thanks to its frost resonance. It increases ice damage by 15% and frost resistance by 25%. You can play it with Meryl and Tsubasa for example.

Balmung's gameplay relies mainly on his skill. This one summons a frost domain. When it is present, the Shatter capacity of the frost weapons is increased by 25% and Frigg's dodge count doesn't decrease anymore. This will be the ideal moment to multiply dodges and attack.

Frigg's guide will give you all the tips you need to play this excellent simulacrum Tower of Fantasy.

Tsubasa : the ice type archer (weapon S)

Tower of Fantasy simulacra tier list: Tsubasa

By summoning Tsubasa, you will get Arrow of the Freezing Wind, an ice type bow. It has a score of 4 in Shatter and 11.5 in Charge. Tsubasa's bow skill repels enemies by stunning them. You get the added bonus of a huge range and a devastating ultimate attack.

In short, Tsubasa will be handy in exploration to hit targets from a distance and will be able to weaken and slow down the enemies she faces. These qualities have earned her an S rating in this Tower of Fantasy simulacra tier list.

Discover all our tips on this essential bow in our Tsubasa guide in ToF.

Shiro : a powerful sub-DPS in AoE (A weapon)

Shiro in ToF

Shiro 's Chakram is best played as a sub-DPS. It will help you break shields with its 10 Shatter score, and once its C1 is activated, Shatter damage will be increased. Shiro's bouncing chakrams will deal good area damage and draw enemies in while reducing their speed with their skill.

Crow: Lightning DPS (A weapon)


Crow wields double electric blades. He goes up to 6 in Shatter and 8 in Charge. Electric double blades are ideal for stealth attacks, where they can inflict a lot of damage. To do this, crouch down and attack an enemy from behind. Crow's weapon will become much more powerful once you unlock its constellations.

Bai Ling: a decent SR DPS (B weapon)

Bai Ling

If you don't have any SSR DPS, you can definitely choose Bai Ling to start in ToF. Especially since it will be much easier to unlock the constellations of an SR character. Bai Ling is a physical DPS armed with a bow, with 6 Fracture and 10 Recharge. It has a good damage rate, though it is quickly outmatched by SSR weapons. However, you will be able to attack the enemy from a long distance and avoid getting hurt.

Echo: a SR close combat DPS (B weapon)


Echo is also a lightning type of player and is a good choice to start playing ToF. She has a high fracture score of 12.6 (with her first constellation), while her charge score is 7. Echo's halberd will easily break enemy shields, while inflicting decent damage, especially once her constellations are up.

Tower of Fantasy simulacra tier list of the best shield breakers and tanks

Inflicting heavy damage will not be enough to defeat an enemy quickly, you must first destroy his shield. To do this, it's best to attack with characters with a high fracture score. We let you discover the Tower of Fantasy simulacra tier list to break shields.

King : the best shield breaker of Tower of Fantasy (SS weapon)

Tier List Simulacra of Tower of fantasy : King

King may be a DPS, but he's still the best shield breaker on Tower of Fantasy with a Shatter score of 12.5 and 14.30 once his first constellation is unlocked. It also benefits from high damage (even without its constellations) as well as a nervous gameplay. You will be able to quickly chain together scythe shots, while enjoying a good range.

Learn how to play King in Tower of Fantasy with our dedicated guide.

Meryl: a particularly offensive tank (S weapon)

Tower of Fantasy simulacra tier list : Meryl

Meryl follows King very closely in this Tower of Fantasy simulacra tier list with her Shatter score of 12. It will increase by 15% with her C1. Her claymore has the added benefit of slowing down enemies while dealing a lot of damage. It will be able to throw your opponents into the air and perform formidable aerial combat.

Meryl can even overtake King if you play her with Frigg, who will boost her damage as well as her Shatter score. In C3, Meryl's claymore will generate a shield when switching weapons, making her an excellent tank.

Our Meryl guide Tower of Fantasy gives you all the tips to use it effectively in combat.

Huma: a hybrid fire tank (S weapon)

Tower of Fantasy simulacra tier list: Huma

Huma offers one of the most versatile weapons in ToF with its V2 furnace shield. The shield, thanks to its skill, can change shape and turn into an axe to inflict more damage. As for the discharge, it can provoke the enemy and cause great damage. Huma has a Shatter and Charge level of 10.

Ene : an honorable SR tank (B weapon)


Even if Ene doesn't compete with Meryl, King or Huma, she still has a Shatter score of 10, which makes her a good shield breaker. Ice type, with tank resonance, she can freeze and weaken enemies. By unlocking her constellations, she will be able to provoke enemies and grant you a state of invulnerability for 8 seconds.

Tier List of the best simulacra supports in Tower of Fantasy

We continue this tier list of simulacra of Tower of Fantasy with the best support weapons. To survive, you may need to rely on a healer. Find out in this guide our ranking of the best support characters to summon.

Nemesis : the best support for a lightning team (SS weapon)

Tier List Simulacra of Tower of fantasy : Nemesis

Nemesis clearly dominates this Tower of Fantasy simulacra tier list. She fights with the help of Venus, a floating cannon. The weapon excels in support due to its lightning resonance, which boosts lightning damage, but also due to its ability to heal when you dodge. Nemesis' healing abilities will be more important once its C1 is unlocked. Nemesis reaches a score of 8 for the Charge and 6 for the Shatter.

Cocoritter : the best healer of Tower of Fantasy (weapon S)

Tier List Simulacra of Tower of fantasy : Cocoritter

Cocoritter is currently the best healer in ToF, which is why she has a special place in this tier list of simulacra. Tower of Fantasy. She will be able to heal you and other nearby players with her skill and discharge. Cocoritter's scepter is a good choice of weapon for beginners and especially for group play. Cocoritter also has a Reload score of 12.5.

Zero: a good support simulacrum for multiplayer (weapon A)


Zero fights with a fire cube. The support character creates shields for you and your allies. By unlocking his first constellation, he will also be able to heal. He also has the advantage of having a Charge score of 13.

Pepper: the best SR weapon for healing in this tier list of the simulacra of Tower of Fantasy


If you don't have Nemesis and want to play a lightning team or just need a healer, Pepper is a good alternative. A lightning type, his staff has a 4 Shatter and 10 Charge. Once all her constellations are unlocked, Pepper will increase to 13.20 Charge. This will allow her to easily charge your weapon attacks, remove debuffs, reduce your damage, and provide decent healing.

That's it for our tier list of the best simulators of Tower of Fantasy. We hope that you found it useful and that it will help you to build good teams in the game and especially to have fun. But for them to be really effective, you will also need to increase your power.

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